New York Jets Should Cut Tim Tebow, And Cut Him Now

The New York Jets should cut Tim Tebow as soon as possible

For some reason the New York Jets decided to have a conference call with fans this past week featuring new GM John Idzik and Head Coach Rex Ryan. Not surprisingly there was a question about TIM TEBOW that was responded to in a manner that hinted he could remain on the team next season. Shame on Idzik for not answering the question “We don’t want Tebow. Nobody wants to trade for Tebow so we are going to have to cut Tebow…and there goes any small percentage of trade leverage we had.” By giving the only answer he had a choice to give, a non-answer, he spawned articles like this from Ian Rapoport at and a slew of others arguing for the Jets to keep Tebow. Um, what?

Everything the New York Jets do should be with 2014 and beyond in mind. You just hired Marty Mornhinweg to be your offensive coordinator to help implement an offense that can function in the 21st century of the NFL and now you are bringing the Tebow circus back to town for another summer?

Don’t let anybody fool you, the media parade around Tebow isn’t going anywhere, particularly if he stays in New York. Do the Jets want another summer of ESPN daily attendance, fictitious Daily News headlines and endless questioning of Tebow’s role? Tebow isn’t bring you the read option quarterback you are seeing around the NFL. He isn’t Colin Kapernick. He isn’t Russell Wilson. He isn’t Cam Newton. He doesn’t even belong in that discussion. We saw what a disaster part time use of Tebow was last year and if you hand off the offense to him fully, you are stuck running an outdated offense based on a run-heavy approach with no proven running backs currently on the roster.

Tebow can’t play in Mornhinweg’s normal offense. There is no evidence of him ever successfully operating 3 and 5 step drops, while consistently hitting timing and option routes. You think Mark Sanchez is inaccurate? Tebow was lucky to complete 50% of his passes in the high school offense Denver built around him in 2011, what do you think he’d complete in a version of the West Coast offense?

Here is the part where you say, but how can they keep Mark Sanchez? DID YOU SEE HIM PLAY LAST YEAR? They are keeping Mark Sanchez because of the 8 million dollars they owe him this season. Putting that aside, he has shown his NFL ceiling to be higher than Tebow and there is a chance he will have trade value after this season if he puts together a moderately competent year. Yes, I know most Jets fans and Tebow fans like to act like parts of 2009-2011 didn’t happen and love to reference Tebow leading the 8-8 Broncos to a home playoff win over the mighty Pittsburgh Steelers in the Wild-Card round in overtime. That victory…Tebow’s peak? Doesn’t hold a candle to Sanchez’s 2010 season and his road victory over a 14-2 New England team in the Divisional Round. Sanchez’s value league wide is still higher than Tebow, despite his abysmal 2012.

The Jets don’t need a player with backup capabilities who has the media following of the best player in the NFL. They don’t need the awkward substitutions at quarterback for the 3.2 yards per carry. They don’t need to waste reps in their quarterback competition this summer on rotating Tebow through. We’ve seen this movie in 2012. Learn from your mistakes.

You want to recruit a decent free agent to compete with Sanchez? David Garrard, Matt Moore or Chase Daniel? Those guys are taking the next offer from another team because they aren’t going to want to deal with the Tebow circus, just like Drew Stanton didn’t want to last year. You want a mid-round quarterback who you draft to get some work this season? Don’t bury him behind Tebow on the depth chart. You want to implement a 21st century offense with your new offensive coordinator? Let him teach the offense without having to craft a sideshow offense for a quarterback with a 48% completion percentage who averaged 3.2 yards per carry last year.

Keeping Tebow on this team is running in the mud. You want a fresh start at quarterback in 2014, then don’t keep extra quarterbacks on the team from 2012. Don’t muddle things further by dragging on the Sanchez-Tebow fiasco another full season. You are keeping one mediocre quarterback because you have to, don’t keep two for no reason.

Author: Joe Caporoso

Joe Caporoso is the Owner and EIC of Turn On The Jets. His writing has been featured in the New York Times, Huffington Post, MMQB and AdWeek. Caporoso played football his entire life, including four years at Muhlenberg as a wide receiver, where he was arguably the slowest receiver to ever start in school history. He is the VP of Social Media at Whistle Sports

  • Hans

    So much fucking this!!!

  • Well at least you’re not blowing sunshine up Jet Nation skirts – The Jets QB depth chart looks more like a QB graveyard. WOW I bet those PSL’s are gonna be selling faster than Vernon Ghloston jerseys.
    Could this team get any more depressing ???

  • Jon

    Tebows definatly not Cam but he has took his team to the playoffs to the chagrin of the nfl brass. I just think he’s all about the success of the team as a whole.

  • jw2693

    You are an idiot! He couldn’t pass for 50% in a high school offense? What rock did you just slither out of? I don’t need to recall all of his accomplishments at the University of Florida but let me fill you on a few of his statistics at the end of his college career.
    – He was the SEC’s all-time leader in career passing efficiency (170.8), completion percentage (67.1%)
    – Was ranked second in career passing efficiency, third in career yards per attempt (9.33),and most consecutimce games in which he both threw at least one touchdown pass and scored at least one rushing touchdown.
    Enough with the Tim Tebow bashing….

  • Joe Caporoso

    Are the Jets playing in the SEC next year?

