NFL Draft 2013 – Five Questions For The New York Jets

Five questions for the New York Jets heading into the 2013 NFL Draft

The 2013 NFL Draft is a little less than one month away. Currently, the New York Jets have the 9th overall pick and then a pick in every round following. Obviously that could be subject to change if Darrelle Revis is traded in the next few weeks. There has rarely been a Jets off-season so well shrouded in radio silence than the current one being led by new GM John Idzik. A newly quiet Florham Park makes the Jets approach to the NFL Draft filled with question marks, here are few of the more prominent ones –

1 – Will they select a quarterback and if so with how high of a pick? – The common assumption has been the Jets should hold off taking a quarterback this year and wait until 2014 which is anticipated to have a stocked class at the position. However, there is always the risk the Jets could end up with a lower than anticipated pick next year and get stuck behind a handful of teams who also desperately need quarterbacks and won’t be receptive to the Jets desire to trade-up. Beyond that, don’t forget how hyped players like Matt Barkley and Geno Smith were at one point and now they are headlining what is considered an extremely poor quarterback class, with many questioning if they even have first round value. The same thing could happen to Teddy Bridgewater or Johnny Manziel next year. If the Jets see somebody they like this year, isn’t it foolish to avoid pulling the trigger based on that much uncertainty?

At #9, it is a reach to take anybody but maybe if the Jets get a second first rounder from Tampa Bay or another team going after Darrelle Revis they’d consider taking a quarterback in the middle of the first round? What about their approach in the 2nd, 3rd or 4th round? We know there has been some interest expressed in Ryan Nassib, Mike Glennon and EJ Manuel. If the Jets board matches up with a quarterback they like, don’t be shocked to see them pull the trigger on somebody higher than expected. Taking a quarterback in 2013 doesn’t stop them from considering one in 2014. Keep in mind every quarterback currently on the Jets roster could very well not be on the team next year. You need competition and you need depth.

2 – What position should be favored with the number 9 pick? – We have heard plenty of chatter about outside linebackers, guards, and wide receivers. Yet, considering how thin the Jets roster is across the board, John Idzik could very well just take the best player available regardless of position. Yes, it is fair to say it is most likely the Jets will draft an outside linebacker because they desperately need one but if the right defensive lineman or cornerback falls, the Jets could very well end up taking a position few are mocking for them right now. Of course, there is also the option…

3 – Trade Down? Trade Up?Considering how many holes the Jets have to fill, it is likely there will be at least one trade down at some point from the Jets to acquire more picks. Their #9 pick could very well be the one that is moved in hopes of acquiring two later first round picks or an additional high second round pick. The more picks you have, the more flexibility you have and the Jets desperately need that. Hypothetically, If the Jets found themselves with 3 picks in the 16-62 range, they could effectively begin to remake their offense considering the value that’d be available at running back, guard and wide receiver.

4 – What Does Idzik think of certain players on current roster? – The Draft will provide a little insight into how John Idzik views some of the players on the team’s current roster. For example, if the Jets take two outside linebackers in the first four rounds, it shows a likely desire to keep Antwan Barnes as a situational player and a lack of faith in Garret McIntyre. If they do the same type of thing but at safety, it shows a lack of faith in Antonio Allen and Josh Bush. If the Jets take a wide receiver with their first or second overall pick, it could indicate concern over Santonio Holmes rehab or the long term potential of Stephen Hill. It could also work the other way, if the Jets don’t select a guard or tight end, it could demonstrate a desire to give players like Vladimir Ducasse and Jeff Cumberland a chance to start (shudders).

5 – Will they take “risks?” – In reality, there are questions surrounding every prospect in the upcoming Draft but obviously some have more notable questions than others. Would the Jets pull the trigger on somebody like Tyrann Mathieu in the third round despite character concerns? Would the Jets go with Jarvis Jones in round one, despite a poor pro day and some potential medical issues? Will they take a flier on small school prospects in the 4th-7th round, including maybe one at the quarterback position?

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Author: Joe Caporoso

Joe Caporoso is the Owner and EIC of Turn On The Jets. His writing has been featured in the New York Times, Huffington Post, MMQB and AdWeek. Caporoso played football his entire life, including four years at Muhlenberg as a wide receiver, where he was arguably the slowest receiver to ever start in school history. He is the VP of Social Media at Whistle Sports

  • Lidman

    If they don’t trade Revis (I hope they don’t) and don’t move down, I’ve got J Jones, and C Warmack on the wish list. They have alot of young talent on D, and Jones’ production (not upside), in the SEC, would make this defense quite formidable in the years to come. Warmack between ‘Brick and Mangold makes as good a left side as they’ll be. Add, a developing Austin, at RT, and they aren’t that far from having a dominating OL.

    The theme here: get to the QB and protect the QB.

  • Derrick Withers

    JETS THRU DRAFT: (1) OLB; (2) DE; (3) QB; (4) OT; (5) RB; (6) P; (7) C;

  • YardJet

    QB(1), WR(2) – or vice versa.
    OLB, Safety, TE – middle rounds.
    Blocking TE, OG/T – later rounds.
    OLB, Safety – free agency.

    My early focus would be squarely on the biggest problem – offense, but not offensive guard because of value. If we draft this year, they may be ready to perform next year so I would look more at potential than current production.

    We have draft many picks from prior years we should let play to get a propper evaluation of our needs next year, and I would let them play since in my mind we are rebuilding anyway. That includes players like Ducasse, Allen, Demario Davis, Cumberland, Coples, etc. Some will succeed where others fail, and that will inform the next draft while avoiding contracts for free agents that limit our future.

  • JerryB

    The Jets best bet to trade down would be if Lane Johnson slides to #9. He would be the last plug-in left tackle available and several teams drafting after the Jets are in dire need of left OT.

  • KAsh

    @YardJet – Sorry, but that is an awful approach to the draft. It reminds me of MT’s style.

    First, Rex might be gone by year’s end. A new HC deserves to implement his own offence, which means selecting a QB and not being saddled with one. And no QB in this year’s draft is likely to come out and have a winning season that saves Ryan’s job.

    If Rex fails, it should be purely through his own mistakes and not because the front office was undermining him yhe whole way. One of the worst outcomes is Ryan being fired, landing another HC position because nobody could have won with the team he had, and winning with his new team. The fans would never forgive Idzik.

    Second, you are drafting positions, not players. There are no QBs or WRs who should go in the Top-10, so drafting one would be a reach. We have had too many reaches through the years. The TE, LB, and S corps are hollow; we can solidify at RB, OL, DL in case of injury, and CB in case we trade a starter or Revis’s rehab underwhelms.

    The Jets MUST draft by value, avoiding only the players that would not fit their scheme.

  • Mark Phelan

    The 2011 storyline was how the failure of the OL doomed the Jets.

    The 2012 storyline was how injuries to the two top players, QB failures, the general deterioration in most positions doomed the Jets.

    This draft must provide: OLB; starting OG & TE, CB to replace Revis.