Figuring Out The Darrelle Revis Media Game

Turn On The Jets writers Joe Caporoso and Chris Gross sort out the Darrelle Revis media game, with help from Jason Cole of Yahoo Sports

The following article is written by Joe Caporoso and Chris Gross

The primary purpose of this website is to provide coverage of the New York Jets that avoids the headline-chasing garbage that has diminished the quality of work done by credentialed writers surrounding the team. A secondary purpose is to call BS when we see poor excuses for journalism or when there is a clear media strategy in place motivating articles.

Darrelle Revis’ most recent contract standoff with the Jets has provided a flood of these articles, with TEAM REVIS (Neil Schwartz, Jon Feinsod, John Geiger and company) clearly being the sourcing on pieces like this by Jason Cole and Manish Mehta.

“Source familiar with situation” = Revis’ agents and people pushing to get him out of New York ASAP because they know Woody Johnson isn’t going to make Revis the highest paid defensive player in football.

The above articles are filled with quotes like – “If Revis isn’t traded by Wednesday, John Idzik is an idiot“…”it is in the best interest for the Jets to get this done sooner rather than later” – Why?

As this article spells out, there is no rush. It is in the best interest of the Jets to find the deal or strategy that makes the most sense for their organization regardless of the time frame. The urgency from these quotes is meant to force public pressure on the Jets to get Revis into a different organization more amenable to meeting his long term contract demands.

You would swear at times TEAM REVIS is writing the articles themselves for people like Cole and Mehta or running their Twitter handles.

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Multiple other sources (more credible ones like Chris Mortensen of ESPN) have confirmed Atlanta never had any interest in Revis and San Francisco’s interest is overstated. Detroit? Was that just picking a cornerback needy team and throwing it against the wall? And of course Miami would love to get him, he is Darrelle ‘freakin Revis, every team would “love to get him” – What is the news there?

The media blitz by TEAM REVIS should be recognized by observers of the situation and articles basically written as press releases by them shouldn’t be taken as realistic portrayals of what is going on. For the most part, the Jets have been refreshingly quiet on this issue and are just starting to push back in the media.

Jason Cole caught our attention by being so firmly in the TEAM REVIS corner on this issue, Manish Mehta’s actions continue an ugly year plus of offensively poorly sourced, agenda-based “journalism”. But hey, at least it appears now Mehta is reading our site for his information. We are assuming his “sources” for his story on the Jets interest in Kevin Kolb in his March 14th article, is our article from March 4th saying the same thing. Feel free to use our names next time, Manish, it will be a nice change of pace to see a source with a name in a Daily News article.

Anyway, last night we had an entertaining interaction further demonstrating Cole’s bias on the Revis situation. Turn On The Jets referred an article by Chris over to Mehta, Schwartz, Feinsod, Florio, and Cole.

The article was an observation of the Revis trade talks and contract situation. One of the points made here referenced the two Revis holdouts that have taken place within his short six year career as a primary reason as to why the New England Patriots, a team rumored to be a potential landing spot for Revis, would never trade for the All-Pro cornerback.

To our great surprise (sarcasm intended), Cole disagreed with this notion. In fact, he even went on to claim a factual error, arguing Revis had held out just once in his career, rather than twice, a notion normally universally agreed upon by anyone with any knowledge of the situation.

photo 1-2.PNG

This struck us as odd. He couldn’t have been referencing the HBO documented 2010 hold out. No one would dare argue that notion considering how publicized it was. So was he referring to his 2007 rookie hold out as the “non-holdout”? Some of our followers were very curious to know, as well, as they flooded Cole’s mentions asking for an explanation. Lucky for everyone involved, Cole was kind enough to elaborate on that, revealing that he was, in fact, referring to 2007 as the non-holdout.

