New York Jets Trade Darrelle Revis

The New York Jets have traded Darrelle Revis

A long anticipated trade was finally acted on today as the New York Jets traded cornerback Darrelle Revis to the Tampa Bay Buccaneers for a 2013 first rounder (13th overall) and a conditional 2014 fourth round pick that moves to a third rounder if Revis is still on Tampa on the 3rd league day of the 2014 season. Revis also signed a new 6 year, 96 million dollar contract with Tampa, which comes out to 16 million per year. However, none of the money is guaranteed. We have discussed our feelings on the potential of this trade previously (here, herehere, here and here among other places), but here is our thoughts now that the deal is confirmed and the compensation is known.

1. The Jets were in a no win situation. The relationship was broken between Revis’ agents and the team’s front office. There was no way the Jets were giving Revis a 16 million per year deal that he could hold out on after every season, if he felt his performance merited higher money. There is no way Revis would sign a contract with the Jets without guaranteed money. The relationship was broken and that became evident from the second Woody Johnson made it known Revis was on the market.

2. The compensation is causing an initial backlash among Jets fans because it was rumored to be higher for weeks. Regardless at the end of the day, the Jets got a top 15 pick and an additional third rounder for a player coming off major surgery who basically didn’t play last year. After the 2013 season they are projected to have over 30 million in cap space. This trade will be a key component of the team’s rebuilding process IF they can use their draft picks well and be smart with their finances moving forward.

3. The immediate focus will now be on how the Jets use their 9th and 13th pick this Thursday. There is speculation the Jets could be looking to trade down from one of the picks to acquire additional ones, particularly in the 2nd and 3rd rounds. Currently the Jets have 5 picks in the top 100…don’t be surprised to see that number increase. Also don’t necessarily expect to see the Jets address corner in the first round now, their early picks could still be focused on outside linebacker, guard and maybe wide receiver.

4. It always sucks to lose a player as talented as Revis but we knew this was coming. This team needed to be rebuilt and this trade was inevitably a necessary part of it. Step back from the ledge Jets fans, enjoy the upcoming Draft weekend and look forward to booing Revis and the Bucs week 1 in your building. (And yes we thank Revis for his time here…he is a terrific player…doesn’t mean you can’t boo him in week 1).


Author: Joe Caporoso

Joe Caporoso is the Owner and EIC of Turn On The Jets. His writing has been featured in the New York Times, Huffington Post, MMQB and AdWeek. Caporoso played football his entire life, including four years at Muhlenberg as a wide receiver, where he was arguably the slowest receiver to ever start in school history. He is the VP of Social Media at Whistle Sports

  • Tony

    If I drop dead from horror/shock/heart attack etc Joe Promise you’ll tell the police Woody Johnson did it.

  • bob iver

    This trade will go down as the worst in franchise history. Trading a once in a life time player in his prime for a mid teen first round pick in a weak draft because the owner got pissy. If we cut Sanchez and tone next year we have fifty mil in cap room with expansion team level talent considering we might also cut Harris n cro. Good organizations build around there assets n keep young talent. We instead got absolutely fleeced n can be excited to spend the rest of the decade as a hybrid mess between the jags n raiders. Can’t wait for rex to get fired so we lose all relevance n ability to compete. Absolutely pathetic. Only the jets would trade the best player in franchise history for penny’s on the dollar w an upcoming off season with forty mil in cap room. Just sad

  • YardJet

    I’m not sure the Bucs are who I would boo on opening day. bob iver already said what I think of them for me. This became inevitable because of woody and poor management, and once rex is gone they will be completely irrelevant.

  • nachosanchez

    There’s no way the Jets were going to give him 16 million a year, nor should they, so we basically traded a season of Revis (one in which we probably won’t contend) for a first round pick. I’ll take that deal

  • bob iver

    Why not give him sixteen million. Best player in franchise history. Best cb. What in the world is this mickey mouse organization going to spend 50-60 mil in cap room next year? Over paid free agents that strictly come for the money to play for a joke of a team? Aka the raiders. N don’t say a qb. Even if we draft one next year we have him on the cheap for five years. Those same five years we paying revis. Just a joke.

