New York Jets – 49ers Collecting Revis Bait?

Is it only a matter of time before Darrelle Revis is traded to the San Francisco 49ers by the New York Jets?

The San Francisco 49ers traded quarterback Alex Smith to the ever-foolish Kansas City Chiefs for a 2013 second round pick and a 2014 conditional mid-round pick today, leaving them with an expected 15…yes 15 draft picks this April. Five of those picks are in the top 100 – 31st, 34th, 61st, 74th and 93rd overall. Darrelle Revis-Bait? It sure sounds like it.

It is no secret the 49ers need to improve their secondary. It is also no secret they don’t need to add fifteen draft picks to their roster, considering their track record for barely playing any of their picks last season. They are without question the most logical trade partner for the New York Jets right now, if they feel they cannot sign Revis to a long term contract. We talked yesterday about embracing the rebuild and that rebuild will be easier to embrace with a boatload of draft picks and/or players coming as compensation for Revis.

You want to turn around a roster quickly? Get at least two of those top 100 picks from San Francisco to go with the 3 top 100 picks you already have and also discuss getting a player back from positions they are overloaded at. Does San Francisco really need Kendall Hunter now that they have LaMichael James? Probably not and he’d be a nice fit in Marty Morhinweg’s offense. Are they not ready to roll with AJ Jenkins in a major role yet? The Jets could use wide receivers, particularly if Santonio Holmes ends up being cut. The 49ers have no shortage of assets and if they really want to push their already stacked team over the top, they will do what it takes to get their hands on Revis.

It is futile to speculate on hypothetical trade packages but as a thought exercise let’s look at three different scenarios that could happen in a 49ers/Jets trade.

San Francisco receives Darrelle Revis, New York receives 31st overall pick, 61st overall pick, 2014 conditional mid-round pick

The New York Jets are now picking at #9, #31, #39, and #61 and have enhanced their 2014 crop of picks. Let’s say they end up with Ezekiel Anash or Barkevious Mingo with the 9th overall pick, improving their outside linebacker and pass rushing situation. They then see Eddie Lacy and Giovani Bernard dropping into the low 20s, they now have the ammunition to move up to grab one of the top running backs in the Draft. They package #31 and #61 to move up and get their needed starting running back. Now they still have the 39th overall pick to add the best Guard or Wide Receiver on the board or maybe take a shot on EJ Manuel at quarterback. Not an awful collection of players to start over with right? Nevermind the extra cap space long term by not having Revis.

San Francisco receives Darrelle Revis, New York receives 31st overall pick, running back Kendall Hunter, 74th overall pick

The Jets still have 3 picks in the top 40, with #9, #31, #39 and now have a nice piece to add to their backfield. Hunter would provide needed speed and pass catching ability, a must in Marty Mornhinweg’s system. Joe McKnight could be shipped out to a team desperate for a kick returner. Now maybe the Jets wait until the middle rounds to add a player like Stepfan Taylor at running back and then with their top three picks add an Outside Linebacker, Guard and maybe a Safety or Wide Receiver.

San Francisco receives Darrelle Revis, New York receives 31st overall pick, 34th overall pick and 2013 6th round pick

The Jets now have the #9, #31, #34, #39 overall pick. They decide to be aggressive with this collection, move up from #9 to make sure they grab Dion Jordan at outside linebacker by packaging the 39th overall pick. Then instead of standing pat at #31, they move up the necessary spots by throwing in the 34th overall pick to make sure they end up with quarterback Geno Smith. Now they have a high profile quarterback and a high profile pass rusher to show as return on Darrelle Revis.

Author: Joe Caporoso

Joe Caporoso is the Owner and EIC of Turn On The Jets. His writing has been featured in the New York Times, Huffington Post, MMQB and AdWeek. Caporoso played football his entire life, including four years at Muhlenberg as a wide receiver, where he was arguably the slowest receiver to ever start in school history. He is the VP of Social Media at Whistle Sports

  • Hillel

    Sounds like a pretty sweet deal for the Jets. They can make major improvements at several key positions.

  • Addage

    Enjoyed your thoughts.

    Your trade up scenarios are very Mike Tannenbaum. Now I like Mike. Above average GM in a zero sum game whose tendency to “swing for the fences” led him to make some significant errors in judgement. Will be a much better GM the second time around.

    This draft will pay those who are slow and cautious because it is deep. Idzik, who has the benefit of following Tannenbaum (and I think by personality as well) will want to be cautious.

    So I think Jets would keep the choices and even trade down as opportunity allows (maybe). More teams want to trade down than up these days.

    Stockpile players. Maybe add some 14 picks. Position yourself to trade up in 14 to get a QB.

    Be strong in 2014.

  • Anthony

    Getting picks back for revis seems reasonable… until you get into your trades and it becomes rediculous.

    Basically revis is worth only about 2 30ish picks and a 6. Or a 30 a 60 and spare change elsewhere.

    Trading up to get eddie lacy or Geo Bernard, both of whom are mid 3rd round RBs in a normal draft, worse in a good RB class.

    This team needs a rebuild if they move revis, and you’re suggesting a tannanbaum like approach to the draft of getting surgical picks.

