No Huddle – New Day For New York Jets Edition

TJ Rosenthal goes No Huddle on the New York Jets moving into a new era

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Geno, Tebow and Sanchez

What a difference seven days makes. Darrelle who? Last Monday many were mourning the departure of Revis Island. Today Tim Tebow was released. News that will now overtake the Geno Smith draft headlines that trumped the Revis ones.

Could Mark Sanchez news be next? John Idzik has no tattoo love for him, as a franchise quarterback. We wonder how long the Sanchise has got before he becomes the new “distraction” worth releasing or trading somehow.

Geno Smith, the new prototype. He can run, throw, throw on the run. If he gets thrown into the fire we only hope that he is groomed early in his career better than Sanchez was upon his arrival. Geno hasn’t suited up once yet, but is talking playoffs already. Hey, that excites us, but can that belief spread through the huddle? If it can, the Jets will have finally found a field general.

Tebow: Wow, what a disaster. He arrived like the fifth Beatle, with his own unprecedented backup QB press conference to boot. Now he exits before the Simms kid does. We wonder what the miracle worker truly would have done to the energy of a team that had no weapons and was worn down by a moping Sanchez in week 16 and 17.

Curiousity killed the cat though and there was no way that Woody Johnson would allow some late December starting mop up duty to create any more future havoc than there already was surrounding the Jets and Tebow. Where he ends up next, God only knows. No pun intended Foxboro probably. As a fullback. For some goal line carries that help to beat Gang Green in 2013. We are kidding people. Relax.

Canada would be a great path for him. Two solid years to work on his game and rebranding as a player. He won’t need the CFL to help erase the Tebowmania madness however. The Jets did that for him already.

Sanchez: A different kind of disaster. He was groomed poorly, with handcuffs from the start. He wasn’t surrounded with the right weapons at the time the Jets wanted him to elevate his play in 2011. Last season he was handed even less to work with. We all get it. You, me, and the beer vendors.

What baffles us though, is how his inner confidence had by the end of last season deteriorated to the point where it seemed like he could barely complete even a two yard pass. How will he get himself back, in a place where he enjoys the game again, and can block out a fan base that appears ready to still boo him right out of the stadium?

We can’t tell you how high Mark Sanchez’s ceiling could have been or still can be. We can say that the chance for him to repair his career does not seem best served in a Jet uniform anymore.

Imagine him winning the job then throwing a pick early in week one to Revis the Buc. Met Life will call for caged lions to be brought out to midfield for the human sacrifice.

Idzik is turning pages quickly away from Tanny’s Circus. This means only one thing for Sanchez now. That he is no lock to survive training camp anymore. Guaranteed money or not.

Draft 2013

We will be honest. We wanted Tavon Austin at 9. We felt that if anything, the Jets should have grabbed an OLB at 9 once Austin became a Ram. This to shift the strength of the defense to pressure, not pass coverage.

That said, acquiring arguably the drafts top CB, DT, and yes even QB in the eyes of certain draft analysts, followed by Chris Ivory and more O line depth, makes us breathe easier. We are ready for, and will respect all of the reader comments about what should have been done by Idzik.

After all Jets nation is as heady as any in the league. What this draft did existentially, was hopefully move the Jets further away from the ‘clown car’ tag. To a place where X’s and O’s were the top priority.

If Milliner can cover better than Kyle Wilson can, and Sheldon Richardson helps makes the D line a young collective force, while Geno Smith the two pronged weapon takes over the signal calling, as Ivory contributes to a new more potent RB rotation, the Jets will be a vastly different team in only one year’s time.

The aforementioned scenario may be asking for a tad much off the bat, but it’s a nice new daydream for diehards to have. Especially when considering where things were just seven days ago.

Kerry Rhodes and Dallas Clark

Picture Kerry Rhodes ball hawking as the Jets new defensive line chases down opposing QB’s and Dallas Clark providing an upgrade over Jeff Cumberland. Rex didn’t like Rhodes and fences probably won’t be mended. Clark wants another shot to run with a contender over a rebuild situation. If the Rex-Rhodes past could be buried, and Clark’s phone wasn’t ringing though, would these “one year deal” type of additions be a better look to the roster?

Idzik will at some point soon, add some vets to the new rookie class. A few shrewd choices, combined with some of the kids flying out of the gate, could make the Jets an unexpected surprise

That’s our glass half full take folks. Yes we are hopeful today. Rejuvenated. Excited for the season finally. Now it’s time to enjoy that “Geno is In, Tebow is Out, Sanchez is on the clock” morning coffee.

