No Huddle – February Hibernation Edition

TJ Rosenthal goes No Huddle on the issues surrounding the New York Jets in the “quiet” time of the NFL year

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February is Football Hibernation

The only football news that makes headlines in February aside from post Super Bowl fallout are the notable cuts. The big-name players. The Jets will be involved shortly when some underachieving vets are shown the door, but aside from that storyline, we are all now in hibernation. This is part of the natural NFL cycle.

Free agency starts in March, the draft is in April. Minicamps are in June. The rebuilding of the Jets is essentially only weeks away,

Taking a back seat is humbling yes, but  always short lived. The Jets are never too far from the front pages.

So enjoy the break. Embrace it. The craziness will be back before you know it.

Jets Offense: Pass Happy?

Last year it was the “ground and pound.” Could next year be the “chuck and duck?” Yes, in a short range West Coast style designed by new OC Marty Mornhinweg. Only however, if a few receivers are added and QB1 can be a sharp decision maker and smooth faker.

Screens, slants, and quick reads with constant accurate throws on time. Sound like the qualities of Mark Sanchez to you? We didn’t think so. Sanchez needs to step up or sit down. The backup vet that GM John Idzik soon brings must be signed just to handle those basic chores if nothing else.

If #6 finally grows, or the vet controls the show, then yes, the Jets may be doing a 180 on offense in 2013.

Davis, Wilson and Coples: The Time Is Now

It is quite possible that Demario Davis will take over at one LB spot, Kyle Wilson will start at CB when Darrelle Revis is traded, and Quinton Coples will be handed a lot more responsibility if guys like Mike Devito are not brought back.

Much of what Rex Ryan wants to do on defense in 2013 comes down to how these three players fare when they are soon asked to elevate their production.

Wilson got a big taste of that world last year when Revis went down. He will have to be even better, especially if the Bell-Landry safety tandem doesn’t return as one.

Davis is a ‘born leader’ or at least that’s how the Jets feel about him. The defense needs a leader.  Perhaps the timing may be right for the second year pro.

Coples showed flashes last year of his first round talent. Should he blossom as Mo Wilkerson grows into an All-Pro alongside him, then the Jets strength on D may move quickly from the corners to up front.

There are many ‘Ifs’ with this trio, but the time is now for them to take what is theirs. Grabbing it for a team that needs their young starting players on both sides of the ball to rise up in the worst way.

  • subzero2401

    I sincerely hope the Jets come to their senses and dismiss the crazy idea of trading away one of the best players in franchise history in Darrelle Revis.

    I am of the firm belief that the Jets’ pass defense ranking in 2012 is misleading simply because there was very little need to throw on the Jets in 2012 as teams with leads prefer to run rather than throw in order to run out the clock.

    If as expected, the Jets are improved offensively under Marty Mornhinweg, teams may find themselves throwing more against them out of neccessity. I am not convinced Kyle Wilson is capable of holding up in that kind of situation. I believe if that happens, he (and to some degree, Cromartie) will be exposed.

  • Mark Phelan

    Wilson DID improve in 2112 – but does anyone think he is even competent?

    Davis may be a ‘natural leader’ but in 2112 the only time I saw him lead was in that wind sprint where he hurt himself.