Welcome To New York Geno! Meet Your Media…

Geno Smith is already receiving a warm welcome from the New York media and their anonymous sourcing

Today New York Jets quarterback Geno Smith decided to fire his agents at Select Sports. Players switch agents all the time but let’s look at how this story broke as a warm welcome to Geno from the New York media…

1. At 11:40AM Liz Mullen of Sports Business Journal reported that Smith was leaving his agents at Select Sports.

2. About an hour later, our old pals at the Daily News had this well researched and thoroughly sourced gem out. Apparently “SOURCES” have indicated that Smith thought that he should have been the number one overall pick and since he wasn’t, he fired his agents.

3. Since anonymous sources are highly credible and certainly not the scorned agents of Geno Smith, this has to be a truthful narrative right? Of course! Run away with it…



“There’s now even more reason to believe that Smith will have a hard time handling adversity in the NFL and dealing with the intense scrutiny and criticism of the New York media” – PFT


See, Geno. You aren’t allowed to fire your agents. Yes, everybody in the free world had you projected as a first round pick but you can’t be frustrated by being a 2nd round pick. You have to stay with your agents no matter what! Even if there are other more, complex issues that anonymous sources couldn’t dig up and you wanted to make sure you were comfortable with your management, you can’t fire them!

All it takes is one quote attributed to nobody and now Geno Smith can’t handle negativity and certainly can’t handle those bright lights of New York…He’s been on the team for 4 days.

Welcome to New York!

Author: Joe Caporoso

Joe Caporoso is the Owner and EIC of Turn On The Jets. His writing has been featured in the New York Times, Huffington Post, MMQB and AdWeek. Caporoso played football his entire life, including four years at Muhlenberg as a wide receiver, where he was arguably the slowest receiver to ever start in school history. He is the VP of Social Media at Whistle Sports

  • Karl

    I just had this argument with people. Its pretty sad that people actually buy into the bullshit that the media spits out. If you ask fans of other teams the Jets are a circus and they are the worst team in NFL History.

  • Jay

    It’s disgusting on so many levels. Nobody wants the media to be “ra ra!,” but at least be fair. Give the kid a chance before you crucify him!

  • __fense

    My favorite part is the fact that it’s their fault the NY media is so much worse than everywhere else. Instead of criticizing a player by saying he can’t handle it (without any reason to do so), why don’t you just, you know, not be terrible? Then he wouldn’t need to handle it.

  • KAsh

    You can criticize Geno about not having poise or being too emotional, but not like this. He left to celebrate his mom’s birthday and the fact that he was not coming back was an unconfirmed rumor that the media just ran with. How you can link that to him firing his agents I do not know.

    The sad thing is that it would take all of twenty minutes to find a tape of a sullen, sulking Geno after a loss. But that requires analysis and, you know, reporting. Not the NYDN’s cup of tea.

  • matr dontelli iii

    on the subject of the daily news, their android app, which as of early april, did not work offline, rendering it useless in places like buses and subways which are kinda popular in NYC, required permissions which included accessing contacts AND sending emails, yes, sending emails! their approval ratings reflected these ridiculous blunders. and to think, the daily news was once a respected newspaper, believe it or not. as bad as their reporting is their website is even worse.

  • Hillel

    I saw stories that made it seem like a surprise that the Jets released Tebow and also said that the Jets really screwed him by letting him go just after the draft when there are no NFL positions available to him. They ignore the fact that nobody wants him and they ignore the fact that everybody that follows the Jets knew Tebow would be released.

  • Hillel

    I also saw other articles that made it seem like a tragedy that Geno wasn’t selected in the 1st round. “It’s so sad that he’ll only make $4M/year instead of $6.7M/year! How sad!” The media, including the sports media has become a joke.

  • Frank Antonelli

    The real clowns reside in the media tent.

  • Mark Phelan

    Sports is entertainment. Entertainment depends on ratings. Ratings require a new story constantly.

  • k.c.

    the only thing that “bothers” ME is if Geno’s complaining about WHERE he got picked then isn’t he BASICALLY saying he’s upset the Jets picked him???

  • Richard

    Karl I agree they all listen to the media and believe what they say. Yet if you ask most of them why the Jets are a circus. They cant give you an answer most of the time I get “because they are.”

  • Steve

    Whole thing is crazy – been reading Geno articles since September & and nearly every one raved about his work ethic and how hard he was on himself to the point of endlessly watching film after games…

    ONE guy, writes an opinion completely opposite of what I read for 9 months right before the draft when we all know smokescreens and mis-directions are everywhere and THAT is what the media latches on to – “Geno isn’t a hard worker…”

    Now add this Non-story with no backing about his agent, combine the two and off the NY mediots run with their Geno is “weak” conclusions.

    Really unbelievable.

  • Lidman

    Who cares what anyone writes? Sanchez took the NYJ to 2 consecutive championship games, played well in the playoffs and had a number of comeback wins, so the press like him. He’s had 52 TOs the past 2 years, the NYJ pick Smith, and now it’s a matter of time before they release him?

    Mark Phelan’s statement rings true. The media needs to sell papers or receive ‘hits’ and they’re all competing to be ‘the guy’ who gets ‘the story’.

    If Sanchez wins this job and turns his career around, the mob will love him (see Alex Smith in SF). If Geno wins job and wins, fans will love him (see Mark Sanchez 2010-11). God help Geno if he wins job and doesn’t win. Then not only won’t he be ‘Sanchez’ but he won’t be RG3, Wilson or Luck either.

  • Angel

    The “Mediots” (love that word, thanks Steve), will destroy Geno, same as they destroyed Boomer, Testaverde, Pennington, and Sanchez. And most Jets fans drink the “Mediots” Kool-Aid.

    So far, Eli Manning is the only one to beat the media… so far.

  • Boomer

    Rich cimini sucks

  • matr dontelli iii

    the media destroyed testaverde and pennington? i strongly dislike dick cimini as well as everything espn, however to be fair, he was very fair, complimentary and actually showed a bit of rare insight when discussing the jets’ draft. maybe it was an imposter.

  • Ben Nevis

    Joe Caporoso—

    Thought you might be interested in this deadspin piece, if you haven’t already seen it, in which it becomes apparent that Smith’s former agents have been waging a smear campaign against him.

    Here’s an excerpt:

    “Our source says Smith wanted to take part in the Senior Bowl, a showcase for talent looking to move up, but his agents convinced him to skip it. When Pro Football Weekly issued a scathing scouting report, calling Smith ‘not committed or focused” and deriding his “marginal work ethic,’ Smith was disappointed that his agents did nothing to combat the negative press it created, our source says.”

    And here’s a link to the deadspin piece from which I quote above:


  • joeydefiant

    It is tough being a minority quarterback in the NFL. RG3 was constantly being criticized for the type of tshirt he wore in training camp and for wearing headphones while he warmed up. The media was all over him for not being mature enough to handle playing QB in the NFL. Andrew Luck didn’t face this same type of scrutiny. McElroy is still being praised in the media while Geno faces all type of criticism.

  • Smacktalker

    Another reason Geno wasn’t going to stay for day 2… it’s expensive and he didn’t have any other clothes to wear. Plus he didn’t know at that point whether he’d be making 2nd round or 4th round money. Why stay unless someone promises you they’ll take you in the 2nd? He could’ve conceivably sat thru day 2 as well.

  • Eric

    I wonder why anyone believes the media in anything. All you have to do is watch how fast they switch gears.