Turn On The Jets 12 Pack – Off-Season Prediction Edition

The Turn On The Jets 12 pack gives predictions for the New York Jets off-season

With free agency basically kicking off this weekend, the Turn On The Jets 12 Pack is going to submit predictions for the New York Jets off-season at each position. It won’t be a flashy off-season but it will be the beginning of a needed rebuild

1. Quarterback – The Jets are going to sign two veteran free agents, likely either David Garrard, Brady Quinn or Kevin Kolb if he is released from Arizona. They will release Tim Tebow and draft a quarterback somewhere between rounds 3-7. Prior to the season starting, the poorer performing veteran free agent will be released leading to an opening day depth chart of Mark Sanchez, Remaining Free Agent Veteran and mid-round rookie.

2. Running Back – Shonn Greene will leave in free agency, either signing in Detroit, St. Louis or Denver. The Jets will sign either Bernard Scott or Felix Jones and then draft a running back somewhere between rounds 1-3. It wouldn’t be shocking if Joe McKnight doesn’t make the opening day roster, as Bilal Powell, a free agent and the rookie will platoon.

3. Wide Receiver – The contract situation with Santonio Holmes will be resolved and he will be on the team in 2013, leading the receiving group along with Jeremy Kerley, Stephen Hill and Braylon Edwards who will sign a cheap deal. The team will also draft a receiver, likely in the later rounds.

4. Tight End – Dustin Keller is going to leave in free agency. Jeff Cumberland will be back on his recently signed tender. The Jets will sign Brent Celek if he is released and also draft a tight end before the 4th round.

5. Offensive Line – Brandon Moore is going to leave in free agency, leading to the Jets finding a way to bring back Matt Slauson. They will also sign Geoff Schwartz for depth purposes and as a veteran placeholder at Guard if they don’t land one in the Draft who is ready to start. Austin Howard will be brought back. The team will end up drafting a Guard in the 2nd or 3rd round.

6. Defensive Line – Sione Pou’ha is going to be released. Mike DeVito is going to be brought back. The team will likely not Draft any player for the defensive line, if they do it will be late.

7. Linebacker – The Jets will use their first round pick on an outside linebacker/pass rusher. They will also spend a mid-round pick on another linebacker and sign a low cost veteran, like Antwan Barnes, Shaun Phillips or Victor Butler.

8. Secondary – Darrelle Revis is going to be traded, most likely to the San Francisco 49ers or the Tampa Bay Bucs. The Jets will get a 2013 first rounder, a 2013 mid-rounder and a 2014 conditional pick. The Jets will sign a veteran corner to help ease the transition into post-Revis life. In the secondary, Yeremiah Bell will be brought back on a cheap one year deal and due to the influx of safeties in the free agency pool, LaRon Landry will also be brought back on a 3-4 million per year contract.

9. Special Teams – Nick Folk will be brought back.

10. Potential Opening Day Offensive Depth Chart

  • QB – Mark Sanchez, David Garrard/Kevin Kolb/Brady Quinn, Mid-Round Draft Pick
  • RB – Bilal Powell, Bernard Scott/Felix Jones, Early Draft Pick
  • WR – Santonio Holmes, Jeremy Kerley, Stephen Hill, Braylon Edwards, Late Round Draft Pick
  • TE – Brent Celek (if released), Jeff Cumberland, Mid-Round Draft Pick
  • OG – Matt Slauson, Geoff Schwartz, Early Round Draft Pick, Vladimir Ducasse
  • OT – D’Brickashaw Ferguson, Austin Howard, Geoff Schwartz, Late Round Pick
  • C – Nick Mangold

11. Potential Opening Day Defensive Depth Chart

  • DE – Muhammad Wilkerson, Quinton Coples, Mike DeVito
  • NT – Kenrick Ellis, Damon Harrison, Mike DeVito
  • OLB – First Round Draft Pick, Antwan Barnes/Shaun Phillips/Victor Butler, Mid-Round Draft Pick, Garret McIntyre
  • ILB – David Harris, Demario Davis, Josh Mauga, Nick Bellore
  • CB – Antonio Cromartie, Kyle Wilson, Aaron Berry, Free Agent, Darrin Walls, Ellis Lankster
  • S – LaRon Landry, Yeremiah Bell, Antonio Allen, Josh Bush

12. Draft Pick Usage

  • 1A – Outside Linebacker
  • 1B – Running Back
  • 2 – Offensive Guard
  • 3 – Tight End
  • 4A – Linebacker
  • 4B – Quarterback
  • 5 – Wide Receiver
  • 6 – Cornerback
  • 7 – Offensive Lineman

Author: Joe Caporoso

Joe Caporoso is the Owner and EIC of Turn On The Jets. His writing has been featured in the New York Times, Huffington Post, MMQB and AdWeek. Caporoso played football his entire life, including four years at Muhlenberg as a wide receiver, where he was arguably the slowest receiver to ever start in school history. He is the VP of Social Media at Whistle Sports

  • Hans

    If we swipe Kelce, I’d put him before Cumberland

  • Steve Windeler

    I’d rather have next years first round pick for Revis, and a 3, and 4 this year. TB might just do that, because who knows if anyone from their front office will still be there next year if they don’t win this year.