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As you can see by the tweet above, Cole’s argument is that since Revis did not have a contract prior to his rookie season in 2007, it was not a hold out, but simply a “negotiation,” despite reports of this exact instance deeming it a holdout here, here, here, here, here, here, and…okay, you get the point. It is well known and well documented that Darrelle Revis has staged two holdouts over the past six years. Yet, Cole was adamant in his claim that 2007 wasn’t a hold out. After telling us we didn’t know what they were arguing over, I kindly deferred Cole’s argument as pictured below.

photo 2-1.PNG

Yet Cole would not give. Instead, he goes on to claim that the Jets were the side holding out. Yes. Cole claims that the team would not allow Revis to sign the contract because they weren’t comfortable with the terms of it. You know, the terms that they drafted. So, rather than get their first round pick into training camp on time, the Jets were holding him out and wouldn’t allow him to join the team. This was a first.

Despite my article, the one that began this whole debate, clearly stating “Whether you blame the player, his agents, or the organization is irrelevant to this argument,” Cole begins to get defensive and suggests we do our homework before blaming Revis.

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We were baffled by this. Apparently, so too was Mike Florio of Pro Football Talk who disputed Cole’s claim. Cole counters Florio by telling him that Revis was not holding out for more money, but rather the Jets wanted a 6th year on the contract. He then takes a slight dig at Florio, curiously going on the defensive again, by claiming that Mike does not remember the details of the situation.

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Florio then counters by offering an apology to Cole, who he deems the “wise and knowledgeable keeper (of) the NFL truths.” Cole, seemingly getting upset that nearly everyone who has a twitter is disputing his claim, goes on to tell Florio that he does “the same all the time.” We are not exactly sure what Cole is referring to here, so we will leave that untouched.

photo 1

Florio, ending the brief debate with Cole, suggests that the Yahoo columnist is, in fact, twisting details to avoid addressing what the argument is about.

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Cole, seemingly ready to stick to his guns in arguing that a player without a contract can not be deemed as a player holding out, then gets a question from Twitter user PatriotsXLVIII. He refers Cole to a piece he wrote on the holdout of Michael Crabtree prior to signing to his rookie deal back in 2009, which can be found here. For someone arguing Cole’s stance, the headline with his name and picture in the by line directly next to it, would certainly contradict that. Seriously, just go back and read his entire argument, then read nothing but the headline of that article without trying to laugh.

photo 4-1

Cole agrees that PatriotsXLVIII has made a fair point, as displayed in the tweet below.

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But Cole won’t surrender just yet. He claims he was wrong back then, and that the situation with Revis and the Jets was different, because the Jets were persistent in wanting a 6th year. No one is disputing the details. But a hold out is a hold out.

photo 2.PNG

Before we could ask anything else, Cole suddenly concedes and let’s us know he is heading to bed.

photo 1.PNG

Unfortunately, Cole took cover before having to explain why he is contradicting points he has made in the past. Here is an article written by Cole in September of 2010, nearly an exact year after his Crabtree piece, in which he does, in fact, report that Darrelle Revis held out prior to his rookie year in 2007.

photo 3-1

So, let’s get this straight. According to Cole, it is a hold out in 2009 for Michael Crabtree when he doesn’t sign his proposed rookie contract. In 2010, Revis’s refusal to sign his rookie contract in 2007 was deemed, by Cole, to be a hold out, yet in 2013, it is not a hold out anymore?

Cole reported on the 2009 holdout of Michael Crabtree prior to him ever having a contract. He reported on the 2010 holdout of Darrelle Revis, while referencing his 2007 rookie hold out, the one where he didn’t have a contract, deeming 2010 as his second hold out when he wrote…

“Whats strange is that the Jets should have anticipated that. The Jets knew agents Neil Schwartz and Jonathan Feinsod well enough to understand that this wasn’t going to be easy if they didn’t take a strong approach. It wasn’t the first time considering Revis held out as a rookie in 2007.

We know TEAM REVIS doesn’t like us calling out their media strategy, but unlike John Geiger says this isn’t our opinion, it is reality –

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Author: Joe Caporoso

Joe Caporoso is the Owner and EIC of Turn On The Jets. His writing has been featured in the New York Times, Huffington Post, MMQB and AdWeek. Caporoso played football his entire life, including four years at Muhlenberg as a wide receiver, where he was arguably the slowest receiver to ever start in school history. He is the VP of Social Media at Whistle Sports

  • JetOrange

    Thank you…If Jets fans feel they have been played, well we have…We live in a new world of “journalism” it is time to take a step back and look at it, just amazing…Funny stuff happens when big money and agents are involved…Thanks again

  • RamsHerd

    Fascinating stuff. Even though I don’t have a vested interest in the Revis situation (unless he goes to SF), we’ve all been in the middle of a misinformation storm like this. I applaud you for sticking your nose right into the middle of it and sorting out fact from fiction.

