No Huddle – Bye Bye Revis Edition

TJ Rosenthal goes No Huddle on the New York Jets moving forward without Darrelle Revis

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Bye Bye Revis

Darrelle Revis is now a cream popsicle in Tampa Bay. This is real now, not speculation, and its all starting to sink in. The emotions for diehard Jet fans will be wide ranged over this for days, weeks and many months to come. Even years.

There is the anger at Mike Tannenbaum for creating the contract in 2010 that helped lead to this. Anger at the Jets for collapsing to the point of being better off without their best player.

There is also upset among many who find Revis at fault for the hold outs that may have led to bad blood between Woody Johnson and the star corner’s legal team.

Feelings aside, where does this REALLY leave the Jets? Emotionally, it leaves them in need of a big lift soon. A player, a coach. Somebody. Something. The draft? Yes, let us pray that the new beginning starts there.

This offseason has been in many ways demoralizing for the fan base even though the loss of players like Revis, Dustin Keller and LaRon Landry were not completely unexpected. Mark Sanchez is still here and my goodnesss, so is Tim Tebow. Both the symbol of dysfunctional management left over as a daily reminder for all to see, from the prior GM. One for the hefty contract, the other for becoming a Jet in the first place.

Statistically however, if you go strictly based on the 2012 scoreboard, the loss of Revis can be overcome with the help of others who don’t play cornerback. Yes, there is a path forward.

The pathetic 2012 Jets offense, or team overall, depending on how you look at it, scored 17.6 points per game, while giving up 23.4. Most of that coming without Revis who was injured in Miami practically before the leaves turned colors.

The Jets need to score four more points and give up three less to be at a 21-20 ratio. THAT can be done. Even though the club currently sits in rebuilding disarray midway through April. How? Not by the “process”‘as Tanny used to say, but “the formula.”

The Formula

Score four more points

1 – Better QB play from David Garrard, Sanchez, or a player drafted on Thursday night.

2 – Big chunk gains on the ground and in the screen game from speedy Mike Goodson, Bilal Powell and perhaps even Chris Ivory or the forgotten man Joe McKnight.

3 – Santonio Holmes healthy.

4 – Stephen Hill returns with hands

5 – Jeremy Kerley benefits from WR1 and WR2 underneath in the slot.

6 – The WR corps of 2012 is teamed up with first round names like Patterson or Austin who pleasantly surprise.

7 – Solid blue collar blocking up front

8 – Special teams play that aids field position, unlike last season.

Give Up Three Points Less

Achieve this primarily with a serious pass rush. What if, Mo Wilkerson and Quinton Coples break out together this year? Cornerbacks will have less pressure to cover for as long. They can play the ball more too.

Add Kenrick Ellis to the duo and what you’ll have should the trio emerge, are sacks, strips, three and outs, and picks going the other way with Antonio Cromartie and Kyle Wilson. Think NY Giants of a few years back. The Jets need the defense to now be defined up front. Not in the back.

Wilkerson came onto the scene last year while Coples showed positive rookie signs. Watch how “great” the Jets secondary will look if the guys rushing the passer as a group, cause havoc every Sunday.

Five Compensatory Picks?

The Jets are said to be expecting five compensatory picks in 2014 for free agents lost this offseason. If that is true, there is a lot of potential for a reasonably quick turnaround as long as John Idzik acquires the right pieces that fit the right systems: A defense that will value pressuring QB’s over smothering receivers, and an offense that will look to attack with big play speed over ground and pound power.

Look on the bright side folks. At least Idzik won’t be using these picks over the next two drafts to acquire players for Tony Sparano. A guy who is probably still turning some snapshot photo of an opposing defense up, down and sideways, on a sideline bench somewhere.

Rex In The Drivers Seat?

We all know that Rex Ryan is being set up to take the fall for a roster that went from Revis Island to Gilligan’s Island. With only five “castaways,” stranded from Rex’s initial 2009 season.