  • keator


  • kilbasar

    Kerry Rhodes will never play for Rex Ryan, if he has any self-respect. I love Rex, but he completely bad-mouthed Rhodes in a published book. How do you go back to work for that guy? No chance.

  • Richard

    The Jets really need a TE I was a little shocked they didnt go for one in the draft. I agree with Killbasar that Rhodes will not come back. He left on good terms but Rex ran his mouth and ruined that

  • Joe Barra

    What about my man John Abraham?

  • KAsh

    I keep telling people that Tavon Austin would not have been picked at #9 even if he fell there. He obviously was not in the works. The Rams jumped the gun based on all the rumors going around. There are serious questions about his game at the next level, a characteristic he does not share with Milliner and Richardson. The Jets’ Top 4 was probably made up of Jordan, Milliner, Warmack, Richardson.

    Starved for offense, everyone seems to be hallucinating. Austin was not something to rest your hopes on. Geno Smith is the likely QB of the future, but that future does not start this September. It may not start this year.

    Idzik has ignored the noise and done things in a methodical way. Nothing has been a knee-jerk reaction. Everything (cutting players, adding players in FA, restructuring contracts, the Revis trade, releasing Tebow) has taken longer than the fans and the media have wanted. So Idzik will not simply cut Sanchez.

    Sanchez will have the same impact on the salary cap whether he stays or is cut. Idzik will likely try to trade him, and he has all the time until the next draft. Meanwhile, Geno Smith needs to sit on the bench. Accuracy issues, ball security, blitz pickup, and identifying coverage are all areas he needs to study up on. Garrard has had a history of injuries, especially in training camp. If Smith is the #2 on the depth chart, he will likely be starting before the team wants him to or thinks he should. Then, it is the Sanchez story all over again. Properly grooming Smith means not playing him until you feel he is completely ready.

  • Frank Antonelli

    Rex and the coaching staff had an issue with Rhodes. Rhodes has shown by his actions on and off the field that they were correct in their assessment. No way is he coming back.

  • joeydefiant

    Kash, totally agree. Why drop Sanchez? Let Garrard and Sanchez compete for the starting job week 1 and let Geno practice and give Marty time to work with him. We have an accomplished OC that has a good record working with QBs. Let him work. Why rush Geno? I just watched the pinstripe bowl and a few other games from last year. Geno is damn good. Give him time. Brady, Rogers,etc. most great QBs sat awhile and learned they arent thrown out there year 1. The kid is supposedly real intelligent, give him some time to figure it out. I think the jets had a great draft they got 3 players they thought highly of in the first two rounds and added some nice players later. I especially like some of the guys they added in “round 8”.

  • joeydefiant

    On the TE subject how about picking up Randy McMichael the chargers TE. The guy can catch and block. Im not sure what kind of shape Kevin Boss is in he hasnt played much after his injury but if hes ok I think he would be a good add. I really like Randy McMichael tho he is a good all around TE. The other TE the chargers had who caught a few TDs in one game is still a free agent as well. I forget his name.

  • Angel

    Tim Tebow is out, Geno Tebow is in.

    Mark Sanchez is the new Alex Smith.

    I wrote off the Jets after the Geno pick, but I love the Chris Ivory trade… so, I think I was hasty and I’ll stick around as a Jets fan and at LEAST give them the benefit of the doubt.

    BUT, I’m still not happy with the quality of the O-line. What good is depth if they’re all below average linemen? And what’s up with that 6th rounder… SERIOUSLY?!? The Jets don’t have the luxury to make this kind of developmental pick.

    Since I’m so much happier with the Free Agency moves compared to the draft selections – I’m looking forward to seeing IDZIK pick up a:

    1. STARTING TE – I’d prefer Brent Celek over Jason Witten… and I don’t think there are any other starting TE’s available in Free Agency, so it looks like our best bet is some kind of trade.

    2. STARTING RT – Eric Winston. Jets cleared up enough cap space to land him. Make it so.

    3. STARTING OLB – I have no idea who is available… but we need speed. Basically, we may be F’ed with this position. I do like Garret McIntyre [he’s a baller] but he’s too slow. I would like to convert him to MLB and eventually take over for David Harris… if Harris continues to slow down.

