New York Jets – A Rebuilding Discussion

Joe Caporoso and TJ Rosenthal have a discussion about the New York Jets rebuilding

The word “rebuilding” is generally the last thing most fan-bases want to hear associated with their team in the off-season. Yet, the reality of a New York Jets rebuild is already upon us. Joe Caporoso and TJ Rosenthal had a brief discussion on this topic related to the 2013 Jets, here is what they had to say

Does a Rebuilding year have to mean a 4 win season?

TJ Rosenthal – It used to years ago but not anymore. The key to a smooth transition though is the head coach and play of the QB. Can Rex sell this year to his locker room? We believe that he can. The play from behind center won’t lie though. Someone has to give the team a chance to win each week. One game changer on defense will help big time too. Wilkerson? Coples? The potential is there. They just need a little support off the edge.

Joe Caporoso – I have a tough time seeing a Rex Ryan coached team winning only 4 games in a mediocre AFC and a mediocre (outside of New England) AFC East. The Jets managed 6 wins last year despite an abysmal roster that was ravaged by injuries and had arguably the worst quarterback play in the NFL. From a quarterback and overall talent perspective, how much worse can they really be this year? Ryan is a good enough coach to field a good defense with whoever his personnel is and that will allow the Jets to be competitive and likely play somewhat relevant games into December. 6-7 wins seems more likely than 3-4.

Can a team rebuild yet also work to be competitive and even playoff bound?

TJ Rosenthal – The answer to that question, or the model for how to accomplish both are the 2012 Colts. Again, Andrew Luck superseded rookie expectations but the team fed off of his ability to make plays and responded by growing their own confidence in return.

Joe Caporoso – Yes and to use a different example from TJ, remember the 2006 Jets? It was a very similar situation to this year’s team. They were in “salary cap hell” and starting a rebuilding process but a solid draft, a few low-cost veteran signings, a couple of roster holdovers overachieving and average quarterback play allowed them to make the playoffs in a weak conference.

How long does a team have to show the upside of changes made the process of rebuilding begins?

TJ Rosenthal – Nowadays there must be proof in the first year that the decision making is on point. Forget the win column. Is there proof that changing from the same old vets and the styles that didn’t work to new names and systems is making a positive difference? If so, the fan base will be patient for let’s say one year and a half. Should John Idzik or Rex have to explain that “things will get better” without there being any evidence to the naked eye in the first six games of this year, then expect the return of the “Same Old Jets” mentality to Jets fans by Halloween.

Joe Caporoso – Ideally you want to see gradual improvements and long term potential from the this year’s Draft Picks and a handful of other recent Draft Picks. The players who will be the long term future of this team need to play well and continue to improve.

Do you feel there should be more hope for the 2013 Jets season than there currently is….why?

TJ Rosenthal – Yes. We don’t give away division titles and entire seasons based on who looks good on paper. Ever. Players who many don’t envision rising, can rise. Every year some good teams fall back into the pack. People get injured. The best approach is to take a year like this one, where experts predict doomsday, one play at a time. While hoping that speed from guys like Mike Goodson can emerge in the backfield. This as one quarterback becomes a leader by the end of training camp. Lets start there and not get further ahead of ourselves than that. Even the experts have to admit that the 2013 Jets are 0-0 right now. Like everybody else. As much as many in the media like to believe, one can’t guarantee the story before it happens

Joe Caporoso – Probably. This won’t be a 2-3 win team as some people are projecting them to be. Are they a likely playoff team? Absolutely not but they will be competitive most weeks and steal a few games that people won’t expect them to. It is hard to tell if Rex Ryan can survive a competitive 6-10 or 7-9 season but maybe they’ll overachieve and actually hit 8 or 9 wins. It wouldn’t be stunning, particularly if they get steady quarterback play.

Author: Joe Caporoso

Joe Caporoso is the Owner and EIC of Turn On The Jets. His writing has been featured in the New York Times, Huffington Post, MMQB and AdWeek. Caporoso played football his entire life, including four years at Muhlenberg as a wide receiver, where he was arguably the slowest receiver to ever start in school history. He is the VP of Social Media at Whistle Sports

  • Drew

    Great article. I agree with the ‘rebuilding’ misconception. All rebuilding means is that your not going after the Landry’s and the Peyton Manning’s of free agency. Rebuilding does not mean dumping your talented young players for draft picks & cap space and “starting over”.