    If we move revis it should be for 4-6 players/picks that allow us to carpet bomb specific needs. If instead of Dion Jordan we took Berkevious Mingo, Cornelius Carradine and Corey Lemonier.

    The strength of this draft is depth, trading up and getting early picks alone is silly.

  • KAsh

    You are preaching to “embrace the rebuild” but you are suggesting the types of moves that got the Jets into hot water in the first place. If the Jets do wind up trading Revis and get the 31st and 34th overall pick, their strategy should be to draft the best players available when those picks come up. The team has a lot of needs, and even can use depth at the positions that do not need to be immediately addressed. Furthermore, this draft is weak and deep at most positions; besides getting an elite OLB/DE at #9 (and it is funny that there seem to be so many “elite” pass-rushers that one MUST still be there at #9) almost every other position should either be avoided or can be picked up later in the draft at only a slightly lesser value.

    In a year in which everyone wants to trade down, trading up can be cheaper than normal, but the Jets should go with the flow this time around. If you are rebuilding, draft as many solid quality players as possible instead of reaching and wagering picks on wild gambles.

  • KAsh

    And, while we are on this, how many total picks in the 30s range is a healthy Revis worth?

  • I agree with Kash. Do not give up any of our draft pics! We have so many holes that need to be filled, hence re building and I get what you meant about trading a later pic, but I think we should keep all pics, and start this rebuild right. Thanks, and good read.

  • Joe Caporoso

    I think you guys make fair points – However, outside of QB – This isn’t a bad draft, in particular there is very good depth at positions of need for the Jets like RB, OG and S. I disagree that Gio or Lacy or 3rd round RB prospects, I think they are good value in the 20-40 range and could immediately start on this team. I can’t say I disagree with the thought of staying put with acquired picks and just taking the best player available because this team has so many needs. However, if you could go get a Dion Jordan or Lacy, I might be inclined to do it just because of how badly they need a starter at OLB and RB. Trading up for Geno? That was more a splashy move that the team could pitch in the wake of a Revis trade and I wouldn’t necessarily be a fan of it…just a thought on something that could occur.

    Good points though and thanks for reading/interacting!

  • matr dontelli

    i hate to see reivis go, however, he is a mercenary. show him the most money. he says he wants to be a jet for life but has shown no willingness to work with the team to make it happen. you can’t want the most money AND want to stay with a team for life. hopefully frisco wants him bad enough that idzik can channel his inner alderson and hold them hostage for a super haul of picks, like their top 5! like you alluded to, frisco needs reivis more than they need those picks. i’m excited about the possible trade, yet i’ll hate reivis the rest of his career for forcing it, even if it turns around the jets, ’cause it didn’t have to be this way.

  • Jeff

    First off I want to say I dont want to trade Revis at all but if we do and to the 49ers, this is something I want in return. Take their 34th pick this year, then I want their next years first round pick as next years draft will have more firepower then this years and you know itll be a late pick could be 31, or 32. Then if we get a player to such as hunter or someone else they are willing to give up. I think we should take the best available player this year in the draft but if we have our first round pick next year and S.F first round next year we could then trade up if we need to for a qb such as bridgewater, murray, johnny football, boyd or whoever else jumps up to the best qb of next years class.

  • I like all those options… The 49ers are a solid team with no needs outside Corner and maybe a safety or WR… This draft is not important to them as it is to the Jets… If they can get Revis to agree he gets to play for a contender next year and prove he is the best corner to the Seahawks mouthy Sherman twice a year. If the Jets can get 2 picks and a player its a great deal. If they only get one pick and a player this year and a conditional pick next year just how the 49ers traded for Alex smith then its tough but necessary. The Jets should opt for Geno and a top DT because this team needs new blood next year badly!

  • joeydefiant

    Revis is worth 2 1st round picks and either a 3-5th round or a player like Kendall Hunter/Delanie Walker. Anything less is stupid. Another scenario where you get his worth would be a 1st round pick and Vernon Davis. You can’t just draft a sure hall of fame/best at his position player. Two draft picks just don’t cut it. The only way you trade your best player is if someone offers you MORE than he is worth. I would prefer he stay and will HATE the new GM if he gets any less than the above if they do trade him. It is totally ridiculous that Woody Johnson/New GM have not tried to make a deal already with the teams best player who was promised by the owner/management that a new deal would be worked out in 2013.

  • joeydefiant

    I don’t know why people think Revis is a mercenary me first player. He agreed to a band-aid/lesser contract. The Jets were the ones who PROMISED him that the contract would be reworked. They promised it would be reworked in 2012 then changed their minds to 2013. He held out for awhile and then caved in and played fully expecting the contract to be reworked in 2013. Right now is the best time to rework that deal and sign him long-term. He is coming off a big injury. They have some leverage and could sign him for a good deal with half guaranteed and a large half based on performance/play certain amount of games to where he only gets top pay if he performs as the best CB coming off of injury. Something like 6 years with 5 million a year guaranteed (30 million) and another 5 million a year (30 million) tied to performance goals. Max $10 million a year/$60 million for six years but the Jets are only on the hook for 5 mil/year 30 mil/total if he isn’t the same player. He gets stability and guaranteed money for life and the Jets get the best CB in football without too much risk. Start working already Idzik!!!