  • Jake

    If Revis gets dealt, I’ll miss his play on the field, but I won’t miss the games that his representation (and toadies that write for them) play.

  • twoshady

    just can’t talk to some people. not everyone lives in reality.

  • Addage

    The Press has it that it is Woody Johnson demanding the Revis trade. If so, then Woody is being smart.

    Yes, Revis is a great corner. But he also imposes a cost on the team in the form of his negotiating style. And it is likely any team will have to pay beyond real value damaging their cap.

    Revis is still young enough that he has good trade value. Take the compensation and move on.

    Of course, we have to hope Idzik drafts well enough to turn the compensatory picks into good players.

  • Addage

    Also want to add the Mehta was an excellent reporter when he was with the Star Ledger. It is only after he moved to TDN that he became his current ugly self.

    Cimini was just as bad there.

    So maybe its Editorial Staff at TDN who are the major league jerks.

  • matr dontelli

    manish mehta had better watch it. it looks like jason cole is auditioning for a position at the daily news, and if he ever shows them this article he’s in! sources have confirmed that mehta and meyers may be reduced to covering the Liberty.

  • Jeremiah Johnson

    I’m wondering if TEAM REVIS is paying Jason Cole & the rest to spread this misinformation.

  • BIGgreenBALLz

    @Joe Caporiso & TOJ

    It STINKS in here!! ‘Cause-
    You guys are the SHIT!!!!!

  • BIGgreenBALLz

    @Joe Caporoso & TOJ

    It STINKS in here!! ‘Cause-
    You guys are the SHIT!!!!!

  • BIGgreenBALLz

    I luv it when u smack people in da face with
    Serves him right…. F$CK!NG IDIOT!!!!!!!!!!!

  • KAsh

    The entirety of Revis rumors always stank. They targetted Woody Johnson, off the bat accusing him of putting himself before the team, because no one would believe Ryan wanted to trade Revis and Idzik’s GM job was not even official. Later on, they attacked Idzik for being wet behind the ears and Ryan as a lame duck who was being duped about Revis. But these are weak arguments, useful only to explain why Idzik and Ryan’s words and actions were contradicting these reports. They also constantly said that Woody was Idzik’s boss, as if this automatically implied that Idzik had no authority/was a puppet that had no choice but to cowtow to Woody.

    The entire situation – Idzik being a new face with the team and Ryan a coach supportive of Revis and on the verge of losing his job – made Johnson the only plausible target with a name that could be tarnished. Thank you for confirming my suspicions.

  • k.c.

    really good work guys. I love how you guys really see the Jets for who/what we are which is NOT what the media portrays us as. Keep up the GREAT work Give em’ hell. WE got your back!

  • NYJetsBoobs

    Follow @nyjetsboobs

    You won’t regret it

  • Lidman

    This was a very interesting read. I answered one of Cimini’s post with the below. Revis has the most to lose here, so it makes sense his people (who know this) use the media to try and push the agenda. With Idzik being new, he doesn’t have to succumb to media pressure.

    Revis has the most risk here. The world stops for no man. If the Jets trade, or don’t sign him, he will move on. In a ‘worst case scenario’ they may only wind up getting a 3rd round (compensatory) pick and that will be viewed as a poor result. But, his exit will pass and the team will be judged by the success, lack there of, it has on the field in each individual season. That is always the case. For Revis though, his risk is missing out on what is likely the last big pay day of his life. Now, maybe he goes on to great success after football (ala Roger Staubach), but history suggests that won’t be the case. He, and his people, want this situation resolved before the season starts. Once it does start, he becomes very vulnerable.