  • Jay G

    Best player in franchise history? Are you nuts? Joe Namath, Don Maynard, Joe Klecko, Curtis Martin all better than Revis

  • bob iver

    Are you kidding me? Those guys aren’t top ten at their position. Joe namath is a modern day Philip rivers who did one thong n one thing only n managed to win one sb. By talent n production those guys aren’t close to revis. You just like them.better. I’m not even going to get into stats comparisons. Revis n Deon. There best two CBS no argument. Ugh mickey mouse organization. I’m done.

  • Linda Vastardis

    I just have this to say … first of all, I agree with everything Bob Iver has said. More importantly, however, is the fact that I have been a diehard, loyal Jets fan since 1969 … yes that far back. I never wavered in my loyalty UNTIL last year when I saw what they did to Tim Tebow and … wait for it … I was never a Tebow fan before he came to the Jets, so I am not a ‘maniac’ … but the Jets completely destroyed this young man’s career last year and we have no idea how far-reaching this will be for him. It was at this point that I could no longer support a management and coach who does this to their players. Having said this, my heart breaks that we have just traded away the premier corner in the NFL, I don’t care what the reason is. Great teams don’t do this, but I am glad that Darrelle Revis is outta New York ‘hell’ and I hope he kills the Jets in Week One of this new season coming up. Now I patiently wait for Tim Tebow to be released from JetsHell and I know that’s not far behind.

  • This trade had to happen. The Jets as currently constructed would not be able to take advantage of having the best corner in football (which might not be true post injury). In addition, his cost was prohibitive due to tennenbaum’s poor performance over the last two years. They still need a superb draft to be relevant this year. A trade of one of their first round picks should be anticipated. Mingo and Patterson or a top offensive lineman in the first round would be a huge step forward ( and require a lot of luck).

  • Nikolas

    What a sad day, this franchise needs an owner. This guy is a psychopath: he has a lot in common with the Roman emperor Nero, who burned his own city, Rome, for poetic inspiration.

  • Alexander Poulos

    The trade will go a long way to help rebuild the team. If you watched the team closely last year the secondary play wasn’t what prevented them from being a respectable team. It was the offense which was just pathetic. The Jets need to rebuild the offense with speedy playmakers ala Tavon Austin that can go all the way on any given play. As long as Rex is the coach the defense will be above average.

    Furthermore, 16 million is simply too much for a conerback. Lest we all forget, Revis has held out every single time he had a chance. Let’s not make him out to be a good citizen here. He has been greedy from Day 1 and let him enjoy the anonymity of Tampa Bay. If he played his cards better and was more of a class act like Curtis Martin he would have been revered here and it would have led to multiple off the field endorsement deals after his playing days are over. Simple greed, Woody is right for trading him. Goodbye and good ridance.

  • Anthony

    It will be kinda funny if next year Revis holds out on the Bucs for guaranteed money

  • Pete

    Hey Linda Tebow is a grown man who was paid millions last season. He could not perform in practice and coaches felt he was worst QB on roster. Jets didn’t do squat to him, his poor practice play kept him off field. Boo freakin hoo for Tebow. Where is that empathy for all of the others who are promised a shot but don’t pan out for whatever reason?

    Sucks to lose Revis. Best Jet of my lifetime.

  • nachosanchez

    Bob, despite what Mike Tannenbaum would have us believe, it’s not necessary to spend all of your available cap money and screw yourself over for future years. 16 million dollars is far too much for any player that isn’t a star QB. The Jets allowed the 2nd fewest passing yards last year WITHOUT Revis. It’s clear that we have more pressing needs elsewhere

  • KAsh

    No way can you pay a CB $16 million a year. No way. You need two of them on every play.

    $16 million dollars is over an eighth of the ENTIRE cap currently. You would probably have to sink close to a fourth or a fifth of your total cap into the secondary (four starters, plus situational backups, roughly nine players total on the 53-player roster).

    But it sucks that we could not get more picks for him. Just mindboggling. This is really just a first round pick compensation (we would have gotten a third or a fourth rounder in 2015 if he had simply left in FA next year). Shocking.