    I’m willing to role the dice on FS by keeping Josh Bush and Antonio Allen and having them battle it out for a starting job. Maybe one of our CBs can even step into the role… like Kyle Wilson.

    When it’s all said and done, if we sit on our hands and do nothing, we’re looking at the following worst case scenario next season:

    A. Sanchez getting murdered behind a subpar O-Line with LBs getting free shots, off the right edge, full force at the QB–who will fumble the ball away. I foresee a significant injury where he’ll miss some games – and begin the Geno era.

    B. Geno getting murdered behind a subpar O-Line with LBs getting free shots, off the right edge, full force at the QB–who will fumble the ball away. Jets fans label him with the BUST tag.

    C. A lame, bottom half of the league ranking defense with opponents killing us with big plays from TEs, RB passes out of the backfield, big runs, poor tackling, etc…

    D. Rex Ryan being fired after 10 games and a 3 – 7 record.

  • Sean Flattery

    Umm, did this guy really just say he prefers Brett Celek over Jason Witten? That may be the stupidest thing I’ve ever read…Sorry, but painfully true. Wow!!!

  • G

    Haha, lets be thankful he’s sticking around as a Jets fan…

  • Larry

    If you want a new day for this organization then it is time to get rid of Terry Bradway. The horrible drafts the Jets have had since he has been here since 2001. Has not drafted a decent RB since he has been here, there have not been any draft picks after the 4th round that were any good or even serviceable(if you say Slauson that was a Calahan pick), and the 5th to 7th round is considered the rounds where the head of scouting makes the picks.

  • keator

    Larry: If bradway had his wish we would be heading into year 2 of the russell wilson era…

  • Larry

    keator you found 1 player after 12 years of being here. Glad you like bad drafting.

  • matr dontelli iii

    as for as rhodes, there is no self respect. it’s love of money and in many cases money that they will never spend. look at what that corner just did. he left here for tampa for money he will never spend. if we offered him more money he would come here. not that im advocating that move. just sayin’…

  • joeydefiant

    Well, thank god you ar sticking around. I don’t know what The Jets organization and fan base would have done if you left. I think I speak for us all in saying, THANK YOU FOR STAYING. I know a few days after a draft it’s very easy to see what picks are good and what picks are bad and with that knowledge it only makes sense to become a fan of a team that just had a GOOD draft. Once again, thank you for staying a Jets fan. We need great people like you around.

  • Angel

    Jason Witten… came out of nowhere. I meant to write Dallas Clark… but Jason Witten would be too good to be true. I’d love it.

    And what’s with the sarcasm about me sticking around as a Jets fan?!? I’m specifically addressing a comment I wrote earlier.

    Grow up. That goes for all you Internet ‘tough guys.’

  • Johnny

    Love what the Jets have done so far. We have some good competition at many positions and some young exciting players with high ceilings. We are headed in the right direction.

    As far as TE, we signed a couple rooks after the draft. Would love a post on the background ceilings for these guys.

  • Harold

    Let Sanchez battle for what? He is terrible and had the lowest QBR last year. With an simply atrocious 13 TD’s and 26 Turnovers.

    And guess what he has the lowest QBR in the NFL since he came in the league. If that were not bad enough he is a broken man who brings unwanted media attention to the team and continues the narrative of a circus.

    It is time to close down the tent and let the circus leave town. There is only one clown left, let him leave asap. No need in letting this play out into the season. He should will be traded or cut before training camp. Period

  • bob iver

    Umm guys terry bradway found mangold revis brick Keerley, Wilkerson etc. Among others. I know he missed on some guys but he did help develop a sb contender for two years. Like he’s not the best but he’s not bad. And what’s w the rex bashing. He also developed winners out of subpar talent at linebacker n safety. Guys we had a good thing going n after a bad year blow it all up? Saints went 7-9, one game better than us, you don’t see them panicking. You reload around your assets. Bad teams “rebuild” n stay bad. But yeah hated this draft. We addressed only areas we had talent at already n took a qb in a historically bad draft class. Geno should sit on the bench atleast two years. You could argue wvu even had better skill position players than us.

