Turn On The Jets Live 2013 NFL Draft Coverage

The Turn On The Jets staff live covers the 2013 NFL Draft

The Turn On The Jets staff live covers the 2013 NFL Draft right here. Follow below!

Author: Joe Caporoso

Joe Caporoso is the Owner and EIC of Turn On The Jets. His writing has been featured in the New York Times, Huffington Post, MMQB and AdWeek. Caporoso played football his entire life, including four years at Muhlenberg as a wide receiver, where he was arguably the slowest receiver to ever start in school history. He is the VP of Social Media at Whistle Sports

  • KAsh

    And with the first pick the Kansas City Chiefs trade with the NY Jets for the ninth, thirteenth, & 39th picks of the draft.

  • Boomer

    Need play makers on offense why go defense with both picks

  • KAsh

    Milliner I could understand as a value pick. Richardson @ 13? I cannot.

  • bob iver

    What two positions did we have talent still at. CB and DE. We have to DE’s under the age of 24. What do we do? Take a banged up cb at 9, hoping he becomes 70% of what revis is, and hoping his body doesn’t break down in the next four years… and then a DT. A dt. Who wasn’t the best one on the board… instead of eifert, jarvis jones, star, vacarro, reid, hell e.j. manuel, ANYONE. Wow. Giving this team one last year of my life and then beginning the rehab from this insanity. I mean I can’t write this better for IDZIK to have messed up the draft. Like short of him drafting Nassib and then someone like Sheldon Richardson. We traded Revis to have Sheldon Richardson wash out of the league in three years on us. WOOOO

  • Sean Flattery

    Have no problem with either pick. Richardson is too good to pass up at 13. No need to reach for a position need there, take the top player on the board. I can’t argue that…

  • Anthony

    The Jets take the two most explosive players available in the draft, and there is a revolt.


  • Angel


    Jets could have plugged up 2 holes with good value –Warmack (OG) and Eifert (TE)– NOW, we still have those holes, plus an OLB to worry about and no definite starters left in the draft.

    Jets could have been looking for a starter OLB here and looking for competition and depth at WR and RB later… Now they are F’ed still looking for a starter.

    I think it’s obvious IDZIK gave up on the Offense already and is looking to fill those holes next year while drafting top talent this year.

  • Boomer

    I guess we don’t need to improve the offense being 30th in the league must be good enough

  • Andrew

    WTH ?? Ok with millner but cant trade back and get DT later in draft and pick up picks for some O ? REALLY ? I mean floyd went 23rd.. How do you fill OG OLB TE WR S RB ? cant miss on any pick forward

  • Andrew

    why is it so hard to be a Jet fan ??

  • Andrew

    Any Kickers in the 2nd round ? Lol

  • KAsh

    To be honest, you had to trade back to address offensive skill positions at fair value. Jets established a defensive identity: we are going to be a nightmare up front and up the sidelines.

    But we now have more talented defensive linemen than we do permissible linebackers. This really only makes sense if Ryan wanted to transition to a 4-3. We picked up, in order, Wilkerson, Ellis, Coples, and Richardson. We bled linebackers and now have Davis, Harris, and Barnes. Barnes can be the WILL. Davis can be the SAM. And Harris will lead from the middle.

    Conveniently, this also reduces the need to draft an additional linebacker. So our remaining needs become safety, TE, and guard, with another three picks to add depth/find late-round talent.

  • joeydefiant

    I am happy with the two picks. Best players available at the time of the picks. Replaced Revis and now we have the top D-Line in the AFC. I could pass rush from OLB with these guys in front of me. There is going to be no one left to block. Three guys in front who all command double teams. Now in round two with the 7th pick it will be a brilliant draft if we manage to get Zack Ertz, Larry Warford, or John Cyprien.

  • Nikolas

    Dee Milliner was a great pick! And Richardson will be a terror. I like both picks.

    Some complain that we did nothing about the offense. Since St.Louis took Austin the value for another offensive weapon was not there.

  • Andrew

    Go point Kash but Rex plays multiple fronts still think we need OLB. 3 good TE left Ertz , Escobar and Kelce.. lets resign Moore and get Lacey rd 2 TE rd 3 and QB rd 4 Dysert or Jones? S or wr rd 5

  • joeydefiant

    All you guys who think Sheldon is trash must not have seen him play. He would have been picked at 14 if the jets didn’t take him at 13. Carolina wanted him as well.