  • phil

    All true Jet fans hate to see Revis go but….
    1)How many Super Bowls have we won with Revis at corner? How many times have we beaten the Patriots with Revis at corner?
    2) Be honest here…Who enjoyed the Revis holdouts? Who enjoyed watching him hold the team hostage for huge money and worrying that he might just hold out for a season?
    3)Shutting down a team’s best receiver has gotten us where exactly? Again, how has the play of Revis actually helped us beat the Pats on a regular basis?
    4) When a team has $120,000,000 to spend on a 53 man roster and your cornerback gets $16,000,000 every year then something like 15% of your annual salary cap goes to one guy…How many times during a game does the corner touch the ball? How many times per games does a QB touch the ball?
    5) Cromartie
    6) Other CB’s
    7) Sorry but the last time I checked no CB led their team to a Super Bowl victory. Yes, a good D could lead to victory but a team D, not one guy.
    8) Mario Williams.
    9) If the Bucs don’t win a SB in two years Revis will be jettisoned. No team can afford $16 million for a corner. See Asomugha.

  • bob iver

    do For everyone saying we can’t pay 16 million a year, would you be willing to pay twelve or thirteen? So we traded revis so we can add a role player for three mil a year. Greaaaat. N please understand that every situation is different. We have nothing to spend that sixty mil to use on next year. We r gonna draft a qb. He s gonna be cheap for 4-5 years. He only gets expensive if he becomes good. We are drafting a pass rusher. Cheap while we see if he develops. What a rb? A wide out after we release tone? Idk guards or safetys? I just don’tget it. Premier free agents want to go to teams that are atleast competetive. That have a foundation. We will have absolutely no talent or pull after next year. It’s just sad. Idzik is just gonna over pay marginal free agents to fill out the roster. You draft to develop young talent in a winning culture. You pick up cheap free agents to shape out a roster. You spend your money on resigning talent you develop. Chemistry n culture goes a long way. Congrats. We have joined the jags dolphins bills browns raiders lions n cardinals. All teams rebuilding n rebuilding n rebuilding excited every year for a top ten pick. Real teams reload n retool n stay mediocre until they become competive. The job is to get into the play offs n then its a free for all. That’s the excitement of being a fan. Knowing you atleast got a shot in a game, knowing you have once in a life time talent to marvel at, strengths to build around. Not give up, tear everything up, n do a do over. Those teams just keep up being crap.

  • Stop Whining

    Okay gentlemen, settle down. Cornerbacks don’t make a franchise win superbowls as much as many of you think they do. Ravens corners were not Top 10, can you tell me who won the superbowl this year? Oh ya, mediocre CBs. Relax, we are rebuilding because we NEVER HAD A GOOD TEAM TO BEGIN WITH. No star RBS, no star QB, no star WRs… need I say more? It is time the jets had some offensive playmakers, we can’t even score a touchdown and your crying about one CB? This is the best thing Jets have done in the 26 years I have been a fan!

  • matr dontelli iii

    you can blame woody and mr. t all you want and rightfully so. had the last contract been handled differently we might not have been in this position. that said, rIIIvIIIs held out twice already, most recently basically holding the team over a barrel during hard knocks. if his demands were reasonable teams woulda been lining up trying to trade for him. if this played out much longer we may have only received a third rounder for him. cro will never be rIIIvIIIs, but the idea that rIIIvIIIs is worth twice what they’re paying cro is lunacy. as far as rIIIvIIIs goes, after training in florham park and playing for rex, to go to tampa and play for schiano certainly doesn’t sound like a step up, unless maybe he’s hoping to pad his sack numbers when the opposing qb takes a knee. as for the disgusted fans who are jumping ship, you should really take a long look at what this team has done in the past fifteen years and compare it to the rest of the league before taking a petulant leap. we may not have won a sb but we’ve been really close 3 times. this trade will help move us in that direction, signing a corner who has missed games in two of the last three years for $16 mil would not.

  • bob iver

    Look at the Steelers packers bears ravens cowboyss eagles giants saints falcons etc. They go through tough stretches of not winning a sb n being mediocre. They have bad seasons. But they keep their talent. They develop patiently, keeping their coaches n giving themselves a shot year after year. Winning a sb is a lot of luck. The real joy of being a fan is having hope n watching a team that got a shot. No matter how slim. Those teams did trade lewis or reed or urlacher or Harrison or Strahan when the going got rough. They stick to their foundation. Flacco Eli n big Ben were not top five, maybe not even top ten qbs when they won. But you know what they had? Defenses n a proud culture with chemistry. We were building that then decided to just blow it all up. Our te wr n best cb were injured all if last year. If we have them we can make the play offs. We got as good a chance as the ravens winning the sb. Sanchez has a 93 qb rating in the play offs. After so so seasons. Just w.e. wooo rebuilding. Let’s see who gets more top ten picks in the next decade, us or the raisers