    Even now, all articles written on this subject talk about him as the player we know he was BEFORE injury. Medical science has made ACL repair much more predictable, but it’s not perfect. For instance, Derek Rose is coming up on 11 months, and he still “doesn’t feel right” and isn’t playing. Revis can’t afford that, because if he plays, before any extension, his market will then be reset. Now, it could be he comes back, is the Darelle Revis he always was and gets either an extension or big FA deal next year. But, if he slips just a little bit, his value will plummet and he’ll be forced to play for what we will all see as a great deal of money, but what he will view as less than he should have gotten.

    All you have to do is look at the Mike Wallace v Wes Welker comparison. Mike Wallace is being guaranteed $30mm, which is probably very close to what Welker will have made over his entire career (even after this 2y/$12mm deal he got with Denver). Timing (when you’re UFA) and potential play enormous roles in what these players get. Darelle Revis’ injury came at a very poor time. If he has to play out his contract, his potential could be exposed and cost him a lot of money.

    So sure, the Jets have risk, but Darelle Revis has a lot more.

  • Nikolas

    Very good article!

  • Frank Antonelli

    Hey Mevis, how are you liking your cellar dwelling status! Karma is a bitch! All Jet fans thank you for giving us Richardson, another pick next year and a ton of cash to get additional players. Go (*&)&()&* yourself.

  • Frank Antonelli

    Isn’t it ironic that Rex was on the hot seat when the season started and now it’s Schiano that will be out at year’s end! Karma is a b i t c h! Hey Mevis how are you enjoying your new coach and the Cover 2 defense you have to play in? Missing Rex you little b i t c h!

  • Frank Antonelli

    We have another pick coming for Mevis. I would say that Richardson is more than enough but why not be greedy and stick it to Mevis even more. Here is a great article on that scumbag known as Mevis:

    Landing in Tampa, Revis had reason for optimism, joining a young team that posted a three-win improvement in 2012 under first-year coach Greg Schiano.

    But for Revis, the circus wasn’t over. It loaded its trucks just as Revis was packing his bags.

    While the Jets have stunned everyone outside of Florham Park by winning three of their first five games this season after trading their best player, the Buccaneers — one of four winless teams left — have been an embarrassment on and off the field.

    Following another loss in Week 2, Revis was reported to be unhappy with Schiano’s strict style — honed in the collegiate ranks at Rutgers — and his defensive schemes, which rarely allow the cornerback the man-to-man coverage he excelled at with the Jets.

    For the man Idzik claimed wanted a contract of “historical proportions” to stay in New York, it’s fair to wonder how much Revis would pay to be 3-2, rather than 0-4.

    Everyone wondered how the Jets defense would do without their best player. Well, it is ranked second in the league and being anchored in the middle by rookie defensive lineman Sheldon Richardson, who was selected with the No. 13 pick the Jets acquired in the Revis trade.

    No one wondered what Revis would do without the Jets.

    What he did was find a bad, humid impersonation and grab a front-row seat to another implosion.

    The circus isn’t gone. It’s just gone south.

  • Frank Antonelli

    Hey Revis how are you liking being winless on the season. Karma for you b i t c h!

  • Frank Antonelli

    Hey Mevis you’re 0 and 7 and you’re old team is 4 and 3. KARMA B I T C H!!!! You’re paid 16M which is 1M per game and you were totally INVISIBLE tonight, no tackles NOTHING! Go #@%$#@% yourself Mevis.

  • Frank Antonelli

    Hey Mevis you’re 0 and 8 and you’re old team is 5 and 4. KARMA B I T C H!!!! You’re paid 16M which is 1M per game and you were totally INVISIBLE again, 3 measly tackles and no INTs again! Go #@%$#@% yourself Mevis.

  • Frank Antonelli

    Hey Mevis you piece of sh it. You get a crappy interception at the end of the game instead of knocking it down and having the ball on the 10 yard line of the Dolfags. You piece of shit only thinking about yourself and not the team. Hope you enjoy being 1 and 8! LOL! Go Folk yourself!

  • Frank Antonelli

    Hey Mevis youi piece of sh it. How did you enjoy the season. Your old coach is still around and your new coach is OUT! LOL. Oh yea thanks for Richardson and another pick in this upcoming draft. Take your money and go %&^**^% yourself!