No Huddle – NFL Draft Approaching Edition

TJ Rosenthal on the New York Jets maneuverings in preparation for the NFL Draft

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Fred Davis Never Visits, Jets Are A Hard Sell

Fred Davis never did “explore all of options” as he intended to on his free agency tour last week. The sixth year tight end would have been a nice pick up after the loss of Dustin Keller. The one year deal that Davis eventually signed with the Redskins days ago is not a tragic outcome for the Jets. Rather it is a bit of an alarming one.

The Jets are simply a hard sell to free agents for GM John Idzik right now. There is no solid ground on offense, the coach is on the hot seat, and Darrelle Revis the team’s best player may be gone by draft day.

These are grin and bear it days in terms of trying to acquire veteran pieces until the footing is a bit more solid. Plain and simple.

More Revis: More Teams Besides Tampa?

According to Rotoworld The Tampa Tribune is said to believe that “trade talks regarding Darrelle Revis could remain cool until the Bucs have a better feel for what will be available to them at No. 13.” It sounds like Tampa is more willing to deal 2014 picks.

We would like to know who else besides the Bucs are interested. The market seems unusually small for the league’s top corner. Injury or no injury. There has to be a club hiding in the weeds. Has to.

Can Sanchez rebound?

I had a close friend and fellow diehard tell me on Sunday that he would love to see Mark Sanchez shut people up and rebound in 2013. Hey, so would a lot of people. The question is, can he?

We fear that his emotional state is too fractured in New York and that the fan base may refuse to allow him even the slightest room for failure. For someone who has always needed a supporting cast, he seems to have none left whatsoever now. Maybe we are wrong.

What do you think?

  • __fense

    The problem with the first point is that the Jets aren’t nearly as bad as the media makes them seem, but what the media is saying is effecting us getting free agents. That’s why I can’t just ignore them, because even if I don’t listen to hacks like Cimini, Mehta, and Meyers, guys like Fred Davis will, and the team will be worse off for it.

  • Lidman

    Are the Packers looking to move Aaron Rodgers? Are the Vikings looking to trade Adrian Peterson? What about Houston, you think they are looking to trade JJ Watt? Or, maybe you can call SF and acquire Patrick Willis?

    When you have the best player, at his position, you don’t trade him. Now, if Johnson has told Idzik: ‘I won’t pay Revis premier player money’, I guess you make a trade, and get the most possible. If not, make him play and sign him in-season.

  • matr dontelli iii

    if johnson is telling idzik who he will pay and how much he will pay him then we are worse off than we think. i would expect idzik will look at what is offered and decide if it is worth it or not, like a good gm should. though he hasn’t done all that much, he has done nothing wrong yet and he pretty much put the moronic ny media in its place by telling them repeatedly that he will not tell them his plans. you’ve gotta watch out for the quiet ones…

  • Geronimo

    Jets screwed Sanchez. The kid was an undisciplined thrower who scrambled and made some plays downfield his first couple of years. Jets had him repeat the mantra “no mistakes” every second and today he is a muttering, terrified basket case of a QB.

    How do you develop a QB this way? How do you teach him to attack if this is what he is thinking? I think it was Steve Young who said Ryan had to bring “light” to the offense some years ago. I think Young was right. Rex was trying to play defense with his offense. Makes no sense.

    And why no throwing on the move? Why no plays to the kid’s strengths?

    Scottenheimer never lit it up, anywhere, with any QB.

    And what chance did he have behind Wayne Hunter? They should have put a mini poodle in Hunter’s spot so Sanchez could see the DE better. He wouldn’t have taken so many hits.

    No running game last year — Green challenging tacklers to tackle him, and losing the bet every time. Jason Hill, Gates, Gilyard, Schillens as receivers… Howard as the Savior at RT…. Sparano… oh man… That was a horrible disaster.

    I’m not saying Sanchez is a good QB. I’d like for the Jets to find someone new. I’m saying that he might have become pretty good if he were developed elsewhere.

    I’ll say this though — With a good OL, a good OC, and 3 NFL starting receivers, Sanchez instantly goes to a low-80s QB rating. That’s not terrible. And, from there, the game might slow down for him and he could start trusting himself to make some plays again.