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Joe Caporoso, Chris Gross, Mike Nolan and Mike Donnelly will be running live mock draft starting at 7PM tonight. Follow it right here. 

Author: Joe Caporoso

Joe Caporoso is the Owner and EIC of Turn On The Jets. His writing has been featured in the New York Times, Huffington Post, MMQB and AdWeek. Caporoso played football his entire life, including four years at Muhlenberg as a wide receiver, where he was arguably the slowest receiver to ever start in school history. He is the VP of Social Media at Whistle Sports

  • Lidman

    If Milliner slips to 9, I think you grab him. But, assuming there is no trading down (which I’d be for) here is how I go:

    9-Jarvis Jones–a guy who makes plays fits ANY scheme
    13-Warmack, or Cooper–not sexy, but safe and you need safe with this pick
    2nd-Cyprien or Elam
    3rd-Markus Wheaton–bigger than your boy Austin, and just as productive
    4th-Darius Slay, DB–good size/speed combo, plays the run well..think Richard Sherman
    5th-If AZ QB Scott drops, grab him
    6th-high beta Athlete at LB, or DL
    7th-OL depth

    Again, if someone is dying for someone at 9, and they can pick up a late 2nd-mid 3rd, you probably do that. Please…just take guys who’ve produced, have good motors and were team leaders. ‘Hard work beats talent, when talent doesn’t work hard’.

  • KAsh

    I was following the live. Thank you for not taking Austin at #13. I could not handle both Mingo and Austin. Also glad that someone on your staff is not enamored with Mingo.

    I thought you went by need too much. Floyd and the other DTs are a prime example. I cannot believe that Detroit and Arizona ignore Floyd’s fall, that he is not somewhere high on their draft boards. Yes, they have bigger fish to fry, but in a draft with a lot of questions, Floyd does not have any. A team that selects him outside the Top 5 can go have a nice dream, as they just got the steal of the draft.

    Also think Ansah to Lions is a smokescreen. Yes, they lost both DEs, but Ansah cannot step in and start on the line. He will need at least a year of development, in which he is given clear instructions on every play. He can do everything asked of him at a mediocre-to-advanced level, but struggles when forced to determine what he should do himself. Many DEs are more NFL-ready than Ansah, but none as promising. I think the Browns and the Cardinals are more realistic landing spots for him.

    The way the board broke, Eifert was a nice choice. This mock really showed me how crazy things get outside the top 10. Now, I really hope we trade the #13 pick to SF forthe #31 & #34. Playmakers will drop and we can steal some excellent pieces at those positions.

  • Lidman

    If Floyd were to fall that far, I have to think NY would have ‘suitors’ for his services and could trade down.

  • KAsh

    Just checked: the #13 pick is worth approximately 1150 points and the #31 & #34 picks combined are worth roughly 1160. It is a negligible difference for a team with double-digit picks and few holes.

    The Niners move up 18 spots and into the Top 15 and get whatever they have their eye on. We get three picks in the 30-40 range. That looks like Ertz, Elam, another top-class safety, Warford, a WR ready to replace Holmes in a year, or a pass-rushing OLB that dropped. Forgot about all those QBs: can you imagine the rush to trade up and land their wanted QB before the 31st pick with the Jets sitting there?

  • Lidman

    Just an opinion here, but using that ‘point system’ is stupid (not by you Kash, but by GMs). Every draft is different. If you go by the ‘experts’ this draft doesn’t have top level talent, so therefore, the 9th, or 13th pick in this draft isn’t as good as the 9th or 13th in say last year’s draft.

    Player evaluation is an ‘evolving process’. If you’re using this chart, the same chart everyone else is, you shouldn’t have that job. If all you need to do is ‘follow the chart’, my 10yr old son should apply for GM jobs. A good GM separates himself by thinking outside the box, when he’s in position to do so, but sticking to his plan the majority of the time.

    So, if you’re the 49ers, with 13 picks and a roster of a number of good players you will not be able to keep, because of the cap, then you need to win now. Tavon Austin is a piece you can add because he might be able to give you 3-5 plays a game that can get you a win. If you’re the NYJ, you don’t take a guy who’s a HR threat, because teams will ‘pitch around him’. Meaning: when Austin is in the game, he’ll get special focus.

    Sheep get lead to the slaughter…

  • KAsh

    Hey, whatever happened to the explanations for the picks?