No Huddle – Quiet New York Jets Edition

TJ Rosenthal goes No Huddle on the New York Jets hush hush approach to free agency

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All Is Quiet On The Eastern Front

Darrelle Revis made a cool million when his roster bonus kicked in this past Saturday. Yet what do we know exactly, about the Jets plans for him in the long run? Nothing. As it should be.

GM John Idzik has been playing high stakes free agency cards with a poker face. All that owner Woody Johnson would admit about Revis and his status on Selection Sunday was that “he’s on the roster right now.” No lies, no rah-rah talk. No exaggerations or guarantees either.

These are not your early Rex-era Jets anymore folks. Mums the word essentially, on Revis inside of Florham. No leaks are coming from those unnamed sources this time around.

Using the media to publicize decoys and stiff arm rumors regarding the league’s top cornerback is smart. Better yet, it is proof that the Jets may have finally figured out a way to use the media’s undisciplined speed rush against them. By lobbing a well designed screen pass over their aggressive heads…for big time yardage.

So far this offseason the play is working. Revis is still here, and nobody on the outside truly knows what the Jets are going to end up doing with him.

Good, We Love The Idea Of Goodson

RB Mike Goodson has never held a primary role in his four NFL years as a Panther and Raider. He did spell injured duo Deangelo Williams and Jonathan Stewart in Carolina during 2010 and rushed for consecutive 100 yard games in their absence though. In other words with Goodson, the big “P” better known as potential, is there.

As long as no back right now is asked to carry the load just yet, we like this move alot. See who emerges before committing to one as a primary. Clone the speedsters Mr Idzik.

Goodson is a quick back who can catch and get outside. He could be an exciting part of a rotation. Running backs can do more than plod along for three and a half yards these days in the NFL. No really. They can.

That is why it is time for there to be a host of home run hitting types mixed in with some power in the backfield here. Not vice-versa.

Where Is Keller, Is He playing today?

The next time that three quarters of a Jet game goes by and you are wondering that to yourself, you will see that yes he is playing. For the Dolphins in sunny southern Florida. As you watch ESPN highlights on Sunday night.

We have always wanted more out of Dustin Keller on the field. We have always thought that he was All Pro material. As Jet fans we have all been somewhat confused about his five seasons in New York. Sometimes Keller was a beast, too many other times invisible.

When his target totals were pedestrian, the blame would rarely fall on Keller. Instead the culprits were either Mark Sanchez or a sparse supporting cast that cause the TE to be double teamed.

Maybe the reason for his non-existent days though, stemmed from issues that perhaps few of us can see. Is it possible that 81 is only just an above average route runner, or resourceful presence off of the line of scrimmage? Or was it the QB and a lack of dangerous receivers that slowed him down as a Jet? These are questions that may only be answered on South Beach now.

Regardless, DK is a class act. A solid player and loyal teammate. One who not only made clutch grabs at times, but had Mark Sanchez’s back publicly when few if anyone else did. God bless any player who risks his health in entertaining us all, when they do what is best for themselves financially. We wish 81 the best. For fourteen games of the Dolphins schedule next year.