No Huddle – Cornerback Soap Opera Edition

TJ Rosenthal goes No Huddle on the New York Jets and their ongoing soap opera with cornerback Darrelle Revis

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And the NY Jets Select, a Cornerback?

The Jets have interest in first round talent CB Dee Milner but if any picks acquired in a Darrelle Revis deal are for 2014, then don’t draft a corner with the ninth pick. A rookie at the position, with so many others to fill seems wasteful considering that like him or not, Kyle Wilson was an adequate fill in last season.

Mad About Revis

So rumor has it that the tension between the Jets and Revis is at an all time high now that the club wants the all-world corner who lately has been nothing but trade bait, to show up for offseason workouts.

The Buccaneers are also ticked off at the Jets for dragging their feet regarding a ‘Revis for draft choices’ deal. Why should the Jets care though that Revis and the Bucs are mad?
They shouldn’t and don’t.

Revis is under contract and therefore must legally fulfill his duties. Even if those duties are simply just to show the status of his repaired knee.

The club is looking for the best compensation it can get for Revis. A move that will only grow from Tampa’s current offer of a first and second in 2014, if Revis can start sprinting and backpedaling, and exciting a few other GM’s that he is good to go again as the league’s best corner.

The Jets want 2013 choices, not 2014 ones. GM John Idzik has the power and the right to shop for them and will do so until he can’t. If this means that the Jets end up “stuck” with looking to lock up Revis long term in the end themselves, so be it.

More likely than not, Tampa will still be glad weeks from now, to offer next year’s top rounders. The Jets will be happy to take them if nothing better is offered at that point too anyway.

The Gronkowski Lesson

Rob Gronkowski when healthy, is arguably the best TE weapon in football. He destroys the Jets and everyone else for that matter. The Pats two tight end set of Gronkowski and Aaron Hernandez is deadly.

If the Jets put THEIR primary game changer (a healthy Revis back in 2010 for example) on ‘FG protect’ team during a super bowl caliber season, and he was about to undergo his fourth surgery for an injury sustained during that work, the story would be bigger than the nuclear threat of North Korea. Not some “these things happen” afterthought.

Who Fits The West Coast Best?

Personal playing histories and dramas aside…what current Jets QB is best suited to run the West Coast offense? Mark Sanchez and David Garrard like to move around, Tim Tebow can run and Greg McElroy can exude confidence. The answer is…all of them put together.

Can we combine the four all into one person? This way you’d get arm strength, above average accuracy, physical toughness, escapability and leadership. If there is a third rounder or lower, who has those raw traits, draft him this month and add him to the mix

  • matr dontelli iii

    completely agree on all counts. idzik has yet to do anything i disagree with. keep it up. thanks tj

  • Lidman

    Matr..what has Idzik done that any GM wouldn’t have? Let’s not make the mistake of going head over heels crazy for this guy until he’s had some time, say 1 or 2 drafts, to prove himself. Don’t fall prey to ‘the mob’. Everyone, and their mother, loved Rex Ryan 2 years ago, and now it seems a majority of Jet fans think he’s terrible. Across the hall, at Met Life, you have Tom Coughlin who was terrible from his first season, until he won a SB, and then he was great, until he was terrible again, just before winning his 2nd SB and now he’s probably just great for the remaider of his days. You can even look at Jerry Reese, who the media was very critical of early on, and publicly wondered what he was doing allowing Steve Smith to leave. Now, he’s a genius.

    Let this play out a bit. If you had John Idzik’s job, you’d probably have made all the same moves he has. They were pretty obvious.

  • Johnny

    still waiting for sources related to what caused the series of articles that claims the jets are demanding he show up for the voluntary workouts. smells like garbage journalism to me.

  • __fense

    The only thing I disagree with is the assertion that Revis is nothing but trade bait. There has yet to be any evidence (outside of a vague feeling by a failed GM candidate that was recanted in the next sentence) that it’s the intention at all. Every source from the Jets have said that it isn’t true, and the Jets have been criticized multiple times for acting like the don’t want to trade him.

    So is it really that hard to believe that maybe they are only listening to offers and not really trying to negotiate because they aren’t trying to get rid of him? I wish people would stop assuming everything that Mehta says was true.

  • KAsh

    I’ll give Idzik some credit. Everyone thought he would be just a “cap guy” and that Rex and Woody would still run the roost. The quiet has definitely been his influence, as has the willingness to let overpaid talent walk.

    Free agency is mostly finished. The guys we have signed are good-quality but come with injury risks. Needless to say, if they spend most of next season on IR, it will fall on Idzik. We also need to see how he drafts, since he is the one who said it was the team’s “lifeline.” The one thing I can say is that he has not listened to the media so far, so I doubt he will start come draft day.

  • mike

    for some reason the revis articles mostly continue to assume that he can command $15 mil per year on the open market. nnamdi has always been a less talented player, but his dirt-cheap one year contract certainly casts into doubt revis’ expectations. add to that the fact that no one wants to part with a quality draft pick for rights to a player who makes a habit of holding out, and i start to wonder if now might be the ideal moment to sign him to a long-term deal, before everyone sees him in action again and remembers what he can do. i don’t think revis’ value has ever been this low, even with all PR being run by espn and the daily news. well played, idzik.

  • matr dontelli iii

    even if these guys end up injured, it’s not like he broke the bank for them. the bank was already broken leaving him in a position where he didn’t have much choice but to sign cheap free events. obviously the draft is where he will be judged. i like how he has handled the media, basically telling them that he’s not gonna tell them anything. and i like that he is reportedly standing up to rIvIs and making him earn his bonus money by showing up to the workouts and living up to his contractual obligations. what he has done has given me hope that he might be the right man for the job. time will tell. i anxiously await the draft

  • Sam

    __fense I completely agree with you. I think Mehta wants Revis to be traded more than most. I really don’t want Revis to be traded. I’m not going to get upset and worked up about it, I would just prefer him as a Jet.

  • KAsh

    I think no one except Bucs, Bills, Dolphins, and Pats fans wants to see Revis traded. But he is (or was, who knows?) a very good player that demands to be paid a king’s ransom.

    The Jets are not going to trade Revis because they want him out of Florham, like some articles have claimed. His asking price is too stiff for our pocketbook. A trade is basic economics and to the benefit of all: Revis gets his salary, some other team (likely Tampa Bay) gets a shut-down corner, and we get a set of draft picks that reflect the caliber of a corner like Revis.