No Huddle – New York Jets Free Agency Kick Off Edition

TJ Rosenthal goes No Huddle on the New York Jets kicking off free agency

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This silence is deafening

The Rex and Woody Jets being as quiet as they have been with free agency kickstarting on March 12th is just not normal. Maybe these are the John Idzik Jets now. Whatever that will come to soon mean. The silence has been refreshing, to say the least.

Ready, Set, Go! Wait, Are We Ready?

There HAS to be a plan in place for the issues of trading Darrelle Revis, dealing with veteran names like Landry and Keller, and restructuring contracts for the good of the whole, right?

While we are confident that a course has been set, with contingency routes written in just in case. Our fear? The Nnamdi-Ville Horror (An ode to a new documentary out soon on the Amityville Horror).

The Jets have to be rock solid over the next few weeks. No swaying. Prepare mentally for some winding turns guys, don’t get lost on them this time. Sometimes the chance to make a key move has a day-long shelf life.

Death, Taxes, Mo Rivera and the Jets

The first two are guarantees. So is the third one, as he takes what will be one last victory lap around the Major Leagues.

The Jets? Their guarantee is that up until now, give or take a few seasons, the team name is synonymous with “inexplicable unexpected actions that often lead to drastic consequences.” Hey, many of us embrace this about the Jets. It’s part of the story. Part of the beauty of their art; a random paint splattering on a massive canvas that is open to all kinds of interpretation.

Here we are again. Trying to add to that mish mosh of colors and shapes by rebuilding with dignity. With an eye on wins as well as the installment of, you guessed it, a solid foundation. Not an easy combo to pull off.

Regardless of where the flight lands, we can be sure of one thing. It begins now. With a new GM as pilot at least.

Free agency shapes teams and the new storylines for the entire NFL. To quote an ex-Jet, we “can’t wait.” It’s a new season. 2013.

For many of us, the expectations for our beloved team that have grown to unreachable heights over the past few years, are so much lower nowadays, we can’t possibly be hurt by new disastrous outcomes. We think.