That said, how many NFL coaches are heading into 2013 with the ability to look like a genius should his team go 7-9 or 8-8 at best? Even if Ryan gets canned by Christmas, he can nonetheless showcase his HC skills (that some still question beyond the bluster and defensive prowess) by elevating what will be an entirely new team. One that should have their names on both the fronts AND backs of the jersey this year.

Thursday Night

Boy does the Revis deal make Thursday night key for the Jets and their loyalists. Many of us who bleed green and white need some good news. Some hope. Fast. Mr Idzik, find us one or two players who will make plays NOW. In 2013.

We are calling for a WR with one of the two first round picks and could see the club going from QB (an impact rookie QB? A nice daydream on a Monday) OLB to even CB should Dee Milliner be available with the other.

When the entire draft is said and done, let us at least now own a playmaking WR who can help in September, another RB (even if that means a trade for Ivory) and a tight end who can stretch the field in between the hashes without disappearing for games on end. Cough cough.

  • Johnny

    i am right with you. we need an offensive highlight player. two that would fit the bill are austin and the TE from ND.

  • If we draft a qb before the 4th round this year, all the hope and love I have for Idzik, will instantly die! Picking a qb with one of those first 2 picks, will set the Jets back another 3 years at least! Wait on qb till next year when there’s guys like Bridgewater, Murray,McCarron, and Johnny Footballs. Please address o-line, outside backer, secondary, tight end, all before we look at drafting a bad qb too early!!

  • Lidman

    I simply don’t see Austin being a major impact player, on this team. He’s too small, and the NYJ have bigger needs. He seems like a finishing piece, in my view. As far as Patterson, when I read every single scouting report on him, I feel like I could put ‘Stephen Hill’ in his place, and it would be the same. I’m neither saying Hill will or will not be good. I just think you drafted ‘that guy’ last year, and again the team has more needs elsewhere.

  • Johnny we need a o line before we need a highlight player! How will our already pis* poor qb’s ever get the ball to these play-makers? O- line and an edge rusher 1st is my take.

  • Harold

    Eifert would be a great pick for the Jets. If we can get him in the 1st (while trading back I don’t think he is worth the 13th pick). Then pick up Vaccarro if you have him rated highly enough. You get a pass rusher only if you are sure. If not I would sign Shaun Phillips who is a free agent to a two year deal for like 3 to 4 million total. If our trade back partner is an Fran, I would say pick up E.J Manuel with pick 31 so you have him under contract for 5 years and then pick up a young WR to team up with Kerley and Hill and replace Holmes after this year in the mid 2nd round ( I like Terrence Williams from Baylor or Robert Woods). If you don’t like the value Da’Rick Rogers in 3rd or Marquess Hill in the 4th. This would rebuild the team and give us a solid base to build on for years to come. If Manuel is not ready you start Garrard for the year while he watches form the sideline. Although I would prefer for him to get some time this year.

  • KAsh

    Wait. Slow down. The question you need to answer before “How?” is “Why?”

    Revis is gone and this is no longer a win-now team because no one would expect Rex to win anything with this cast of characters. You said so yourself. I think a legitimate case can be made for Rex keeping his job even if we have a top 5 pick next year. We should build for the future.

    There is no need to draft a WR that can play NOW. You have a decent lineup of receivers with Holmes, Hill, and Kerley. The most you should do at WR this year is draft somebody to develop behind these guys. Somebody who might replace Holmes next year. Same goes for TE: Cumberland is a good stop-gap to give the guys behind him some breathing room and let them surprise us.

    With Revis gone, I no longer think you aim for Ertz in the second, but for someone like Kelce in the third. Get a playmaking WR that needs to be trained up in the lower rounds. If you want a poor man’s Tavon Austin, you can get Denard Robinson. Except instead of a high first round pick, Robinson should still be there in the fifth, the sixth, or even the seventh.

    Next year promises some messy, horrendous games for the green and white. But they will not be embarassing because everyone already expects them to be. Can we pull off wins: yes. Do we need to: I’m not so sure.