  • What a TERRIBLE deal… Even the Ravens got a better deal for an average WR. I understand the Jets were going to loose Revis anyways but why not keep him until he is healthy and trade him to a desperate team at the start of the season? Is there a player in this draft they can get at 13 that comes close to Revis? Truly the worst move since Extending Sanchez! Jets got fleeced and now we get to see Revis pic six Sanchez in week one? Are the NFL and Woody trying to KILL Jets fans?

  • KAsh

    We do not know the details of Revis’s medical. The low compensation would suggest that it was not top-notch. The first round in 2013 plus a conditional third/fourth next year was agreed to only AFTER TB looked at Revis and his knee. Idzik and the Bucs both thought this was a fair deal, or else it would not have happened. From just this, I say that the odds of Revis coming back as Revis are doubtful.

    @Bob – Unless my memory fails me, we had a healthy Holmes, Keller, and Revis in 2011. The truth is that you need not just talent, but synergy, and you cannot have it while overpaying a single person. All the teams you mentioned were strong defensively in the front seven, not at one position in their secondary. The Jets have a better chance at winning long-term if they use their two first round picks on Lotulelei and an OLB, than if they get just one of them and keep Revis. And teams rarely stay mediocre: they are either rising due to young talent stepping up (Bengals, Seahawks, 49ers) or falling due to staple players aging (Steelers, Bears, Ravens). Revis is unlikely to get better in his career. He is a good player (or was), but there was no going higher with him.

  • David

    Great move! You just don’t spend that much on a cornerback, even one as good as Revis. What’s worth more, the best QB in the league at $16M/year or the best CB in the league at $16M/year. It’s a no-brainer. He just wasn’t worth that much money.

  • bob iver

    @kash we also had Wayne hunter at rt who by bad luck ended up being the worst in the league n nick mangold got dunked up for some games. That ended up being our absolute insurpassable Achilles heel. It was a down year. We finished 8-8 replace hunter with almost any other rt n we make play offs. I’m not saying we re perfect, but we werent the jaguars, we had a fighters chance in every game, we needed to simply add talent, not tear down the whole team. P.s. troy n ed reed made both those secondarys go. N the Bengals haven’t won a playoff game in 23 years. Would you be excited waiting for a playoff victory for twenty three years? Honestly

  • joeydefiant

    They should havewaited it out. Some team would have given more before the trade deadline thinking the have a shot at the superbowl but need help in secondary. Only way it makes sense is if his injury is worse than we know about. If that’s the case then its a good deal. Ill wait to see how revis does this year before making a final judgement.

  • Steve Windeler

    I paying Revis 16 mil is worth it for a HOF player, and just a high 1, and a 3 are lousy compensation, then how come teams weren’t lining up to offer us more? Tampa was the only stupid team out there willing to make that stupid move. Thank God for them. BTW wth is a “mid teen” pick? I’m pretty sure 13 is the first teen.

  • keator

    Whole lot of crying on this thread… Glad the jets actually made a football move and didnt cave again to Revis and his crew.

  • How many organizations in NFL allow Revis to walk out for a 1st rounder 13 overall, and a conditional 3rd or 4th rounder? Revis at 90% of what he was is still better than any 13th overall pick, probably in the history of the NFL. So the team trying to sell us on that is complete bullsh*t! To not get a 2nd and even a third rounder as well, just tells you what we already knew, Woody is fu*king idiot and he wouldn’t pay him. It is so hard to be in love with a team that allows a player of his caliber to walk out for so little. I can’t say I didn’t or anyone didn’t see this coming, but it still hurts. This will and
    I quote “Haunt us”!! Add cb to our extensive list of needs. Please nobody comment and say Wilson is ready, although I love humor, today ain’t the day!

  • Marc L

    Why not pay Revis close to $16M this year (12-15) and then guarantee next season? That allows the Jets to see if he is OK physically. But it a moot point now!

    The compensation is poor, just a high 1 & a 3. But why weren’t other teams weren’t competing for him. What do they know?

