New York Jets – Where Are Additions Needed?

Looking at where the New York Jets still need to supplement their roster

Where aren’t additions needed, AMIRITE? Just kidding…Yes, the New York Jets are 32nd in ESPN’s “5 months before they actually play a real game” Power Rankings but of course we know that means nothing. The Jets have steadily improved arguably the league’s worst 2012 roster over the course of the off-season. You can make a very sensible argument that they are a bottom ten team on paper but fortunately the games aren’t played on paper. The Jets managed 6 wins last season with Mark Sanchez playing the worst football in the NFL at the quarterback position, Shonn Greene plodding around and Mardy Gilyard running routes on offense, while Bryan Thomas, Bart Scott and a severely banged up Sione Pouha took major reps on defense.

The roster is a work in progress but the progress is being made. Yet, there are still some depth charts holes that jump out in particular.

Tight End – Jeff Cumberland isn’t a starting tight end, John Idzik knows this. He wouldn’t have tried to trade for Jermichael Finley or sign Fred Davis if he thought he was. The Jets board didn’t match up to take a tight end early so they didn’t draft one, as they stuck to taking the best value and didn’t let need dictate their decisions. But what to do now?

Keep an eye on Brent Celek, who thrived in Marty Mornhinweg’s offense in Philadelphia and is suddenly part of a crowded tight end room with Zach Ertz and James Casey. The Jets may be able to swing a trade for a late round pick. The free agent market is thin but Kevin Boss, Dallas Clark or David Thomas could all add some needed talent to the current tight end group.

Safety – Dawan Landry will be a competent starter at one spot. Is some combination Josh Bush, Antonio Allen and Jaiquawn Jarrett ready to handle the other? Probably not. There are some “name” veterans out there in Charles Woodson and Kerry Rhodes but neither seems likely targets for the Jets. They could examine the trade market once training camps start or look for a lower tier free agent, if Bush/Allen/Jarrett struggle in practice.

It wouldn’t be that shocking if Bush and Allen ended up platooning opposite of Landry. The Jets are going to be young (and in some cases not very good) in certain positions this season. Both Bush and Allen will take their lumps out there but have enough NFL skills to hopefully hold the fort and develop throughout the season.

Wide Receiver – Santonio Holmes coming off major surgery. Stephen Hill coming off major surgery and a disappointing rookie year. Jeremy Kerley (who is coming off a very strong year but at best is a #2 WR) and Clyde Gates…that isn’t enough depth.

Braylon Edwards name has been endlessly kicked around and remains a sensible addition. Jordan White could develop in his second year. Brandon Lloyd, Laurent Robinson, and Ramses Barden are all also still free agents. Regardless, the Jets would be wise to add another player with experience under his belt.

Outside Linebacker – A position that is clearly devalued in this defense, as we should see more 4 and 5 man fronts than ever in Rex Ryan’s defense. Antwan Barnes and Calvin Pace are the de facto starters but are better suited as situational players and will likely see situational player type reps in many weeks. Garrett McIntyre will provide depth. The free agent market has been picked dry, so the Jets could have to wait until roster cut-downs during training camp to find another body.

Author: Joe Caporoso

Joe Caporoso is the Owner and EIC of Turn On The Jets. His writing has been featured in the New York Times, Huffington Post, MMQB and AdWeek. Caporoso played football his entire life, including four years at Muhlenberg as a wide receiver, where he was arguably the slowest receiver to ever start in school history. He is the VP of Social Media at Whistle Sports

  • Lidman

    Generally, the Giants make good decisions. But, Ramses Barden is a big WR, who played well in the limited time he got. Maybe NY simply thinks Randle has more upside and they know they’ll have a lot invested in Cruz/Nicks.

  • The Jet Report

    Thanks for all comments. Much appreciated that you all have taken the time to read and chime in. We love Jets fans for their deep love and understanding of the team. Our whole point w the piece was that Geno represented a 100 pct football move, Tebow signing didn’t. Smith may not work out of course but the intent to attempt a shot at a new modern prototype is there. As for the “circus” hey we hated the tag last year too. When u say a guy is getting up to 20 plays n ESPN cameras follow, no receivers or backs r brought in, the team crumbles then goes to QB3, w a ground and pound and an OC better suited to be a line coach, with an HC calling it the most talented group he’s had, call it whatever you like. Maybe a” mess” is better than a circus . Sanchez n Rex are the main characters left over. Both as far as we r concerned have a chance to rebranded themselves and we hope they do. This team is clearly rebuilding and as they do it just seems as though mves intended to help on the field, are trilling every other reason to say ” yes” to anything. Three years back HBO and such were a good move, now they wouldn’t be.. That was our intent w the piece. Looking fwd to minicamp May 10. Amazing how a new season is upon is again.. Exciting! – TJ

  • KAsh

    I wonder what happened with the LB corp. Resigning Pace on a one-year contract really only made sense if you were going to use him to train up an incoming heir apparent. Whereas WR might hold for a year if Holmes and Hill are fully healthy, Hayden Smith might shock everyone next year, and we might as well see if Bush/Allen is up to snuff, the LBs have no up-and-comers, while the veterans are clearly on their last legs.

    This part of the team might not only be our Achilles heel, but also need to be fully rebuilt next year.

  • Watching the tape on rookie safety Miles; he looks like a beast, a man among children. In the open field as well as in the box, this Miles dude can FLAT OUT TACKLE. The buck and people with the ball stop in their tracks and there are no “miles to go before they sleep” as they are already earthbound.

  • Mark Phelan

    Strange how the biggest holes the 2012 had were not addressed by draft picks. The Ivory trade being a trade.

    I am very interested to see:
    -the LB/safety group will perform
    -which back can receive a pass and/or block a blitz
    -If Smith can step up and play TE
    -who can RETURN punts

  • k.c.

    I would REALLY like to know what Jeff Garcia REALLY thinks about Sanchez after working with him a little…..

  • Richard

    I wouldnt mind seeing Edwards coming back for cheap. I think he would sign for cheap too because for some reason he really wants to be on the Jets. I wouldnt mind bringing Rhodes back too but I dont see that happening after what Rex said about him.

  • joeydefiant

    Linebackers arent as important as they once were. I see the NFL moving to using Linebackers that are really strong safeties. If you can’t cover TE’s, RB’s or receivers you are going to be on the field less than 50% of the plays. Standard linebackers just arent going to be on the field much anymore.