  • mike

    now that it’s all said and done, i think it’s pretty clear that revis was not a team player. that’s not a knock against him personally, it’s just a simple fact. anyone who thinks he’ll get through the entirety of his new 6 year deal without incident hasn’t been paying attention.
    and regardless, even without him last season the pass defense held up its own end of the bargain. the problems were: 1) getting gashed by the run, 2) not getting to opposing qb’s, and 3) horrible defensive field position due to stupid turnovers. a healthy revis doesn’t really help with any of those problems.
    i’m not saying the roster is better off without him. but it feels like the overall talent level on defense was allowed to deteriorate both because of his cap figure and overconfidence in his ability to “shut down half the field.” one cover corner isn’t worth that much money or that much headache, no matter how great he is.
    it’s been a while since the jets had this many draft picks, and i’m confident that the roster will look significantly better by this time next week. there have been some bitter pills this offseason, but i think anyone with half a brain can recognize that the team’s roster made no sense. clearing out the cobwebs is something every fan should be excited about.

  • Lidman

    Mike…anytime there is a divorce, there a ‘he said, she said barbs’. The way the NFL is set up, players are crazy if they don’t maximize their value. This isn’t baseball or basketball where players contracts are fully guaranteed. Look, if you find a great QB, you put yourself in a better position. But, the fact of the matter is, drafting correctly allows you to cultivate cheaper talent.

    Yes, Revis wanted top dollar, but the reasons he isnt’ here is because they overpaid for Holmes, Scott, Pace, Cro and Harris (you could probably argue Mangold and Brick too) which simply wouldn’t allow them to fit in Revis. So, of all these franchise cornerstones, they lose the best one…ouch

  • __fense

    Small correction. The maximum number of compensatory picks a team can have is four. The Jets are likely to get four next year, due to the free agents that left the team (Landry, Greene, Keller, DeVito, etc), and then another 4th or 3rd round pick from the Revis trade. This means there’s 5 extra picks in next years draft, like you said, but not all of them are compensatory.

    Of course, this is actually better for what you are saying, because compensatory picks aren’t guaranteed until next march, while there is definitely at least an extra 4th rounder, even if everything else goes wrong.

  • twoshady

    didn’t Chris Ivory re-sign with the Saints? i think that conversation is off the table.

  • __fense

    The saints resigning him makes it more likely, twoshady. Before, the Jets would have to make Ivory a contract offer that he’ll agree to, and then offer the Saints a 2nd round pick. Then the Saints can match the offer or get the pick.

    Now that he’s signed, they can just trade him for anything like a normal player. We couldn’t get him for anything but a 2nd rounder before they signed him, but now we can get him for whatever the Saints are willing to give him up for. They still can’t afford to keep him, so he’ll either be traded or cut, and now the Jets would only have to pay a 5th or 6th round pick.

  • matr dontelli iii

    there are two reasons for rIIIvIIIs departure. first he pissed off the owner too many times with the holdouts and calling him out publicly and second it’s bad business to pay a corner 16 mil per year. he was already fit in for this year and it cost more to get rid of him than it woulda to keep him. next year they have a ton of space. those contracts have very little to do with it. his desire to retire a jet was eclipsed by his immense desire for more money than he will ever spend. i will never understand athletes leaving someplace where they ‘want to be’ in order to earn money they’ll never spend. i hope they do not, in 7 years or whatever, take him back on a one-day contract to retie a jet. good riddance.

  • Joe Caporoso

    This is correct. Ivory signing with NO made a trade more likely. Look for the Jets to get a deal done for a 4th or 5th round pick by Wednesday night.

  • The Ivory deal would make me a very happy man. We couldn’t draft a 4th or 5th round pick of his caliber. Really hope that deal gets done!!

  • Lidman

    If they sign Ivory, who goes? Do they reall keep the 4 of them and Hilliard?

  • KAsh

    They have a competition. The winners will probably be Goodson, Ivory, and Powell. They might keep Hillard.