New York Jets – David Garrard Retires, Overreaction Ensues

New York Jets quarterback David Garrard retired because of knee issues today, how will the Jets move forward at quarterback?

The New York Jets received surprising news today when quarterback David Garrard informed the team that due to swelling in his knee, he is deciding to retire. Considering he is 35 years old, hasn’t played a NFL snap in 2 years and missed all of last season with a bad knee, there is a limit to how surprising this news is.

The immediate assumption among many after early word broke that Garrard was leaving the team was of course “LOLJETS” circus based, including the following…

1 – A conspiracy to have Mark Sanchez play

2 – Garrard wanting no part of the Jets organization anymore

3 – A conspiracy to have Geno Smith play

In reality, an old broken down quarterback…broke down. It is a shame and disappointing but if you were putting that much stock in Garrard this year, you shouldn’t have been. He would have been a a nice mentor to have for Geno Smith but is replaceable. You could go sign Byron Leftwich to be a veteran mentor. He is a 2 years younger than Garrard and started a game last season. If you want more competition, you could consider Brian Hoyer, Tyler Thigpen or Vince Young (please, no). Maybe even trading for Nick Foles remains on the table?

In the immediate future, does this increase Mark Sanchez’s chances of making the team? Yes. Until the Jets sign another quarterback (if they do), it is more repetitions for him and he becomes the de factor veteran alongside Geno Smith. Sanchez can win this job with a strong summer and if Smith shows sign of being overwhelmed but I wouldn’t bet on it.

Rex Ryan showed no hesitance to starting Sanchez after 1 year of college experience and a decent summer showing in 2009. Why would he hesitate to start Geno Smith after 3 years of college experience and a decent summer, if he could put one together? Beyond that, you have a new front office who has no ties to Sanchez and will be looking for every reason possible to start Smith.

If I was betting on the Jets starting quarterback a week ago, I would have went with Geno Smith. Today, I’d still go Geno Smith.

Author: Joe Caporoso

Joe Caporoso is the Owner and EIC of Turn On The Jets. His writing has been featured in the New York Times, Huffington Post, MMQB and AdWeek. Caporoso played football his entire life, including four years at Muhlenberg as a wide receiver, where he was arguably the slowest receiver to ever start in school history. He is the VP of Social Media at Whistle Sports

  • Joe Barra

    Perhaps this will give McElroy an actual chance to jump ahead of Sanchez on the depth chart?

  • KAsh

    It does suck.

    Smith is not real competition for Sanchez because he can play better than Sanchez and still lose due to needing to adjust to the game at the pro level. I’m not saying Smith cannot win; I’m saying a Sanchez victory will be perceived as meaningless.

    Secondly, the fans will put all their hopes and expectations on Smith. It might be too much for a rookie, especially if Sanchez now becomes his backup. Sanchez will be booed even during the preseason, in fact whenever he plays with the first string. I guess you can bury Smith behind both Sanchez and McElroy to develop him properly, but that is much more flimsy than Sanchez and Garrard. Although I agree with the above comment that McElroy may be given a serious chance to start.

  • Circles26

    OMG now the Jets only have 4 QBs. What a circus. We need at least 6. Weren’t they just popping a gasket over how many QBs we had, and how it was stupid to draft one. Certainly looks like drafting Geno was a wise move now.

  • joeydefiant

    ive been saying since geno smith was drafted that garrard was expendable and going to be cut. he was brought in as competition for mark sanchez and insurance in case mark fell apart. geno smith does the same but better. why waste any snaps on garrard after drafting geno?
    the jets dont need to bring in any more qb’s. let geno and sanchez fight it out in training camp/preseason and let the best man start. if sanchez wins let geno start the last third of the season if we aren’t in a playoff run or sanchez isn’t playing really good.
    as far as the old qb “mentor” that is the coaching staffs job. coaches tell rookies to disregard veteran qb’s who are giving advice especially ones fighting for the starting job. you think some guy is going to help the kid trying to take the starting job and millions of dollars away from him? think again. that’s a myth that veteran player sportcasters talk about hoping to talk themselves into a job.

  • Mark Phelan

    Hard to believe!

  • It DOES NOT MATTER how many QBs you have… ITS QUALITY over QUANTITY! The problem is that the Jets dont have any QUALITY at QB. Geno cant start the season, he needs more time to learn the NFL and should be put in mid year, He is no Andrew Luck.

    As for Sanchez, Id rather see Vince Young come in than Sanchez, And that says alot. Sanchez does not deserve to start this year and Mcoy IS HOT GARBAGE. This is what the Jets get for putting all their eggs in one basket. They should have gotten Jason Cambell or someone one younger.

  • joeydefiant

    Jason Campbell and Vince Young are not better options than Mark Sanchez. Stop letting OMG BUTTFUMBLE LOLZ affect your thinking. Sanchez was horrible last year, but Young and Campbell are even worse. They can’t even get a job. I guarantee a team picks up Sanchez right away if he is cut. Vince Young?? You gotta be kidding me. Great guy to bring around a rookie. Jets fans would make Vince Young commit suicide after his first INT.

  • joeydefiant

    Why do fans think their scouting from their couch is superior to all 32 NFL teams. No teams want Vince Young on their team. No one wants Jason Campbell as anything more than a backup either. That includes the Jets. If you are going to have bad QB play you might as well stick with what you have. At least with Sanchez there is a slim possibility that he improves and the Jets gain some value when they try to move him at the end of the year if Geno Smith works out. The Jets are not signing any other QB unless someone else gets hurt. They don’t need anyone else. Sanchez and Geno fight it out in training camp/preseason and whoever is the best wins with tie going to Geno Smith. Sanchez fits great as a #2 if Geno wins. MacElroy as the #3/practice squad guy. You don’t need to carry three QB’s if Sanchez is the #2. He never gets hurt.