No Huddle – Are Jets Prepared For March Madness?

TJ Rosenthal goes No Huddle and wonders if the New York Jets are ready for the madness that is going to start up in a few weeks

We are happy to kick off another week of New York Jets coverage here at Turn On The Jets with TJ Rosenthal’s No Huddle. Make sure to give him a follow on Twitter . Also remember to check back tomorrow for part 2 of Chris Gross interview with former NFL GM Ted Sundquist 

Can Sanchez Win The Fans Back?

We posed this question days ago and the general consensus from the fan base is, no. Unless of course he wins the job and wins games. Obviously. Winning the fans over though is secondary to winning his team’s trust back again. Guys like Antonio Cromartie still back Sanchez publicly, but do they REALLY believe in him?

Step one. Show your team that you can lead the way. The fans will follow from there.

Jets Must Avoid March Madness

Last March the Peyton chase turned into the Sanchez contract, followed by Tebow time. In other words, madness.

This March, as free agency begins, we want to see methodical, surgical-like precision. Cut some vets, free up some cap space, add a few wise pieces and go back into the war room. Quietly. To get ready for the draft. If not quietly then at least no explosions please. After all, these are the Jets. Quiet may be asking too much.

Nice Hearing From Thomas Jones

Thomas Jones surfaced on twitter this week, shouting out to many in Jets nation. It was nice hearing from a player that so many still respect for his class, leadership, no nonsense style, and consistent production. Good luck with all of your future endeavors TJ.

Six Million Dollar Man

Laron Landry wants six mil in 2013. We want the big hitter back. Do the Jets have the cash to make this happen? Does Landry have any wiggle room within his price demand?

If he stays it will be because of his play in 2012. If he goes it will be a financial decision. Here’s to hoping Laron Landry is a Jet next year.