No Huddle – New York Jets Rookie Mini-Camp Edition

TJ Rosenthal goes No Huddle on the New York Jets after the first weekend of rookie mini-camp

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Rookie Mini Camp Is Nothing To Get Too Excited About

Apologies folks. Rookie mini camp is not enough of an NFL personnel-type setting for us to get overly excited about.

Rookies vs. rookies allows us a window into a players work ethic and leadership potential perhaps, but not much more. No matter how nice it is to see those green and white uniforms.

What camp DOES mean is that we are one step closer to the vets joining the party. Now the June mandatory camp will be interesting. Especially of course when it comes to the new quarterback trio.

Geno Smith will be a month deeper into the west coast playbook by then. The embattled Mark Sanchez will look to take hold of the offense perhaps for one final time in New York. David Garrard is coming to show that he is healthy, emotionally steady, and the right choice for the QB1 job fresh out of the gates.

Adding vets to the mix will give us an indication as to which rookies from over the weekend belong, and which ones don’t. The long grind has officially begun. That is what last week’s rookie arrival to Florham Park signified to us.

What about Brad Smith?

We hear that the one time versatile Gang Green weapon may be a cap casualty in Buffalo. You know, they never did expand his role up North. In fact it seemed to have shrunk in size as a Bill.

If Smith could be a big play gadget Jet again, with the ability to be an emergency backup QB in a system that may actually suit his strengths, would you want him back? We would.

Especially with the versatility he could bring to special teams and a Marty Mornhinweg system that loves speed, agility, and craves open space.

On George Sauer

The legendary Jet WR who amassed over 100 yards receiving while the injured Don Maynard acted as a decoy in Super Bowl III, passed away last week at 69.

Sauer quit football in 1970 at 27, disenchanted with the pro football life. His dad was player personnel director for those champion Jets, so we are guessing that football was of high priority in the formative years for George in the Sauer household. Perhaps that soured Sauer Jr. in some way about the meaning of it all. The way that certain parental values bestowed upon a child can sometimes do while growing up.

The man who later wrote novels may not have lived solely for football, but he certainly had talent on the field when he took part in it. Precision route running. Dependable hands. The clutch gene.

Sauer Jr. lived honestly and marched to the beat of his own drum. Although he had no use for fame and notoriety as an athlete (he considered them to be over the top and unecessary) we hope  that he found peace in his life regarding his time as a Jet. His place in pro football history is undeniable regardless.

June 11th: If There is No Tone, Then Pick Up The Phone

By mandatory minicamp that runs from June 11-13th, we hope to better understand the status of Santonio Holmes. Will he be ready for the season or not?

If the answer is no, then Mr Idzik will need to seriously consider his current crop of receivers and ask himself honestly if they have what it takes to collectively get the job done in 2013. Without their only proven big play, big game threat.

June gives the Jets time to consider their options if Tone doesn’t appear to be on track for getting to full speed by September. A trade might be the move worth exploring in this doomsday scenario, because it would allow a new quality receiver time to learn the system before training camp.

We fear that the Jets will come to the “Tone is a no go” reality too late. Then hit the market in August, thus forcing a shotgun wedding between QB and WR. One that rarely bodes well for a reliable relationship over the course of an entire season.