2013 NFL Draft – Potential Jets Late Round Targets – Offense


Draft writer Zev Sibony ranking late round offensive prospects who could be targeted by the Jets in this year’s NFL Draft. 

Players are ranked in order of where the Jets should target them.


1.) Jordan Rodgers – Vanderbilt – 6’1″ 212 lbs: Rodgers has a quick release and great velocity. Unfortunately, he only has average arm strength and needs a clear pocket to step up properly into his throws. Lack of size and experience are other red flags. Intriguing, but a 7th rounder at best.

2.) Sean Renfree – Duke – 6’3″ 219 lbs: Coach David Cutcliffe tutored Eli and Peyton Manning and worked with Renfree for 5 years. He didn’t have a great senior year, but managed to lead Duke to the school’s first bowl game since 1995. With good size and arm strength, Renfree likely gets selected late on day 3.

3.) Seth Doege – Texas Tech – 6’1″ 198 lbs: A real sleeper here, but the Texas Tech QB has the velocity and vision to gauge mild interest as an undrafted free agent.

Running back

Winn1.) George Winn – Cincinnati – 5’10” 218 lbs: Although Winn was only a one year starter, he showed that he has a strong lower body and enough speed to get into the open field. He also plays with a low pad level, has good balance, and is very patient in waiting for his blocks to develop. Limited experience and inconsistent vision will ultimately decrease his value, however. A 7th round pick at best.

2.) Zac Stacy – Vanderbilt – 5’8″ 216 lbs: The school’s all time leading rusher has had back to back 1000 yard seasons. He is also good in the pass game with an average of 21 yards per catch during his senior year. He was all SEC 2nd team, which is a pretty big feat considering how good the conference is. Look for him to be taken around the 6th round.

3.) Rex Burkhead – Nebraska – 5’10” 214 lbs: Rex Burkhead has piqued my interest since last year. He is a stout runner that will run through you instead of around you. A real blue-collar player that does everything decent, but nothing great. 7th round at earliest, but more likely an undrafted free agent.

Wide Receiver

Ace1.) Ace Sanders – South Carolina – 5’7″ 173 lbs: Sanders is an electric player, but ultimately a poor man’s Tavon Austin. Pretty good in space, but excellent in the return game. Projects to be a slot receiver. I would peg him somewhere around the 5th or 6th round.

2.) Alec Lemon – Syracuse – 6’1″ 202 lbs: Lemon stood out to me in the Senior Bowl this past year and was productive while at Syracuse. He broke the school’s receptions record while getting over 1000 yards. At 6’1″ he has pretty good size and does a good job of catching the ball using his hands. He grades out as a 6th or 7th round pick.

3.) Denard Robinson – Michigan – 5’10” 199 lbs: Denard Robinson is probably the biggest name that will be said in the late rounds of this draft. Being so new to wide receiver and not having a concrete position makes it harder for him to focus on one thing. Michigan had him at 3 different spots last year (RB, QB, WR). I can see a team spending a 6th or 7th rounder on the athlete and using him for what he will have the best chance to succeed at in the NFL: return man with limited play in the slot. 

Tight End

Williams1.) Micheal Williams – Alabama – 6’6″ 269 lbs: Williams is probably the second best blocking tight end in the draft behind Travis Kelce. He lacks playmaking ability and was used primarily as a blocker at Alabama. He has stated that he wants to contribute more in the passing game and flashed a bit of talent at the Senior bowl. Because of this class of tight ends, I would suspect Williams gets taken in the 6th or 7th round.

2.) Jake Stoneburner – Ohio State – 6’3″ 252 lbs: With good length and height, Stoneburner is a really big target for QBs to throw to. He uses his hands well and has good footwork. Slightly above average as a blocker but tends to play too tight and stiff. He is essentially an oversized receiver like Keller, but with better blocking skills.  I think he would be a good pick in the 6th or 7th round, which could be a steal.

3.) Ryan Otten – San Jose State – 6’5″ 230 lbs: Otten has some good playmaking ability. He shows a willingness to block, uses hands well, and his big frame to fend off defenders. Otten lacks quickness and bulk with average speed. He has a habit of playing too high as a blocker and is not fast enough off the snap. 6th round at earliest.


Cave1.) Braxston Cave – Notre Dame – 6’3″ 303 lbs: Smart and strong but average athleticism. Not very flexible or quick, but seems like he has the tools to grow with some good coaching. Cave in the 5th or 6th round would be a good get.

2.) Matt Stankiewitch – Penn State – 6’3″ 302 lbs: His mirroring skills aren’t that great, but he can recover and re-anchor well. Like Cave, he is not very flexible and tight in the hips and has trouble getting to the second level. 6th round at best.

3.) Mario Benavides – Louisville – 6’3″ 279 lbs: Benavides is best suited to play in a zone-blocking scheme. He really impressed me in the Sugar bowl, playing well against Florida’s good defensive line. He needs a lot of work to become reliable in the NFL. Likely a 7th rounder or undrafted free agent.


NCAA Football: Rutgers at ArkansasAlvin Bailey – Arkansas – 6’3″ 312 lbs: Bailey flashed quick movement at times but isn’t consistent enough overall. Simply put, he is a good athlete who needs to work on his overall game. He does has experience at both Guard spots, however. Look for him in the 4th or 5th round.

Earl Watford – James Madison – 6’3″ 300 lbs: One of the smaller school guards, Watford has good size and uses it well. He has graded out fairly with many scouts but is more of a low-key name considering he played in the FCS. 5th-6th round player that has some skill.

Braden Hansen – BYU – 6’5″ 306 lbs: Hansen is a taller guard but has some bulk to him. He has average to good strength and moves his feet well. He is also good at getting to the next level. His height is a detriment of sorts and makes it an issue because he has a tendency to play too high. His athleticism is only average, which doesn’t help him out. Hansen will likely be selected in the 6th or 7th round.


GilkeyGarrett Gilkey – Chadron State – 6’6″ 318 lbs:  Gilkey has a mean streak and plays with a lot of physicality. He shows strength and flexibility, particularly when he was at the Senior bowl and was playing against Georgia’s John Jenkins (a projected 1st-2nd rounder). He played Tackle at Chadron, but could project to be a Guard in the NFL. The versatility is what makes him a solid pick. He will likely be taken sometime in the 6th round.

Emmett Cleary – Boston College – 6’7″ 316 lbs: Cleary has great size and mobility to handle edge rushers. He is another player that can play tackle and guard. Likely a 7th rounder, don’t expect him to contribute right away.

Vinston Painter – Virginia Tech – 6’4″ 306 lbs: Extremely raw player who doesn’t have much football experience. At the combine he benched 225 lbs 32 times and ran a 4.90 40 with a 1.73 split. Painter is athletic but needs to be fine tuned. 7th round if he is lucky, but likely an  undrafted free agent.