No Huddle – New York Jets Off-Season Workouts Edition

TJ Rosenthal goes No Huddle on the New York Jets various issues heading into off-season workouts

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The Wacky World of Jets Offseason Workouts

Jets offseason workouts begin today with Jets, soon to be future ex-Jets, Jets in limbo, and a head coach on the hot seat. say the least.

Tim Tebow is still here with an undaunted “you can’t break me” attitude. Yet god only knows where he will be playing weeks from now. No pun intended. Is former franchise QB Mark Sanchez truly ‘throw-in’ trade bait in a ‘Darrelle Revis to Tampa’ deal? What about guys like Kyle Wilson, Joe McKnight, and Bilal Powell? Do new Jets brass members and coaches really believe in the ‘next generation?’

What authority will Rex Ryan have this week over a team whose marquee names, and players waiting their turn, may be too worried about their jobs to be listening to any ‘us against the world’ rallying cries right now? Motivational speeches are hard to rally around when the room is divided, confused, unsure, and insecure.

This is gonna be some week. The photos. The quotes. The unnamed sources. The rumors. The lies. The innuendos. Good luck with it Rex. Now let’s go get a goddamn snack.

Chris Ivory Please

The Jets brought in the Saints second round tendered RB for a visit this past weekend, and are allegedly interested in making a deal. We approve.

Ivory and Mike Goodson would be a nice start to something new in the backfield even if the Saints backup is not a perfect match in a West Coast passing game. McKnight and Powell could add depth and be the pass catchers that Ivory isn’t, provided that neither are part of any trades for Ivory. Or anyone else pre draft day.

The Saints want a second rounder which Gang Green might do if it means just giving up one of two selections in that round this year, should the ‘Revis to Bucs’ deal goes through.

Otherwise it seems like a steep price to pay for a top forty pick right? Well we aren’t so sure.

In reality, ‘seconds’ have recently yielded the likes of who, a Vlad Ducasse and erratic Stephen Hill? A player who we hope and still believe will develop, but that’s the story with so many second rounders. Limitless ‘potential’ type guys who dont always reach their max. Get Ivory.

Our guess is that GM John Idzik will try initially to work out a deal that includes a defensive player for Rob Ryan’s brand new New Orleans defense and a fourth round pick as compensation for Ivory. Before succumbing to the handing over of the 2.

Revis and the Jets: Who Will Show Their Hand?

Last week reports surfaced that the Revis team wanted to continue the knee rehab in Arizona this week while the Jets wanted to see their prized possession up close and in person. We don’t know who or what to believe anymore regarding 24. We wonder if his face will be worth a thousand words when cameras and mics are put in front of it. The drama will be riveting. Who will give away their honest feelings about this crazy situation first, Revis Island or Gang Green?

Sanchez Too? Now Let’s Think About This

Maybe the contract of Mark Sanchez is too ridiculous for the Jets NOT to shop him now and in the near future. Still, hearing that the Sanchise was allegedly offered to Tampa as part of a
Revis package was strange to take in.

The skittish, emotional Sanchez who despite his two year decline, was at the helm during the two Ryan era AFC title game runs, is OUR basket case. Nobody elses. Or so it feels like.

How dare Greg Schiano believe that Vincent Jackson, a star RB in Doug Martin, and a more laid back Florida media could resurrect a player who at the same time, could also push the underachieving Josh Freeman. Are we all completely sure that Sanchez must go? That he has reached the point of no return in New York? That he doesn’t deserve one last shot?

If the answer is yes, then the next topic we must turn to is ‘Geno Smith’ and whether this is the right year to draft another first round QB. Whether the pistol is a sturdy enough system to build a long term future around.

All food for thought in a week where the local sports storylines seem endless once again, now that the zany New York Jets are back in Florham.

It’s been too long, hasn’t it?