2013 NFL Draft: An All West Virginia First Round?


Based on rumors of Tampa Bay willing to give up the 13th, 73rd (3rd round) and 181st (6th round) overall picks in exchange for Darrelle Revis, here is an outside the box strategy the New York Jets could consider

Geno9) Geno Smith, Quarterback, West Virginia – Instead of taking one of the top 4 OLB prospects (Dion Jordan, Ziggy Ansah, Jarvis Jones, Barkevious Mingo) the Jets could consider taking the best quarterback in the draft. With how the quarterback situation around the league is shaking out and with certain teams unlikely to take one in the top ten, Smith may just be there for the Jets’ taking.

Part of why Smith is such an intriguing prospect is because of his ability to stand tall in the pocket and make quick release decisions. He can use his legs if need be, but has stated that he isn’t limited to playing the style of a mobile quarterback.

Taking Smith at 9 could be a smart, solid move by the front office to help rebuild the offense, starting with the most important position on the field. As we all know, a Rex Ryan led defense will likely be among the top 10 in the league. Ryan’s ability to scheme and call defense is second to none. It is important to note that the Jets had the worst defense of Ryan’s career as a coach in 2012, yet still finished as the 8th ranked unit in the league.

Austin13) Tavon Austin, Wide Receiver, West Virginia  Why wouldn’t you take the most electric offensive player in the draft if available? Why wouldn’t you take him after you just drafted his QB of 3 years? Keeping the two together not only makes sense, but it also solves many issues and creates flexibility. While it would be a smaller unit, a group of Santonio Holmes, Jeremy Kerley, Tavon Austin, Stephen Hill, and a minimum vet like Braylon Edwards could be a very good WR corps and a great group of weapons for new QB Geno Smith to have in his arsenal. Austin is the most complete wide receiver in the class, and it will also make the possibility of cutting Santonio Holmes next year – if he under performs on his contract – easier to swallow

It will be tough to sell not taking a pass rusher in round one, but look at the following group from top to bottom and you will see why it would not be the worst thing the organization could do. In the following rounds, the Jets could have a chance to take some of these pass rushing prospects

  1. Jarvis Jones – 2nd round (slim chance, but you never know)
  2. Tank Carradine – 2nd  round (see Jones note)
  3. Arthur Brown – 2nd round
  4. Sio Moore – 2nd or 3rd round
  5. Jamie Collins – 2nd or 3rd
  6. Chase Thomas – 3rd round
  7. Corey Lemonier – 3rd round

These seven players all have the physical tools and potential to become rookie starters for the Green and White. With the offense getting help in the first round, the Jets can address OLB in the 2nd and 3rd rounds.

  • kilbasar

    Although I don’t think Geno Smith will make it to #9, I agree that the Jets should take a QB in the first 2 rounds, whether it’s Smith, Manuel, or Nassib. You can’t win without a competent QB, and there’s no guarantee they’ll get a guy next year.

  • Drew

    I know a lot of people won’t agree with me, but I don’t like Tavon Austin at any pick in the first round. He is extremely talented, and what he was able to do against LSU in 2011 was absolutely amazing, but he is a ‘Percy Harvin’ type player who is 30 lbs smaller. I would love for him to be a Jet, but not with a first round pick.

    The value of a Steadman Bailey in the 3rd is much greater than Austin in the 1st.

  • Johnny

    i hope we do not take smith. sanchez is a competent qb when he has an solid WRs and an OL in front of him. the problem is not necessarily sanchez. fix the other issues and go from there. if sanchez stinks is up this year, then move on. not yet though. i’m not sure he is the problem we need to fix.

  • KAsh

    Smith is a competent QB, but that is it. A Smith-like or Smith-level QB will be available next year and the year after that and so on down the line. Meanwhile some of the other talent around at #9 (pass rushers, DTs, OGs) will not. We can literally get a Smith any year.

  • kilbasar

    Re Johnny: I won’t argue what’s been argued before about Sanchez’s abilities. But whatever you think of him, isn’t it time to get real competition? Why wait? If he puts in a solid season, you can keep him or trade him, and if not, you have someone else who’s been learning Marty’s system for a year. I think the way the Dolphins handled Moore/Tannehill last year should be the model.

