NFL Draft 2013 – Turn On The Jets Mike Nolan Mock Draft 1.0

Turn On The Jets Draft Writer Mike Nolan submits his predictions for the first round of the 2013 NFL Draft

With the first round of the NFL Draft only 9 days away, it is time to ramp up the mock drafts. This version does not account for trades, which will happen. Some teams in the top half that I can see making trades on draft day are Cleveland, Miami, and San Diego. There will be QBs taken in the 1st round, just not with any of the current picks, as a team like Arizona or Buffalo could trade into the mid to bottom first round to get a QB.

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New York Jets To Re-sign OLB Calvin Pace

The New York Jets have reportedly agreed to terms with recently released OLB Calvin Pace on a one year deal. While this move may not be entirely popular among Jets fans, bringing Pace back without long term ties is a sensible move for a variety of reasons.

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New York Jets – Positive Early Returns On Idzik

New York Jets fans should be optimistic about the early returns on new GM John Idzik

The New York Jets went through an exhaustive process to find their new General Manager after firing Mike Tannenbaum. John Idzik wasn’t a flashy name and he didn’t captivate the New York media with an opening press conference filled with witty, quotable remarks. Yet, just about every decision he has made since then has given reason for optimism.

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No Huddle – New York Jets Off-Season Workouts Edition

TJ Rosenthal goes No Huddle on the New York Jets various issues heading into off-season workouts

TJ Rosenthal kicks off another week of New York Jets coverage at Turn On The Jets with his weekly No Huddle – Make sure to give TJ a follow on Twitter on Turn On The Jets a follow on Facebook. Continue reading “No Huddle – New York Jets Off-Season Workouts Edition”

Jets Reportedly Interested In Chris Ivory

The New York Jets are reportedly interested in trading for New Orleans Saints Restricted Free Agent Running Back, Chris Ivory. The Jets hosted Ivory for a visit on Friday, but are unlikely to sign him to an offer sheet due to the second round tender New Orleans placed on him earlier this offseason. New York would prefer to exchange a later round draft pick for Ivory, rather than surrendering the 39th overall pick, according to multiple reports.

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Turn On The Jets 12 Pack – Draft Prospect Watch Edition

The Turn On The Jets 12 Pack gives 12 players the New York Jets could select NFL Draft weekend

The NFL Draft is less than two weeks away. While it is hard to speculate on what the New York Jets will do considering how buttoned-up John Idzik has kept everything and how their amount of picks could change, TOJ is going to give you 12 prospects to watch for that could end up in Green and White. On to the 12 Pack –  Continue reading “Turn On The Jets 12 Pack – Draft Prospect Watch Edition”

New York Jets – Grading 2013 Lineup Changes

Mike Donnelly grades the New York Jets line-up changes heading from 2012 to 2013

As we know by now, much has been made this offseason about the amount of players the Jets have lost to free agency. Whether it is from the Jets-hating media, or self-loathing Jets fans themselves, I’m under the impression that many people think the Jets shouldn’t even show up this season because they lost several underwhelming pieces from last year’s 6-win team. I don’t exactly see it that way, because most of the players the Jets lost were either underachievers or washed up veterans who had outlived their usefulness. I’m going to go position-by-position and compare last year’s lineup to the projected 2013 lineup and give them a positive or negative grade. For the purposes of this column, the points will be called “Tebows” and the grading system will go from +2 Tebows for a major upgrade to -2 Tebows for a major downgrade, and anything in between.

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TOJ Bag – April 11th 2013

The TOJ staff answers your weekly questions on the New York Jets and the NFL

Welcome to this week’s TOJ Bag, where our staff answers your questions on the New York Jets, NFL, and things somewhat related to both. We are going to run this every Thursday so make sure to send questions in to – Today we are talking confusing Jets fan hatred, drinking at MetLife, and the Mark Sanchez reclamation project. – On to the questions!

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New York Jets – Stay Away From Quarterback In Top Ten

Why the New York Jets should stay away from Geno Smith in round one of the NFL Draft

There has been speculation about the New York Jets potentially selecting West Virginia quarterback Geno Smith in the first round of the upcoming NFL Draft. Yes, the Jets have shown a decent amount of pre-draft interest and yes considering Mark Sanchez’s performance last year, on the surface there is some sensibility to selecting the consensus top quarterback in the upcoming draft class. However, taking Smith with their 9th overall pick or even the 13th overall pick potentially acquired in a Darrelle Revis trade would be a mistake…a mistake that the Jets aren’t likely to make. Continue reading “New York Jets – Stay Away From Quarterback In Top Ten”

New York Jets – Reviewing Free Agency Additions

A review of the New York Jets free agency additions and their expected contributions in 2013

The New York Jets haven’t made any major splashes in free agency, which was expected as they began the process of rebuilding their roster. They have made 6 new additions for only a total of 2.8 million guaranteed dollars. Let’s run through them quickly and assess realistic expectations for them in 2013

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