New York Jets Are Bargain Shopping For 2013

TJ Rosenthal on the New York Jets bargain hunting for 2013

David Garrard? Brady Quinn? What kind of upgrade at starting quarterback is this? Heck the Jets might as well let Vinny Testaverde sling the rock around Florham Park, right? GM John Idzik is clearly looking to change the foundation of the Jets for the better now, by trading, restructuring, and bargain shopping. Room will be made soon enough for some flexibility, but not the kind that will allow a plethora of high priced quality to enter the premises in return. So don’t be shocked folks, when the parade of low budget vets brought in for workouts, begins. It will happen early and often. As the Jets try to catch affordable lightning in a bottle more than once in 2013.

Let’s hypothetically assume that Darrelle Revis is gone, and both Mark Sanchez and Santonio Holmes re-do their deals in order to give Idzik the room to improve the club immediately. Would this trio of choices pave the way for giving the Jets enough financial space to add a set of solid linebackers, a top notch running back, wideout, and a quality veteran quarterback? Partly yes, through the draft, and perhaps a wise free agent signing or two. As a whole however, no way. There are too many holes to fill. Period.

This is why oddball shotgun-wedding spring tryouts with blasts from the past, and cheap potential signings of past their prime vets, are on the way. Taking the “clearance rack” seriously is clearly going to have to be part of Idzik’s 2013 game plan

“Attention K Mart shoppers, there are specials on running backs, quarterbacks and a host of other positions in aisle four.”

Look whose taking the shopping cart to aisle four. The Jets are.  Where they will comb over every item on sale in that row from now until week one in September. They have no other choice. So it may be time to root for guys like Garrard and Quinn to shock the doubters, as opposed to laughing at the thought of them. Or crying at the thought of what this season could become if no lightning is found…

  • Garrard is much better than Sanchez… if he is healthy he is a mobile QB who protects the ball and can complete the middle of the field throws better than Sanchez. If he is even with Sanchez then he should be the stopgap starter for the Jets next year while they prepare a EJ Manuel or comparable Rookie.

    Its crystal clear that Sanchez does not want to redo his contract and give the Jets any cap room. Maybe he does not want the Jets to bring any good QB competition… Or maybe he is mad for being benched and has nothing to loose. Maybe he feels The more the Jets pay Sanchez the more they will want to start him so they can justify their expenditure. If Tom Brady can do a cap friendly deal then why cant Sanchez?

  • If your a Jets fan, you had to know by about week 9 last year, that this season wasn’t going to be a fun one. Not that we’re used too fun season’s. But I agree with what Izdick is doing. We have no cap room to bring in a big time name, or all pro. He was dealt lemons and the man is making a vodka lemonade. What do you expect him to do? We will have a rough year than Rex is gone. Hopefully Gruden is in, and we can win again. Just my opion, but don’t hold your breathe looking for 6 wins this year.

  • Lebron James

    The key to any team is its quarterback. I am willing to accept a shitty season next year if it ensures a top 10 draft choice and ability to pick one of the many qbs projected to go in the top 10 next year.

    Would love to see the foundation built through the draft this season drafting some good linebackers, a running back, offensive lineman and maybe a tight end/wide receiver who can be a solid player for years to come. The team will have decent cap space next season from what I have seen, so they will be able to sign whoever they need to go along with the hopefully dynamite QB prospect.

    But as we all know they’ll find a way to go 8-8 and remain in purgatory forever awaiting the arrival of a franchise QB.

  • subzero2401

    Some may call it the bargain basement approach, but it’s the right approach.

    There are holes to fill, but this cap situation is going to force the organization to fill them primarily through the draft. In a time where the cap has remained relatively flat, building through the draft is how teams will be able to sustain success.

    That being said, every hole on this roster cannot be filled with draft picks (unless the 49ers share some of theirs). The good news is that because the cap has stayed flat, many teams will be forced to push productive veteran players off their rosters, or they simply may not be able to afford to re-sign their veteran free agents.

    That is great news that supply of veteran will exceed demand. There will be quality veteran players willing to sign 1 or 2 year deals in much the same way as Yeremiah Bell and LaRon Landry did last year. I like to call them “Hired Guns” and I believe drafting well and filling remaining holes with these hired guns is what will get us through this season.

    I get why expectations are as low as they are…but don’t be surprised if the Jets turn out to be just a little bit better than you’re expecting them to be in 2013.

  • peterv

    This is one of the most level headed commentaries I have read since it was reported that the Jets were looking into acquiring Garrard. I was actually happy when I heard they were looking into him because he is one of the few players out there that has experience and is known as a good locker room guy. The fact that he has been injured recently is part of the reason why the team even has a chance of bringing him in. If he hadn’t had those concerns, he would much more costly than guys like Matt Moore.

  • Joe Caporoso

    Agree that the key to this off-season will be to draft successfully to start replenishing the depth and talent on this roster – No need to overpay any veterans at this point

  • Mark Phelan

    It was fashionable to criticize MT for disappointing draft selections in the past few years. How realistic was it to think the GM would be sifting through films of college football players?

    Sure the Jets need to restock their roster through the draft. I just hope we don’t have the same failed old geezers selecting the draft talent.

  • Anthony

    There really isn’t an expensive approach to this free agency period.

    The best players are mid tier to low end RBs and some solid WRs who have character issues, neither of which are positions the Jets desperately need to address.

    There are no “good” QBs available, its not like teams are desperate to get rid of their franchise passer, so the clearance rack isn’t the clearance rack, its what’s on the market for sale.

    Gerrard, when healthy, is probably the best QB on the market, or was, the last time he played. The dude made chicken salad out of chicken shit in Jacksonville.

    The thing that makes the Alex Smith deal so dumb is that Smith has a stupid big cap number too. I get it that that chiefs are bad and need to sell hope too, but geez.