No Huddle – Changing Jets Edition

TJ Rosenthal goes No Huddle on the changing New York Jets roster

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Jets Are Rebuilding, Right?

The John Idzik Jets are making changes. Lots of them. Personnel wise and schematically on offense. Can anyone honestly make a case for the notion that this process is NOT a rebuilding, but a readjusting on the fly?

Rex Ryan was out selling the alterations as par for the course last week to the media. That roster turnover is normal for every club. Not everyone associated with the Jets, especially Rex who is currently strapped in to the hot seat, is ready to hand over a 4-12 season before it even starts.

What diehards out there though, are buying into the vision that the Jets should be “feared?” The way that Rex told us days ago during an offseason presser. Anyone? Not us. Feared? No.

Owning the ability to surprise people? Sure. After all, look at Florida Gulf Coast right now. It all means nothing on paper when the forgotten and overlooked players come to life together on the field. That’s what Rex should be selling. It would be more honest.

Revis for The Bucs 1st and 2nd round picks in 2014?

We heard last week that Tampa would be willing to make that deal now. Even before Darrelle Revis shows that he is completely back from the knee injury. Would you make that deal as Jets GM? We probably would, if a third small addition is sprinkled in. Like a fifth or sixth rounder this year.

Obtaining four of the first 64 picks in next years draft, one that many feel has more talent than this year’s college crop, is smart. It would also give the Jets more time to clear cap space and redo contracts going forward.

Keep the great Revis if he works within the financial framework. If not, deal him for two top sixty picks and some. Do it.

Shutting down one WR in a sport that is valuing 3-4 at once more and more is not worth QB money. Sorry.

Fred Davis? If Healthy, Yes Please.

Adam Schefter reported yesterday that the Jets are among a handful of clubs interested in Fred Davis. The former Redskins TE is coming off an Achilles injury but if he’s healthy, we’d love this signing. He’s big, strong, and can get downfield.

In 62 career games Davis has 155 receptions, 12 TD’s. Keller in 72 games has 241 grabs and 17 TD’s. That’s similar enough production wise for us. Sell him a bigger role than the Buffalo Bills and others who seek his services can Mr. Idzik. Let’s get this guy.

  • Johnny

    i’m more interested in us trying to get heyward -bay than davis. overall, good article though and interesting analysis.

  • Lidman

    I hope he ‘squeezes’ TB for a pick this year. Dominik is going into year 5, as their GM. They’ve had 1 winning season and no playoff appearances. He’s on his second head coach, and has to be thinking if he doesn’t get in the playoffs this year, he’s done. Idzik should press for 2 picks this year and a pick next year-which Dominik should care little about because if he doesn’t win, this year, he’s likely out. If he does make the playoffs, he likely gets an extension. If you’re Mark Dominik who is likely to help you more this year: Darelle Revis, or the 13th pick in this year’s draft?

  • matr dontelli iii

    agreed, we should surprise some people (hello espn, hello nydn). we gave up a first and third for rIIvIs. when you draft someone it is a crapshoot. you never know what you’re gonne get, hall of famer or vernon golston. we found the hall of famer. he is worth much more than a first and third. MUCH MORE. despite his me first attitude. we’ll have a ton of money available next year. there is no point in trading him like we’re having a garage sale. if we sign him we can move cromartie for a late round pick, which is all he will return, and use the savings to pay half of rIIvIs salary. for all his ability cro just don’t have it upstairs. if you spend wisely as a rule it will enable you to splurge (sign rIIvIs) when you want. i hardly expect idzik to spend like a drunken sailor, like mr.t and we’re not likely to have a large qb expenditure for several years if we draft one this year or (preferably) next. if someone wants to give up a ridiculous package of picks, which means at least two firsts and a second, that’s different, otherwise there is no point in trading him

  • Angel

    Revis for a 1st and 2nd round pick?

    Personally, I wouldn’t trade Revis for Vernon Gholston(1) and Vlad Ducasse (2).

    I’m not sure I’d even trade him for Muhammad Wilkerson (1) and David Harris (2)… but at least I could think about it.

    Point being, we’re losing [potentially] the best CB to ever play the game… for what? Cap space? We could clear out cap space a multitude of ways.

  • Mark Phelan

    Re Rex & Rebuilding: I am tired of Rex ‘selling’. Since when is a HC meant to be a cheerleader. He just can’t help putting his foot in his mouth at the expense of the team.

  • Angel – Of all the Revis things I have heard I never considered this. Great comment that really makes you think!

    My theory is this: With the down CB market and Revis coming off injury, him and his agent know that NO ONE will pay him $16mil. If a team does then the team he plays on will probably lack the cap room to have a superbowl team. If Jets can sign him for $10-12 mil then they will do that.

    I think the Jets are in talks with Revis’ agents but just not seeing eye to eye. So, Jets are saying ‘hey Revis is available if you want to try to get him’ and they can both see what he is worth and show him what his possible contract extension would be.

    My thought right now: Jets try to sign Revis to long-term extension before draft. If they are not agreeing then trade him to avoid a colossal mistake.