  • Keith

    I think Keller stays he fits the new scheme. If the Jets could have Homles and Edwards outside with Keller and Kerley running wild through the middle the offense could be much better in 2013. The Jets have to draft a RB rounds 1-3 they need a starting RB who can handle 200 Carries and break big runs.

  • Sean Flattery

    If they are high on a QB and he’s still there in the 2nd or 3rd, I think they’ll grab him

  • psi

    Joe…your analysis seems somewhat disjointed:

    1. You suggest drafting a RB in round 1 (assuming a Revis trade) and he is last on the RB depth chart on opening day?
    2. The Jets are not exactly hurthin at RB and yet will draft one in 1?
    3. Sanchez at #1 at the QB spot? The fans will kill him and the Jets brass knows this. The veteran coming in (if it is Garrard) will likely be #1 assuming he stays healthy
    4. No mention of McElroy? I assume you assume he will be released.
    5. Why would they sign 2 veteran QBs and draft another one relatively high?
    4. I happen to disagree with you on the signing of Slauson (unless they can’t get anyone else in FA)
    5. I agree with you on the safeties
    6. If they get a 1 for Revis this year, it wouldn’t surprise me if one of these two scenarios materialize. If thy pick is from Tampa Bay, they pick 2 OLBs with both #1’s or they pick 1 OLB and 1 Guard (assuming Warmack is available when they pick)

  • Joe Caporoso

    Hey PSL – Thanks for the comment

    1. Considering he is a rookie, he will be behind the veterans in a de facto spot but I think it will be a platoon like situation, with the rookie getting more work as the season goes on.

    2. I believe they are hurting at RB – After Greene leaves, they are down to Powell and McKnight. That is pretty weak, no?

    3. Sanchez still has advantage of familiarity with team and Rex, along with contract…think he is opening day starter, not sure he finishes the season as starter though.

    4. I think McElroy is released before season starts, yes.

    5. Because they desperately need competition at QB and veterans like Garrard and Quinn will be dirt cheap and looking for a chance to start, which NYJ provides.

    6. After Moore leaves, think bringing back Slauson becomes high priority. Too hard to replace 2 OGs in one off-season.

    7. Do agree they will focus on OLB and OG early in the Draft.

  • Steve Windeler

    I think we bring in at least two FA QBs that we can cut with no penalty. I think whether we draft a QB depends on who falls, and how many mid round picks we pick up, but we need those FAs in case we don’t draft one.
    If we get Garrard I think he wins the starting job.
    I don’t think we draft a RB until the 3rd. Plenty of mid round quality depth at that position. Once again it should all depend on who falls. There should be some first round talent left late into the second, and maybe even the top of the third at deep positions like OG, and LB.
    We could use a middle LB too.

  • Mark

    Not a bad scenario at all. You have them getting some help on line and at skill positions and those are the priorities along with linebacker. I just hope they don’t go for QB in the first 2 rounds. Also it could get interesting if (and it is a big if), one of the top Offensive tackles falls to #9. Then what? They would be too good to pass up i think.. Another scenario would be to take the OLinebacker with #9 and then trade down a few slots with the 1B pick, you might still get a guard there..and pick up another 4th. I would not trade too far down though..

  • The date for FA and Draft coming up for the New York Jets 2013.These players likely goes from the Jets roster etc. Keller,Greene,Tebow,Moore,Pou,ha,McElroy,Tryfant,Schilens,H.Smith,Ryan,Revis,Thomas,Hilliard & Gates.
    Players I Like, good for the Jets etc. Powell,McKnight,Simms,J.White,E.Crocker,C.Harris,A.Berry,
    FA Players to look at – Antwan Barnes,Victor Butler,Kenny Phillips,Aaron Ross,Felix Jones,Bernard Scott,Mike Jenkins & Shaun Phillips

  • Jim G

    If the Jets do in fact pick up Garrard, and he is healthy, he will easily beat out Sanchez in a FAIR and LEGIT Qb competetion.

    I don’t understand how anyone can think that Sanchez will do well in a WCO system. His accuracy and “short game” are equally atrocious.

  • • QB – David Garrard – Mark Sanchez, Tyler Wilson Mid-Round Draft Pick
    • RB – Mike Goodson, Bilal Powell
    • WR – Santonio Holmes, Brandon Gibson, Jeremy Kerley, Stephen Hill
    • TE – 2nd Round draft pick( Zach Ertz) Jeff Cumberland
    • OG – 2nd round pick from Tampa ( Larry Warford), Vladimir Ducasse
    • OT – D’Brickashaw Ferguson, Austin Howard
    • C – Nick Mangold

    My prediction offensively