  • Still angry with the Geno pick. there is a much better qb class coming out next year, and we have how draft picks next year? A lot. Trade up for a guy like McCarron, Murray, or my favorite Bridgewater. I hope I am wrong about Geno, but the guy’s stats were inflated so much by the talent he threw to. A 3 yard dump off to Austin would go for 60 yards. And please do the research he fumbled over 20 times last year. I honestly like what we did in draft other than Smith. Yes we need olb, safety, tight end, but I think Idzick came in and made an impact and got quality picks. The Ivory trade was beautiful and milliner at 9 was great. One quick stat on Richardson, 14 tackles against Bama, and possibly the best o line in college football history. Great pick.

  • joeydefiant

    What makes you think Bridgewater or Murray or McCarron is going to b a better NFL quarterback than Geno Smith? Geno Smith is more intelligent than all three of them. I’ll take the smartest guy as my QB every day of the week. These charts show that Geno Smith throws a terrific deep ball. The knock on him that he “throws” all his passes behind the line of scrimmage is untrue. I’d love to see a chart of his stats with all those mountaineer “sweeps” removed from the pass stats and included as runs which is what they pretty much are.

  • joeydefiant

    And here is a chart that disproves the allegation that his stats are all due to YAC and his completion percentage is all due to throws behind the LOS.

  • joeydefiant

    All of Geno Smiths throws on Youtube vs Baylor. Tell me he can’t throw an accurate deep ball after watching this.

  • williA

    everybody keeps going on about better QB class coming out next yr. Johnny Football is a white version of Vick like it or not.the Heisman goes to the most electrifying player in college not the best. he won games by being able to run and throw but he doesn’t have a cam newton type of body, he will be pummeled in the NFL if he relies on running alot. he hasn’t shown that he can read defenses. Bridgewater MIGHT be good, barkley should be an example of a player failing miserably after being considered a top 10 pick the yr to all of you who hate the Geno pick, well too bad, he MIGHT be better than anything that comes out next yr.

  • KAsh

    Next year’s crop of QBs is not guaranteed to be successful, but it is hard to be worse than this year’s bunch. In the last few years, there were Andrew Luck and RG3, Cam Newton, Sam Bradford, Matt Stafford, Matt Ryan, Vince Young, Jay Cutler, Alex Smith, and Aaron Rodgers. In fact, a worse class than 2013 was probably only the 2007 draft. And that was largely because JeMarcus Russell turned out to be a bust.

    So, you can be relatively sure that there will be a better QB coming out next year than there was this year.

    That said, it does not mean that Geno Smith will not develop into a great franchise QB. Or that we would have been able to snatch the creme of next year’s group. Or that next year’s best QB will not need to sit on the bench like Geno.

    My one hope is that they do not rush Geno, that they only put him on the field when he is ready.

  • Look I apperciate all the stats and the numbers, and truly appericate a true fan who knows the numbers. First thing I want to say in my defense, is I didn’t mention johny football in my last comment, although I have in past posts. I agree 100% that he s an elite college football player, but I don’t have much faith in him in the NFL. My biggest problem with Smith is his fumbling. He had a great td to int ratio of I think and don’t qoute me, something like 40 tds to 6 picks, which is absolutely incredible, and hesiman numbers. But over 20 fumbles scares the sh*t out of me. And stupid things like when he wasn’t picked in the first round he acted like a cry baby on twitter and said he wasn’t staying in NYC for the 2nd round. That’s not the behavior of a leader. I think, I am entitled to my opions that the qb clas next year is much stronger, and I would have liked to seen us wait. And yes I do realize what this would have meant for our offense this year. I pray that I am wrong on smith, but if I am right its gonna set us back at the position again. I am maybe overly cautios, but as Jets fan of over 20 years, I have earned that right.

  • Angel

    Well said, Mike.

  • bob iver

    Time will tell! I will just say that next year we will have more holes than this year because of this draft because…. if we cut cro ( who will be thirty and has a cap hit of 14 mil) we will need a new CB, two new safeties (dawan landry ain’t a long term plan, and the ceiling for the guys we have is average starter AT BEST), three new linebackers, maybe four (unless barnes or mcyntire develop significantly, but they are both 28… and D. Harris will be thirty so if we don’t cut him will need to draft eventual replacement, and if we do, will really need to draft eventual replacement) and who knows about D. Davis… A new WR to replace tone, if he’s cut or not cut (mostly cut looking at expected cap charge), new TE (we ain’t sniffing a top 25 te this year), annnnnd possibly a starting RB (reason why only we wanted Goodson and Ivory and why they took 3 mil a year each). Thats what.. hmm Potentially 8-11 positions to fill? And if willie colon or Austin howard don’t work out will need help there, and Willie is going to be thirty anyways (that six round pick ain’t developing into nothing, and the fifth rounder is probably being groomed to replace brick who will be thirty next year)… So yeah…

    Enjoy the season boys and girls! After this season we might be looking at 3-5 lean years. Geno working out or not ;). But as long as sexy rexy remains, my stubborn undying loyalty remains :P.