    We are taking a 6 win team that underachieved and adding Revis, Holmes, and top 9 pick to the squad. That sounds like a team that can expect more than 6 wins.

    I hope the rest of the league is buying into the media’s expectations. I like the quiet.

  • Lidman
  • KAsh

    @Lidman – Blame it on the slow newsweek in football. They could have either done some inverstigative reporting, some in-depth analysis, or that.

    It is a regurgitated potpourri; I think I remember the articles which they copied and pasted the text from. It begs the question: if you plagiarize from your own site, is it wrong?

  • Lidman

    Credit Idzik for understanding the flat cap was simply not going to allow for a ton of big money guarantees this year. I know a Revis confidante who suggested TB was willing to give him a 6yr 100mm deal (with just over 30 guaranteed and basically 50mm over 4 years). The guy is connected, but it certainly 2nd hand info. Point is, if team Revis has anything like that, in hand, they have to be dying to get out of NY.

    He has so much risk if he has to take the field, on opening day, without any extension. The flat cap, a bit of repricing in the CB market combined with the unknown of how he performs next year–even he can’t know if he’ll be the same–make him very vulnerable. I mean if plays and goes from being ‘Revis Island’ to a Cromartie-like corner (in production), it’ll cost him anywhere from 10-12mm guaranteed and 4-5mm in AAV of his contract.

  • Johnny

    let tampa give him him a 100 million contract. these types of contracts for non-qb players usually don’t pan out and the team holding the contract ends up waiting for it to end so they can free up cap room to move on with their organizational life. if we can get revis on a three year deal, great, do it, otherwise, move on and take the picks.

  • Some of the comments on to this article are really laughable! Revis Is going to be traded! where have you been?

    The AFC may be weak… but last year the Jets split with the Bills and Dolphins (they should have been swept by the dolphins) and outside the division they had the softest scheduele in the nfl… the toughest team they faced was THE COLTS! Now they face the Bengles, steelers, falcons, saints, ravens! Oh and the Dolphins will be much tougher, the Pats are still the Pats, And the bills cant get much worse. Not to mention our biggest players, Landry, Keller, and alot of our best no name guys are gone! The Jets wont win more than 5 games next year if they are LUCKY!

  • KAsh

    Wait. Softest schedule? Outside the division? Google, help me out.

    The ten teams the NYJ played outside their divisions were:

    Steelers (8-8)
    49ers (NFC Super Bowl contender)
    Texans (AFC Divisional Round)
    Colts (AFC Wildcard Round)
    Seahawks (NFC Divisional Round)
    Rams (7-8-1)
    Cardinals (5-11)
    Jaguars (2-14)
    Titans (6-10)
    Chargers (7-9)

    Out of 10 teams, four went into the postseason, three played for their conference championship, and one played in the Super Bowl. Only two teams ended with a worse record than the Jets. Four of the teams had winning seasons, one was 8-8, and five had losing seasons. This corresponds to a season in which 14 teams had winning seasons, 2 went 8-8 and 16 teams had losing seasons.

    I am not saying that their schedule was hard. Titans and Chargers were beatable teams. We might have beaten the Texans had Watt not batted down two passes on momentum building drives. But the perception that the Jets had a “soft” schedule was from before the season, made looking at 2011 results. The Jets had an average difficulty season, and performed averagely. They are an average team.

  • Mark Phelan

    No quality LB’s (Harris included), safeties gone, no TE, no #1 running back, injured WR & CB (who knows), QB now a head case! If this isn’t rebuilding I don’t know what is.

  • Mat

    I agree with Joe and TJ, there’s no reason to write off this season, especially if Idzik can extract 2 picks this year (and one next) from Tampa for Revis. Having said that, a higher draft pick next year (from a lesser 3-13 season??) might be useful in a deeper QB class, when Sanchez’s contract is off the books.