NFL Draft 2013 – