Turn On The Jets Stock Watch – Super Bowl Weekend Edition

Mike Donnelly is buying and selling New York Jets off-season plans at Turn On The Jets

NFL: San Francisco 49ers at New York Jets

With the NFL offseason about to kick off, there are a lot of issues to deal with here in JestLand. So many in fact, that I think the only way to properly break them all down is with a special edition of the Stock Watch to buy and sell all things Jets as we get ready for the 2013 season.

BUY: Marty Mornhinweg Hire – I’m all in on the Marty M. hire. Aside from an upgrade at QB, the easiest and quickest way to improve an offense is by hiring an excellent offensive coordinator, and Marty was about as good as there was available on the market this offseason. We’ve been over his history of top 10 offenses and his usage of the West Coast Offense plenty of times here, so by now you should know what he brings to the table. We’re going to see a completely different style of offense in 2013, and I expect things to improve drastically. I mean, they can’t get any worse, right?

BUY: Mark Sanchez at QB – (Ducks) Ok, I know saying Mark Sanchez should be the starting QB in 2013 makes many of you want to throw a shoe at the computer, but that’s just the way it is. Joe touched on this yesterday, and everything he said was completely right. I’m not saying Mark Sanchez is going to be the long-term answer at QB in 2014 and beyond, but for 2013, he’s the most likely, and quite frankly, the best option we have. Look at the options we have available other than him: Tim Tebow is a goner, Greg McElroy isn’t the answer, the best cheap free agent options are guys like Tarvaris Jackson and Jason Campbell who both stink, and the 2013 draft class is downright putrid. 2014 is going to be the time where this team will look for their long-term answer at QB, but for 2013 Sanchez represents the best chance to win.

Now I’m sure many of you are saying if Sanchez is the QB, then the season is screwed before it even gets started, but I don’t think that’s necessarily the case. Call me crazy, or call me some disgusting urban dictionary words if you wish, but I think with this new system, some improvements on the line, and some continuity at the receiver position for once, Sanchez has a chance to be the serviceable QB he was before the 2012 catastrophe.

SELL: Trading Revis – We went over this in depth the other day, but it bears repeating. The Jets should absolutely NOT trade Darrelle Revis. We’re not going to get anywhere close to fair value, and trading him isn’t going to darrelle-revis-02magically land us a franchise QB. This is the number one issue with this team heading into the offseason, and we’re going to hear a thousand rumors between now and April, but I hope John Idzik’s first major order of business is to lock up the best defensive player in football long-term.

BUY: Draft a Pass Rusher at #9 – Since there is very clearly no QB worth drafting in the #9 spot of the first round, the Jets need to address their next most pressing need, and that is the pass rush. The team hasn’t had a pass-rushing OLB for years, and this is the time to get one. Our draft staff has done a great job breaking down the prospects in this year’s draft, and there are no less than 5 potential pass rushing options for us at #9. All of our linebackers are either useless, or heading into a retirement home, so we need a guy who can step in and play a major role from day one. Follow that up with at least one solid offensive line pick, and I’ll be happy with this draft.

BUY: Re-sign Braylon EdwardsWide receiver was a wasteland position for the Jets in 2012, but things can look much better in 2013 if Braylon is brought back. First of all, the team is up against the salary cap wall, so giving Braylon a 1-year low money contract makes a ton of sense. It will give Sanchez some continuity at the receiver position for basically the first time in his career, and it will give us four solid wide receiver options in Edwards, Santonio Holmes, Jeremy Kerley, and Stephen Hill. Bringing Edwards back will give Hill time to develop and not force him into a major role, and it gives us two tall receivers who can get down the field. It sure beats having Jason Hill and Mardy Gilyard out there.

SELL: Vlad Ducasse – To be fair, the big oaf wasn’t too awful in 2012, particularly as a run blocker. That being said, he should get zero — I repeat, ZERO — consideration as a starting guard in 2013, despite Matt Slauson and Brandon Moore being free agents. If they want to keep him around as a backup, then that’s fine I guess, but generally the less Vlad we see, the better.

SELL: Mike DeVito – This one pains me to say because I’m as big a fan of his as anybody, but I just don’t see how he can be back in 2013. He’s basically a luxury we can’t afford at this point, and he’s going to be able to get much more money on the open market than the Jets can afford. We drafted Quinton Coples in the first round last year and it’s time to throw him into the fire full-time and let him and Muhammad Wilkerson anchor the line going forward. It’s going to be terrible when he ends up playing for the Patriots next year. Damn it.

BUY: Sione Po’uha and Bart Scott on 1-year deals – Obviously both of these guys and their huge salaries are going to be cut the first chance the team gets, but I wouldn’t mind either one coming back on a minimum type one-year deal. Both can still be useful players, and we can’t replace everyone in one offseason. Po’uha is still a valuable run plugger if healthy, and he can form a nice rotation with Kenrick Ellis. As for Scott, I’m not sold on Demario Davis playing a full-time role yet, and Bart can still be valuable leader for the defense.

SELL: Calvin Pace or Bryan Thomas back on 1-year deals – Both of these guys are either going to be cut or have their contracts expire, but I don’t expect either one of them to be back, no matter how low of a contract they’re willing to accept. Both finished up the 2012 seasons with monstrous forks sticking out of their backs, and it’s time to move on with some fresh blood at outside linebacker.

BUY: Rob Ryan as linebackers coach – I don’t know if the Jets want to bring in Rex’s brother to coach the linebackers, but I would have no problem with that at all. I know lots of stupid fans and even stupider media members would have a field day with a hire like this, but it makes sense. Rex trusts him, he’s a good coach, we have a hole at the position after the horrific Bob Sutton left, and he can provide a valuable resource for new coordinator Dennis Thurman to lean on. And hey, if the season ends up being bad on the field, at least things will be awfully entertaining off of it.

