No Huddle – NFL Scouting Combine Weekend Edition

TJ Rosenthal goes No Huddle on the New York Jets chatter coming out of Scouting Combine weekend

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Let’s Keep The NFL Combine In Perspective

Forty yard times and bench press reps have nothing to do with having a football acumen. The raw athleticism that the combine offers has it’s place but should only be icing on the cake. Not the cake itself.

Football talk in late February is fun, but let’s not hold our breath on how combine participants fare. There’s a lot more to the game than stopwatches.

Restructuring Holmes Deal: A Great Idea

The Jets have to start restructuring monster contracts as part of the process for freeing up cap space. Santonio Holmes is the perfect place to start, as reports surface that the club intends to do just that.

The Jets have received a back page with Tone boozing it up, a rough year that ended in turmoil in Miami, and an early season ending injury last year, for their investment so far.

Now It’s time for Holmes to be a team player. Let’s see if he really is one.

Thanks MadBacker

A final note to ex-Jet Bart Scott. Thank you. The “Can’t Wait” speech summed up a lifetime of frustration as a Jet fan. It put the arrogant smug Patriots in their place albeit for one day.

The season crashed a week later in Pittsburgh of course, as did the Rex Ryan upward trend, but we will not soon forget the feeling of overcoming the impossible that day.

Scott ran his mouth more than he made plays since that upset in Foxboro, but that win was so special on so many levels, we don’t care.

Wouldn’t It Be Nice If

Next season the Jets feature their RB’s in the passing game? Screens would at least fit the skill set of Joe McKnight, that’s for sure. How about drafting a shifty, speedy pass catcher? We’ve seen enough burrowing the last four years to last a lifetime.

On Revis

We haven’t heard 24 mention that be wants to be a Jet and will do his part to work within the team’s financial framework to remain one. Not since he’s complained about being left in the dark about his future in New York. When he does so, then the Jets should involve him in their thought process.