  • Lidman

    It’s just a bummer when you lose a great player. Organization has made a judgement that you don’t spend that type of money on that position, so we got as much as was out there. If you listen to media reports Tampa was the only team willing to even deal with both NY and Revis’ demands, then you have to credit the NYJ for at least getting a 1st rounder.

    Revis made out great in this deal. He gets a $10mm raise this year, and no longer pays NYS income tax (worth roughly $1.5mm). You have to appreciate his willingness to ‘bet on himself’. If he comes back fully healthy, he’s going to be a HUGE winner. Tampa will either have to pay him another 16mm (so, in the 2yrs, he’d have gotten an extra 26mm, which is what most big players get in guarantees over 5yrs), or TB will have to step up and pay him a big guarantee (to make his deal more cap friendly). If he comes back and is just above average, he made that extra 10mm, and if he gets cut has a chance for 30 teams (ok 28 because TB and NY will probably be out) to bid for his services. Again, I love that the guy bet on himself..shows you the mentality that makes him a great player.

    Bucs take a shot and if it works out get a top 5 defensive player, in his prime for 1st and 3rd rounder, which is a no brainer. I’ve harped on this (in many forums): Dominick is going into year 5 of rebuild, he likely has to make playoffs (no p/o appearances in first 4yrs and only 1 winning season-with 2 coaches) to keep his job. This was an easy deal to make. He knows a healthy Revis is better, for HIM, than any 1st rounder this year.

    For the Jets, everyone is talking about rebuild and with Revis gone, and the possibility of Sanchez, Harris and Cro all gone next year that they will have a ton of $ to spend. That may be all true, and I hope Idzik proves himself to be very good, because let’s face it if they start winning we, fans, won’t care. However, similar to John Abraham, here we have a star player, in his prime and the organizational philosophy is not to pay him, like a star player. Teams win by having great players, what positions those great players play, in my view, doesn’t matter. Sure, in most cases, great QBs make a team a contender. But, there are other ways to win. I love Eli and think he’s a very good player, but without their DLine, the Giants don’t win either of those Superbowls. Having great players allows good coaches to scheme around their deficiencies. For instance, when you can take 1 WR out of the game, it’s a heck of a lot easier to come up with blitz packages to bring more pressure because the other teams top target is virtually nullified. I hope the 13th pick turns out to be a ‘generational’ type talent that Revis was, however, since being picked in 2008, name 5 players, who are better at what they do than he is? When you have a guy like that, I think you have to figure out a way to keep him…

  • keator

    Teams win by having great players, what positions those great players play, in my view, doesn’t matter.

    Yes it does matter; since the only teams with great qbs are the ones winning superbowls..

    Jets dont have a qb, save the money, and find a qb…

  • Yuma

    Joe, My point is you did not have to do this, he was under contract for 2013, the draft is crap shoot and 13th pick is probably a bust the way we do things. You know whats gonna happen they are gonna take a corner at 13 and yes have to pay him.., should have kept reavs in play for 2013 and then see what develops.. 4-12 at best, Ryan fired before year done.. Its a give up year for sure maybe more than one.. Dark Cloud back over Jet Org.. Wish it was different, hopin for surprise, but doubt it…. JU

  • Lidman

    Keator…Flacco great QB? Heck, even Eli, great QB? I agree, if you have a very good QB, your chances increase, exponentially, but your concept of ‘Jets don’t have a qb, save the money, and find a qb…’ is easier said than done. The object is to put as much talent on the field as possible. P Manning is great, all time great, he’s won 1 Superbowl. A Rodgers is considered the best, he’s won 1 SB and been to 1 SB. Drew Brees: 1 SB, Matt Ryan: 0, Rivers: 0, Romo: 0, Schaub: 0. Now you have all these up and comers: Luck, RG3, Russell Wilson, Kapernick, Tannehill, Dalton, Newton, Freeman, Stafford, Cutler. Are all these guys going a win SB? I think the answer is ‘no’. My point is, when you have a great player, who’s 27 you keep him because you need great players to win Superbowls.

    You simply don’t get the chance at a great QB all that often, and even when you get a good one, it doesn’t mean you’ll win.

  • Boomer

    Should of got more for him and if they didn’t sign guys who underachieved to huge deals we would of had money to resign revis