New York Jets – An Off-Season Of Overreactions And Bad Jokes

The New York Jets rumor mill is producing nothing but overreactions and bad jokes with no long term perspective in mind

Gregg Rosenthal of appropriately called making fun of the New York Jets our “fifth national sport” this morning on Twitter. At this point, it doesn’t matter what rumor the team is associated with or how flimsy that information is, the only object of every beat writer and major NFL writer is to sprint to the keyboard and fire off a snarky Tweet preceded by “LOLZJETS…AMIRITE?” Context isn’t important, looking at the broader picture isn’t important and certainly common sense isn’t important.

It is always entertaining to hear fans of certain other NFL teams say “GOD, AT LEAST WE ARE NOT JETS FANS” – Do you know how many playoff wins Buffalo and Miami have combined for in the past ten years? ZERO. The Jets have six. When is the last time Cleveland Browns fans have celebrated a meaningful victory? MetLife Stadium may be a factory of drunken unhappiness on Jets Sundays but we aren’t at Factory Of Sadness Levels…yet.

Jacksonville fans? Oh…I forgot tarps can’t talk. All the Maganelli Dallas Cowboys fans in the area have seen one playoff win in the past 15 years. The Kansas City Chiefs haven’t won a playoff game since 1993! The Cincinnati Bengals since 1990! The list goes on but you get the point.

When a rumor surfaces that the New York Jets might have interest in signing Brady Quinn. It does not mean the Jets are 100% signing Quinn to a 7 year, 75 million fully guaranteed contract. It means they are considering bringing Quinn into training camp. Why? They need veterans to compete with Mark Sanchez…cheap veterans because they no have money to spend at quarterback. The stable of 2013 quarterbacks which is likely to be – Mark Sanchez, Retread Free Agent X, Mid-Round Draft Pick and Greg McElroy is a hold the fort situation until cap space frees up and the 2014 Draft rolls around. If the Jets bring in Brady Quinn or David Garrard it isn’t to be the long term quarterback it is to help hold the fort until 2014. The Jets want cheap and no long term commitment. Quinn? DING. DING. DING.

Your reality is that Mark Sanchez is probably going to be the starting quarterback next year and Jets fans should want him to be. I can promise you his resume is more impressive than whatever retread the Jets sign on the cheap. Hopefully he plays himself into having some type of trade value heading into the 2014 season because the rest of the teams in the NFL aren’t run by individuals who despise every movement Sanchez makes. “He rubbed his hair on the sideline…SO CODDLED AND MENTALLY WEAK!” – Chances are somebody says, “Hey this guy was a capable starter in 2010 and for parts of 2011, has won four playoff games, including one in New England, melted down in an awful situation but has first round talent. Let’s float a 5th round pick for him and let him compete.” This scenario becomes more likely if Sanchez can put up even a thoroughly unimpressive 17 touchdown, 16 interception, 3,000 yard season with a 55 completion percentage in 2013.

The point is you can laugh at these names but what do you expect the Jets to do? They are doing their due diligence on cheap options because they have limited financial flexibility in 2013 and want as much financial freedom as possible for 2014 and beyond. There isn’t going to be splashy signings or trades. There is going to be sitting out the first wave of overpaid free agents and hopefully finding a few solid low-cost contributors. There is going to be plenty of draft picks and plenty of 1st and 2nd year guys playing major reps this season. It will be painful at times but in the long run it will be for the betterment of the franchise.

Author: Joe Caporoso

Joe Caporoso is the Owner and EIC of Turn On The Jets. His writing has been featured in the New York Times, Huffington Post, MMQB and AdWeek. Caporoso played football his entire life, including four years at Muhlenberg as a wide receiver, where he was arguably the slowest receiver to ever start in school history. He is the VP of Social Media at Whistle Sports

  • Andrew Pugsley

    Great article!

  • subzero2401

    Excellent job, Joe…much needed perspective for the fan base.

  • joeydefiant

    This is the only Jets site I have found where I read an article and agree with it most of the time. Such a refreshing read. I used to read the Daily News/New York Post daily on the train for the sports sections. I couldn’t force myself to read any political/worldview articles in those rags ever. I haven’t purchased one in about five months due to the horrible coverage, made up stories, and overall negative vibe. Keep the great articles coming you definitely have one fan.

  • Boomer

    Love this article

  • Sorry but this Article is dead wrong… You assume that the people working for football think any less than the fans? The reason why the fans dislike Sanchez is the same reason why no sane GM would trade for Tebow last year except the Jets who were pressured by Woody Jhonson who is a neo conservative. They look at the tape… just like the fans. If you even think Sanchez will win 5 games next year as a starter with all the tough teams we face then you are dreaming.

    This year the Jets should treat Sanchez the same way they treated Tebow last year. Bring in Gaurrard, Geno smith or EJ Manuel and let the best man start… if you do that Sanchez will be the third string QB he deserves to be… NO MORE GIVING THE KEYS TO THE DRIVER WHO CANT DRIVE! Bring in Vince Young or Matt Moore, Jason Cambel… all players BETTER THAN SCRUBCHEZ. You want us to give Sanchez the keys for a 5th round pick?

  • KAsh

    “You assume that the people working for football think any less than the fans?”


    People who work in football approach these things with a cool head. It is their job; they are in this business and put a premium on clarity and sound judgement. Making wrong decisions affects their job security. (Case in point, Tony Sparano, who has gone from head coach to OC to offensive line coach in two seasons.)

    Fans read rumors and speculation, which plunge them into a crazy bizzaro-world where the sky is always falling, and they reemerge from it with conspiracy theories that they then rant about at work, on the train, online (pretty much to anyone who will listen). This is because they need somethings to distract them from the drag of regular life, and, frankly, just to have something interesting to say around the water cooler. They actually have more to talk about when their team is sucking like a dyson. (Case in point, the above comment.)