  • mike

    sec west would eat our o-line alive

  • spf3000

    If the Jets did play in the SEC next year, they’d probably have a worse record! Love the fact the author avoids the point made – the kid can play and has proven it at the most competitive levels of college football. The author cherry picks stats to try to prove his point. The issue for me is this; we have seen Sanchez’s ceiling, without a doubt, but we certainly have not seen Tebow’s. He essentially has one year of play under is belt and has had ZERO continuity. Sanchez has been coddled and blessed with continuity and solid players on both sides of the ball for years – yet he gets worse when the team has o count on him a bit more. Is Tebow the answer? I don’t know – nobody really does, but everyone knows Sanchez isn’t!

  • KAsh

    I am going to go with whatever the team decides on this one.

    This is a unique year. Each team is trying to hold onto their QBs. The Bills resigned both Fitzpatrick AND Tavaris Jackson. The Eagles seem to want to keep Foles. Miami wants to keep Moore, but simply cannot afford to. The Chiefs lack a workable QB, which is why they opted to trade a high-second round pick for the honor of paying Alex Smith $9 million. (All of this tells you something about the rookie QBs in this draft.)

    The Jets have a new OC and a new QB coach, both of who have worked with and developed some talents at this position. If Mornhinweg and David Lee think Tebow is in any way salvageable, let them tinker with him for a year. If they think it is impossible, cut him. But leave this decision with them. They will know what the best thing to do is.

  • Wayne

    Caporoso, you are an idiot. Tebow doesn’t below in the same conversation with Cam Newton? If I recall correctly, Cam Newton was Tebow’s backup at Florida. One other reply to your dumb article points out Tebow’s throwing accuracy at Florida, not to mention he won the Heisman as a Sophomore, should have won it as a Senior (Sam Bradford won it, but Tebow beat him for a National Championship, which was his 2nd at Florida). Get a life Caporoso. Tebow has not been given a chance to perform in the NFL yet. When he does, you can eat your words.

  • Mark Phelan

    Sanchez will never rise from abysmal to medicore if Tebow is on the squad.

  • Joe Caporoso

    I don’t care about college stats and there was a reason Cam was taken 1st overall and Tebow wasn’t taken until the end of the round (which was a reach anyway) – He had a chance and Denver got rid off him.

  • Joe Caporoso

    “Sanchez has been coddled and blessed with continuity and solid players on both sies of the ball for years”

    Um what? – He had his top 3 WRs changed every single year of his career and his supporting cast was atrocious last season and mediocre the year before. When he had a strong supporting cast he went to the AFC Championship Game twice and had a 11-5 season. Tebow had his strong supporting cast, went 8-8 and was embarrassed in New England in the Divisional Round…the same place Sanchez won the year before in the same round. There is a reason there is no trade market for Tebow and the only place he is going to start next year is in Montreal.

  • Frank Giasone

    So confused by some of these comments. Too many Tebow fans are stuck in the past, more willing to cite his stats in the SEC than address his issues as a passer in the NFL. Very strange…especially since he very well could end up in the CFL next season.

  • MIKE

    Joe… YOU ARE THE TEBOW CIRCUS – AND NOBODY WANTS YOU – – – FOOL! – – – OPEN up your eyes, you’re the one saying Tebow, Tebow, Tebow… Dude, Tebow is a great guy – so shut up! Give him a chance! He’s a HELL OF A LOT better than Mr. Butt Fumble – Sanchez SUCKS! I’m not a Jet’s fan, but I tried to be this year… I really thought after Sanchez not scoring a TD in PRESEASON they’d give Tebow a chance… Listen, Keeping Tebow and getting rid of Sanchez and WRECKS Ryan is the answer to the Jets getting somewhere… and do you think that is gonna happen? NO. Rex has a Tattoo of Sanchez on his arm – NOBODY is gonna QB the Jets as long as Sanchez can crawl onto the field – NOBODY. …and that is why Ryan didn’t have Tebow Throwing the ball last year… listen, if you’ve ever played the QB position, you’ve got to have faith from your coaches and they have to allow you to throw – and if you throw – AND TEBOW IS DAMN GOOD AT IT, then, the Defense has to watch for the throw and that is when Tebow is the most dangerous because he can rip off 30, 40 yard runs…. I didn’t read a damn thing in your article that sounded like you know what you’re talking about. Denver has a high school offense??? SHUT UP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! GO BACK TO BED AND DREAM YOU’RE A GREAT WRITER – CAUSE IN REALITY, YOU DON’T KNOW WHAT YOU’RE TALKING ABOUT – LOL – You put down the “Tebow Circus” as if you had a gun, you’d shoot it and take it out… for your sake dude, I hope you really don’t feel that way cause I got some news for you… The Tebow Circus we all hate that put Tebow down – it’s you…. YOU ARE YOUR WORST NIGHTMARE – SLEEP ON IT… Tonight when you dream, Tebow is gonna spike you – over and over! lol

  • Joey C

    oh so Tebow is damn good at throwing now???…i never played a down of organized football in my life, let alone quarterback & even i kno that isnt true lol

  • Jetsfannot

    The jets need to keep tebo and sanchez, so they can suck Agian. The jets are comical, I watch them just to make me laugh! They suck