    Re KAsh: I really don’t think you can say that. And assuming the Jets don’t have a top-5 pick next year, why wait on developing the most important player until next year or the year after? Forget Luck and RG3, most college QBs need to be backups for a year or two or they turn into shell-shocked Sanchez or Gabbert.

  • Joe Barra

    The thing is, if Geno Smith is available at 9, Tyler Wilson will probably be available round 3. I don’t think Geno Smith is that much better than Wilson. I wouldn’t mind going pass rusher @9, and then pass rusher @13. The Giants won two super bowls largely due to their pass rush (and helmet catch).

  • Tom

    Wow this would be a terrible first round and put the Jets back another few years. Smith is not the answer, he will be a fring qb at best. While I like Austin, not in first round. He’s tiny by nfl standards and I just picture him getting hurt often. These two in first round could get Idzik fired before week one!!!!!

  • mike

    if by that you mean we can draft a quarterback whose name is smith any year, you may be right. but the guy is clearly the most talented signal caller in this draft, and if he slips to 9, it would be unforgivable for the jets not to pick him. any team that signs david garrard to compete for the starting job clearly has a need at the game’s most important position. passing up geno smith simply wouldn’t make sense.

  • Lidman

    QB is the most important position on the team. If the Jets don’t like their current situation, and feel like Smith, or any of the available QBs, is a future franchise leading QB, you have to take him in round 1, at 9. If they are indifferent about the group, then I’d argue taking Smith, is akin to just flipping a coin.

    This isn’t to say if Smith will be good, or even the best of the group. I just don’t see how you use your top 10, 1st rounder on a guy you don’t really love and believe will be a great player going forward. If you think it’s a QB, you HAVE to take him. If you’re right, long term success follows. If you’re wrong, you work on TV or become an agent.

  • joeydefiant

    Austin is going to be the next Sinorice Moss. Let the giants draft him.

  • joeydefiant

    A much better plan would be Smith at #9 Jarvis Jones/Warmack/Cooper/Vaccaro at #13 and Stedman Bailey in the 2-3 round. Bailey is more likely to have a career in the NFL.

  • joeydefiant

    Bailey is a good pick even without Geno. He will fit in the WCO. He took a lot of short passes and passes behind the line of scrimmage for TD’s. Good pick in Round 2 if he’s still there in Round 3 it would be a gift.

  • KAsh

    @kilbasar – I have always argued that QBs need to be developed, but drafting a QB in the Top-10 will almost force you to start him. The first round is for a difference maker, especially for a non-playoff team. You can develop and use 2nd-4th round QBs as competition.

    @mike – The thing is that if Smith is available at 9, he will be available at 29 and maybe even 39. There is no reason to draft him there. (Personally, I think the Eagles take him at #4 since Vick WILL be injured at some point next season.)

  • dpdoble

    I’m a WVU alum & have watched nearly every game the past few years. Here’s my (somewhat biased) take on their Big 3…

    Geno is a great QB…he’s got a much higher ceiling than Sanchez. He’s being undervalued simply because this is the year after a HISTORIC QB class. He’s not perfect, but man…we could do a lot worse (Sanchez, Gerrard, McElroy, etc).

    As for Austin, he’s electric…no other way to put it. Small doesn’t mean he’s gonna get injured. He hasn’t missed a single game in 4 years, and barely (if ever) a practice. Whoever drafts this guy will be thrilled. I know i would love to see him in our colors.

    Stedman…love this guy too…he’s been w Geno for 7 years straight. He’s not as much of a playmaker as Tavon, but i think he will be a good (not great) pro.

    I would be perfectly happy w Geno & 1 of these guys, but knowing our needs, it would probably be smarter to go Geno & then Stedman in the 3rd round, using the 2nd #1 (assuming a trade) & the 2nd round pick on OLB, S or OG.