Author: Mike Donnelly

Mike Donnelly is a Staff Writer and life-long Jets fan, who was previously a featured columnist at multiple other New York Jets and fantasy football websites. He lives and works in finance in the NYC area and will help lead our Jets and NFL coverage in 2013.

  • Anthony

    I agree with everything that you said, except drafting a pass rusher at #9.

    Quite frankly, that’s a waste in a draft that has as much depth at that position as this draft does. We need a pass rusher, that cannot be debated. However, the 2-5th round is littered with very good talent that does not seem altogether different from the first round.
    Margus Hunt
    Sam Montgomery
    William Gholston
    Cornellius Carradine
    Corey Lemonier (my favorite)

    Those are just some of the guys who will be available for the jets to take and who have as much upside (especially Margus and Lemonier IMO) as the Jarvis Jones, Dion Jordan, Berkevious Mingo group of pass rushers. This years class is scary.

  • Anthony

    I’d also argue that Jason Campbell is better then Mark Sanchez, but that’s splitting hairs a bit.

  • JetOrange

    Anthony,the Jets could use more than one DE/OLB. Pace and Thomas are gone

  • Anthony

    The odds of the jets getting 2 full time rookie starters out of the draft at LB are awfully slim. This draft is deep in them like I said, but they are probably expecting to bring in some low cost vets. It would make more sense for them to bring in a low cost vet, move Demario Davis back outside, give some more snaps to Sapp and McIntyre. The jets are not lacking linebackers. Mauga, Antonio Allen, Nick Bellore. Using two early picks instead of one on a DE that can compliment the last 2 DE 1st round picks back to back seems like its over-commitment at the expense of the rest of the team.

    Again, Chance Warmack seems like the obvious choice to improve the offense instantly.

  • Mark Phelan

    Agree except for: Revis, Po’uha, and Ryan Jr.

  • Mike Donnelly You are WRONG on so many levels its laughable. I cant stress enough how much I disagree on many of your Positions, But The Two that should have Most Jets fans scratching their heads are the ones on Revis and Sanchez.

    Firstly, on Revis… The JETS can NOT trade Revis and he cant be franchised because his contract wisely has a no trade clause.. he cant be traded unless HE AGREES TO BE TRADED! Most likely the Jets best bet is to find a team willing to pay Revis what he wants because after this year he walks. The cards are on the table and Revis has the winning hand. Even if The Jets had the cap room to give him the contract that he desires, It would make no sense for him not to test the open market to see if he can get a better offer after next year. Remember… he is going to be signing his LAST contract ever and every penny he gets counts (To Him and his ego) Either the Jets trade Revis or he walks next year. The Jets Cap makes it impossible for them to give him the money he wants this year because of Sanchez. Next year they may be able to do it… but by then it will be too late because HE WILL BE A FREE AGENT BY THEN AND SOME TEAM WILL OUTSPEND THE JETS! You don’t think the Bills or Dolphins would out bid the Jets on Revis to weaken their rival and get stronger defensively as well? Teams are already cutting their budget this year so they can pass that money to next years cap space just so they can have a chance at Revis! Revis knows as long as he does not Hold out he is a GONER in 2014… why NOT try to get as much as you can in the long run because its not like the Jets are winning anything next year regardless!

    Now on to Sanchez… You and Every other Jets Blogger continue to support Sanchez despite all the stats and evidence that he is a grade A bust. You insult the Jets for considering JaMarcus Russel when their stats are similar and Russel has much more upside than Sanchez. Russel let his talents go to waist… Sanchez has no talent. Jason Campbell was a back up and against the 49ERS and Ravens he looked terrible last year… Yet Sanchez looked ABYSMAL agianst the 49ers and the Ravens made him quit on his team and sit out a game in the first Quarter. Clearly, Sanchez is DONE in NY no matter how well he plays next year. Even if he plays better than Campbell AND Travaris Jackson I would rather see the latters start because Sanchez at his worse is FAR worse than Travaris and Campbell and more expensive as well. The Team also needs new blood and a new start in what will be a tough schedule next year. The only easy game the Jets have next year is against the Titans and they may be a much better team next year than we can imagine. You are making a mistake and a foolish attempt to win next year but As a Jets fan I don’t want to win… I want to place the building block for a great team like the Ravens and 49ERS who are in the superbowl today because of that strategy. We need a QB that has some upside! Vince Young and Jamarcus Russel have more upside than Sanchez.

    the jets should give up their 9th round pick and get more picks in the second round because its clearly the true strength of this draft… If they can get picks for Revis than this can be a great draft for the jets to fill in holes with cheap rookies and build a strong young team with depth like the 49ers. The Jets should draft Offense first and fill in their defensive needs later in the draft. Pass rushers are difficult to draft but a Guard or a WR early on are safe bets that fill holes where the Jets biggest needs are. Do you honestly believe the Jets would have won more games this year with better pass rushers? Their pass defense was already the best in the NFL and they lost because they could not score. Every h year Sanchez gets a pass because the media says the WRs cant get separation yet the Jets refuse to draft a game changing WR that can CATCH ( Thats includes Hill) Fix the Offense FIRST AND FOREMOST! the Jets already have a good defense even without Revis and Landry.

    In conclusion I think you are entirely wrong on the Jets priorities. The Jets are not going anywhere next year. Especially with the Patriots defense about to get better since their offense is declining and Bill Knows games will be closer now so his secondary will get better. The Seahawks game was an epiphany for Him. Even the Bills and Dolphins destroyed the Jets last time they faced each other. The Jets need to retool and it will take time. We have to rebuild from scratch to get younger and cheaper at both sides of the ball and Tebow and Sanchez are never going to start in the NFL ever again