New York Jets 2013 Schedule

Your New York Jets 2013 Schedule

Your New York Jets 2013 Schedule was released today and is listed below, along with our initial reaction and commentary 

Week 1 – September 8th – Tampa Bay at Jets (1 PM) – LOL. Who says the NFL doesn’t have a sense of humor? This was set up in anticipation of Darrelle Revis coming back to face his old team but regardless of what happens there, this should be a winnable home opener for the Jets. It will also likely be a battle of disappointing 2009 first round quarterbacks, Mark Sanchez and Josh Freeman.

Week 2 – September 12th (Thursday, 8:25 PM) – Jets at New England – Rivals right at it. There is nothing worse than these Thursday Night games, which force players to turn around and play on 3 days rest. This will be a difficult challenge to say the least for the Jets, although it is worth noting they have beat New England twice in week 2 under Rex Ryan (2009 and 2010).

Week 3 – September 22nd – Bills at Jets (4:25 PM) –  Mike Pettine vs. his old team, which should lead to some interesting quotes back and forth, considering Pettine has been pegged as a frequent anonymous source in the New York tabloids.

Week 4 – September 29th – Jets at Titans (4:05 PM) – Jets defense vs their former plodding starting RB Shonn Greene, who should be good for 8 carries and 17 yards. The Titans had a questionable off-season and conclude a not that difficult on paper opening quarter to the Jets schedule.

Week 5 – October 7th – Jets at Falcons (Monday, 8:40 PM) – Serious test in primetime for the Jets who will likely be heavy underdogs. The last time they played in Atlanta on Monday Night it was back in 2005 and Vinny Testaverde was throwing the ball to Laveranues Coles.

Week 6 – October 13th – Steelers at Jets (1 PM) – Don’t sell your tickets to Steelers fans! Seriously that was an abomination back in 2007. Big Ben has always given Rex Ryan problems but Pittsburgh roster has slowly began to fall apart in recent years.

Week 7 – October 20th – Patriots at Jets (1 PM) – A rough stretch continues for the Jets who finish up their games against New England before the halfway mark of the season. They have been brutal in their 2nd regular season match-ups against the Patriots under Rex Ryan…hopefully that can change this year.

Week 8 – October 27th – Jets at Bengals (4:05 PM) – A tough road game against a team many will pick to return to the AFC Playoffs. If the Jets keep Darrelle Revis, it will be fun to watch him against AJ Green. If not….well we still have ‘Cro.

Week 9 – November 3rd – Saints at Jets (1 PM) – RYAN BOWL! Fake press conferences! Sibling jokes! Beer and Pizza after the game for everybody! At least the Jets get Drew Brees and his offense outside in November. Hopefully Chris Ivory will be a member of the Jets at this point, going against his former team.

Week 10 – November 10th – BYE – Spend some time with your girlfriend!

Week 11 – November 17th – Jets at Buffalo (1 PM) – KOLB! SANCHEZ! The NFL on CBS! I’m Ian Eagle…

Week 12 – November 24th – Jets at Ravens (1 PM) – Rex Ryan is 0-2 against his former team since becoming the Jets head coach and neither have been pretty losses.

Week 13 – December 1st – Miami at Jets (1 PM) – Team overpaid comes to MetLife as the Jets don’t have their first meeting with Miami until late in the year. At this point of the season, look for Mike Wallace to have something like 37 catches and 2 touchdowns, while Jeff Ireland begins searching for desk jobs with the NFL Network.

Week 14 – December 8th – Oakland at Jets (1 PM) – Battle of teams ranked #31 and #32 in many pre-season polls…it should be interesting to see the broadcast duo assigned to this one on CBS. The final quarter of the Jets schedule (ON PAPER) is relatively friendly.

Week 15 – December 15th – Jets at Panthers (4:05 PM) – Rex Ryan scheming to stop Cam Newton will be entertaining to watch. It will be curious to see if the Panthers can finally put it all together on offense. The last time the Jets played Carolina, Jake Delhomme was throwing interceptions every other pass attempt.

Week 16 – December 22nd – Browns at Jets (1 PM) – Weeden vs. Sanchez? Cleveland should be much better this year after a strong off-season….then again, this is Cleveland so who can be optimistic?

Week 17 – December 29th – Jets at Miami (1 PM) – Such recent fond memories of Miami in week 17…

– If you are a season-ticket holder like me, you are probably pumped about the no primetime home games. They haven’t been pleasant experiences the past couple of years to say the least.

– If the games were tomorrow, the Jets would potentially be double digit underdogs in both their primetime games (at New England, at Atlanta).

– ON PAPER – The first and final quarter are the easiest parts of the schedule while the stretch from weeks 5-12 is brutal.

Author: Joe Caporoso

Joe Caporoso is the Owner and EIC of Turn On The Jets. His writing has been featured in the New York Times, Huffington Post, MMQB and AdWeek. Caporoso played football his entire life, including four years at Muhlenberg as a wide receiver, where he was arguably the slowest receiver to ever start in school history. He is the VP of Social Media at Whistle Sports

  • Jay

    That schedule looks really hard… could easily be 3-6 going into the break.

  • __fense

    That schedule looks really easy… could easily be 6-3 going into the break.

  • __fense

    But seriously, a lot of the teams this year are on decline. I think that, when the season is finished, this schedule will look a lot easier than it does now. And the two hardest games (saints and Falcons) are out of the conference, so that’s a good thing.

  • matr dontelli iii

    the season, as might be expected, will come down to the qb play. we’re likely to pick up a qb at some point in the draft and can only hope that turns out as good as seattle’s qb pick last year, if not the best of sanchez, garrard et al will start. we’ve got an upgrade at oc. we’ve already got an upgrade in the backfield. we’re likely to draft a te who should give us more than keller did last year. hopefully the team adds another weapon or two during the draft and possibly another lineman, to go with, hopefully a stud pash rusher. i know those are a lot of hopefullies, but this is the season for hope. gone are shotty, sparano, greene and keller. hope springs eternal. at the very least we know sanchez won’t run up moore’s butt again.

  • mike

    if the jets get 4 division wins they can lose all the tough games and still go 9-7, with wins over tampa, tennessee, oakland, carolina, and cleveland. let’s not write this team’s obituary yet, okay fans?

  • KAsh

    I was looking at the schedule and then it struck me: a nice start, then a series of tough games, and ending with soft opponents was how the schedule went last year. There are risers and fallers every year. A team like the Chiefs or the Browns or the Panthers can be tough to beat next year. I think this schedule will surprise us if the team gets complacent. That middle stretch is vital; we need at least two or threewins there for insurance.

  • joeydefiant

    realistically 6-9 wins seems about right. if they play well 9 wins and possible sneak in as a wildcard.