    We have had decent luck w WVU guys…Adrian Murrell got 1K+ on the terrible Kotite teams, Becht was a pretty good TE. Can’t say too much for Ellis Lankster…at least he wasn’t a high draft pick :)

  • Lidman

    dpdoble…what makes you believe Smith has a higher ceiling than Sanchez? I’m just playing Devil’s advocate, but what do you say about his games against his best competition this year Texas and K-State..Nassib beat him 3x. I just don’t know how you make an assumption like that. Sure, Smith has a number of positives,and may turn out to be a solid pro. I get you watch all the games, I also get you’re an alum.

  • Johnny

    i’m beginning to like the sound of austin. if we have two picks i would go OL with Warmak and maybe Austin with the second pick. the thing i like about him, and which kind of plays in with what Ryan says he wants to do on offense, which is be explosive and unpredictable, is that he can help you do that since he can play WR and RB. Him and goodson with holmes and Hill could give defenses matchup nightmares.

  • dpdoble

    Hey Lidman…Geno is a prospect & Sanchez has 4 years under him, so i think my POV comes mainly from the optimism that comes with ‘potential’ as well as the fact that i think he’s the best QB WVU has ever produced, including Marc Bulger who did pretty well.

    As far as the best competition…he actually passed pretty well v Texas (25/35/268 & 4/0) but there was a point in the game where the UT D line was getting a major push & getting all over him, resulting in the fumbles. No excuse for not protecting the ball…can’t argue that…needs to have better pocket awareness. BUT, he didn’t throw an INT until the K State game, so you gotta give props on that, right? I know there are bubble screens & touch passes thrown in there, but 98 TDs & 21 INTs is pretty effin impressive.

    Nassib did beat him 3 times, yup. You know how sometimes a team just has another team’s number? For a few years for us, it was South Florida, but it’s been the Cuse recently…Marrone drew up some great game plans for those games, pressuring him relentlessly & exploiting weaknesses on D excellently.

    And yes…I’m an alum, so there’s that.

  • viguy007

    If the Revis trade come thru as reported:
    Jets #1 BPA OLB/DE who can be converted to an OLB

    Tampa #1 BPA CB

    Jets #2 BPA TE

    Jets #3 BPA FS

    Tampa #3 BPA Guard

    Jets #4 BPA WR

    Jets #5 Kyle Juszczyk, FB/TE or if not available BPA OLB

    Jets #6 Zac Stacy RB

    Tampa #6 BPA S

    Jets #7 BPA QB

    Sign as FA: Moore G, and Edwards WR

  • viguy007

    How does White who is already on the team compare to Austin? Last year “Football Outsider” said White was one of the 5 best WR in the Draft and they seem to be very similar to me.

  • JetFighter68

    We can argue the merits of drafting a QB in round 1, 2 or 3 but in reality Sanchez needs weapons to be successful. His weapons make him better and not the other way around. Also, who have we lost from our 2012 D that was an important cog last year? Only DeVito, Scott, Pace, Sione are older vets that might or might not play in 2013. Landry bet on himself and won but we can plug his brother in short term. Anyway point to all this is: We are going to trade Revis for TB’s #1 so with the 9th and 13th we go Austin and Patterson. With Hill and Kerley we finally have play makers on O. If Sanchez doesn’t succeed with weapons then we know it’s time to move on. Receivers tend to need a year or two to develop and in a worst case scenario (Sanchez sucks) we have a ton of young and fast talent. We address the D in the later rounds and let Rex do his magic but no matter what happens in 2013 we finally have multiple play makers on O.

  • http://. joe p

    tavon austin makes too much sense for the jets to draft him. they will go with a pass rusher and wait 3 years for him to develop . jets offense is anemic. id go austin at 9 and georgia g at 13 if they get pick. then i would trade the rest of my draft picks for a late number 1 or very early 2 and grab best the available. can only get 1 thing at a time.

  • joeydefiant

    name a receiver tavon austin’s size who has been successful enough to warrant a first round pick?

  • paul
  • paul

    not sold on Geno

  • JetFighter68

    Harvin, Jackson, Smith, Moss…We need playmakers. Speed kills.