  • twoshady

    I think everyone is jumping the gun about Geno Smith… just because the Jets picked up Smith doesnt necessarily mean he is their QB of the future. Idzik stated that they stuck to their board and picked up whoever was the best talent available. At #39 it was apparently Geno Smith. Who says they can’t still draft a QB next year? I’m guessing the Jets will most likely part ways with Sanchez and Gerrard after this season, so another QB to compete with Geno sounds very in tune with Idzik’s motto of “competition at every position”.

  • matr dontelli iii

    there are very few qbs that come into the league as sure things. chances are if we wait until next year we’re still taking a chance. how ’bout quit hating on the jets and their new gm. they took a chance on the supposed best of this class in the second round, not the first. we wouldn’t be likely to get a shot at the best or even the second best next year. whoever said we’re cutting cro or we need a starting running back next year, c’mon, pay attention. the rb spot is filled with semi-proven youth. cro played at a very high level last year and money is not an issue next year. before deciding harris is being cut let’s see how he plays with some more talent around him. have you watched how richardson plays? he will make the defense better. the o line and d line are set. there is less need at lb due to the flexibility of the dl. we have that aussie te that they apparently are very high on. maybe he pans out, maybe not, we’ll find out. there were too many holes to fill in one year. they got arguably the best at 3 different positions in one draft and solidified and strengthened a few more. give them a chance to fail before deciding they’re failures. do you guys really think you know more, or put more time in watching tape than idzik. i feel like i’m reading yahoo with some of these comments. sheesh.

  • Angel

    AND another thing–I may not like some of IDZIK’s decisions, but I don’t hate the guy and think he’s an idiot. I’m just not on board… I’m not convinced. I’m willing to be wrong on this.

    I think there are some moves he’s made that makes the team better–undeniably better. Specifically, we have upgraded our entire RB stable, we have a monstrous D-line, and our O-line has, at the very least, improved a little… maybe.

    Our DBs are slightly worse [losing the best CB in the league and both safeties will do that to you] but isn’t really hurting, thanks to Milliner and Landry.

    Here’s what worries me:
    1. Tim Tebow circus leaves town, enter Geno Smith circus. Sanchez STILL has NO weapons to work with [though the upgraded running game should help.]

    2. Austin Howard at RT… I’m not drinking the PFF Kool-Aid.

    3. Nothing done at the WR position. What if Holmes doesn’t come back 100%.

    4. Our TEs suck. Cumberland is an athlete, but couldn’t run a route if you painted it with yellow arrows on the field. AND there is zero depth. Pray to whatever god you believe in that Hayden Smith is a ‘diamond in the rough’ ready to come out next season–but that would be a credit to T-Bomb.

    5. Nothing done at LB… really?!? On the other hand–why can’t Barnes be a full time starter? If Barnes gets coached up by Rex, Harris returns to old form, D. Davis takes a leap forward, and Pace and McIntyre can hold down the strong side LB position, THEN we may be average… but those are HUGE IFS.

    6. What if Dawan Landry continues to decline. Then what?


    Those are also ‘questions’ that could have been answered in the draft, with players taken at very good values. Instead we have a very good CB lineup, a monster D-line, and average [but hopefully solid] depth at O-line.

    I am dubious.

  • Anthony

    You said the Jets did nothing at linebacker, and then you listed every reason why Linebacker will be improved. Also forgot Sapp and Mauga btw…

    Nobody asked you to drink kool-aid. Howard is a good right tackle, and we still have Mangold, Ferg, Colon and now winters. Pederman was brought in, and we drafted aboyushi.

    The offense will be fine as long as the offensive line is fine. MM will make it work, this is a defensive team.

    We had revis for 3 games last year and were still pretty solid defensively. We are better on defense, stronger on offense in the line and in the backfield. Play calling will make all of the difference in the world for this team, and its for that reason that we can be optomistic about the future.

    This is a more talented team than the one that won 6 games last year. Anyone who argues against that point is being a ciminidiot.

  • Angel


    There is more talent–overall–on this team as compared to last season… at most positions.