    Most conversations about who to bring in to compete with Sanchez involve former starters – last time I checked there were 31 other teams, and they all had backup QBs, who the teams thought could possibly replace their starting QB in case of injury. They are all cheap, and most are signed to short-term contracts. If you really think Sanchez is the bottom of the barrel, surely there is at least one backup QB who would cost the Jets $1-2 million to bring in and become the starter. Yet, all the discussion has been centered around winning former starters; Brady Quinn is considered a joke because he has a losing record.

  • Mark Phelan

    Forget 2013! Where do we get our QB for 2014?

  • Tom

    Thank you!

  • Jimi

    Ha Jets ville you are exactly who this article is about. Im not one to jump ro Sanchez’s defense anymore but you didn’t name one QB that would have won more than 4 games last year with that sorry O-Line and weak excuse for a running game/WR core. He is still unfortunately our best option at QB and to be honest…deserves one last chance. Do yourself a favor and watch more NFL than just replays of Sanchez’s butt fumble. You’d see that Garrard Young Campbell etc. Are the real scrubs. You also cannot come off credible when you can’t even spell ‘Campbell’.

  • twoshady

    To the average Jets “fan”:

    I for one would actually like to see Sanchez succeed instead of fail. I have watched this kid play and in my although admittedly amateur opinion, i believe he has the talent and athleticism to succeed in the NFL (though maybe not with the Jets. But look at what a change of scenery did for Drew Brees!) So Sanchez didnt handle well losing games, a declining roster, the Tebow circus, etc. all with constant coverage by the “can’t wait until they fail” New York media. How many of you armchair QB’s sitting in your lazy boy comfortably at home could deal with that kind of pressure? It’s too easy to just grab torches and pitchforks after a 1+ year meltdown. In actuality, I thought he carried himself very well with the media. Sanchez does not suck, but he does make mistakes and mistakes can be corrected. what you can’t teach is ability and Mark has more ability than any other QB on the Jets roster and more ability than your fat ass sitting in the stands at MetLife or lounging on your living room sofa shoveling Cheetos into your obnoxious mouth and washing it down a 30 rack of Bud Light. Yes, I too took a ride on the “Hate Sanchez” bus for a while, but I am now getting off at the next stop and patiently hoping for a good success story for Mark.

  • mike

    first of all i can’t finish a whole 30 rack by myself, that’s crazy.
    second of all, sanchez is about as bad as a pro quarterback can be, at least at this point in his career. last year at this time it was schotty’s fault, now it’s sparano’s, tannenbaum’s, shonn greene’s, etc. basically there’s a part of the fan base that thinks it’s “smart football” to blame everyone but the quarterback. stick with the first-round talent because, hey, what else you got?
    but sanchez’s turnovers are his. he’s been in the league 4 seasons now, how many times can you watch the kid throw the ball late and high over the middle and blame his coordinator?
    he’s inaccurate, he makes horrible decisions, and his arm strength isn’t even elite. the whole circus around this team starts with him. rex ryan’s defense will be playoff-caliber in 2013, yet again. all the jets need to compete is a qb who isn’t playing for the other team.

  • Addage

    To Mike and all the other SOJF’s, it might be smart to remember that Sanchez twice took us to the final 4. Few quarterbacks accomplish that. Is he a great QB? Obviously not, but with the right cast he can be effective.

    If you have to blame someone, it’s Tannenbaum. Woody correctly fired him. Mike is a talented GM who will be far more effective in his next tour of duty. But he took too many risks that did not pan out. Trading up for reasonable but not excellent players (Revis excepted), trading for Farve and Tebow, all depleted our supply of picks and explain the deterioration of our offense.

    Rex protected the D. And while they were far from perfect, they were a pretty good unit.

    If Idzik successfully plugs a few holes in free agency (hold the fort guys) and adds some good players in the draft, the Jets could be a pleasant surprise. Not world beaters, but better than 2012.

  • twoshady

    it’s a borderline ignorant assessment of the Jets problems to simply blame the QB. Yes a Peyton Manning like QB could probably have carried the declining Jets team these past two years, but how many of those QB’s are out there? I can only think of maybe 3. Jets play calling was unbelievably predictable. How many dropped passes did we see? How many times did the QB end up on his back? where was the run game? Putting a brand new turbo boost on a poorly running engine will only get you a few more miles down the road. Jets need much more than an elite QB.

  • mike

    dear twoshady,
    sanchez has 112 turnovers in 62 career games (and 60 turnovers in his last 31, so he’s getting a lot worse). when your starting quarterback is the worst quarterback in the nfl (by leaps and bounds), it isn’t ignorant to blame him for losses, it’s freaking obvious.
    a defensive team doesn’t need an elite qb, they need a qb who won’t TURN THE BALL OVER TWICE EVERY GAME!!! the general manager is not out there every week swinging the ball around in one hand or missing wide open targets.

  • twoshady

    Dear Mike,
    It pains me that you are putting me in the position of having to defend Sanchez, because he is impossible to defend. My initial comment was merely to state that I would rather see a success story than a failure because I am a Jets fan. There are far too many fair weather fans out there that only seem to like the Jets when they are winning. The streets were suddenly awash with green jerseys in 2009 and 2010, but the bandwagon has now slowed to a crawl and only a few brave souls are left still wearing Jets gear. Sanchez was an efficient game manager and had ball control in those years, so the ability IS there. My point is that it is not beyond the realm of possibility that Sanchez can still salvage his career with NY, and since we are left with no choice at QB this year anyway… why not route for a turnaround instead of failure? A true fan should want to see any Jets player succeed rather than fail. I’m assuming that we all follow the Jets for entertainment and I for one would find that scenario far more entertaining to watch.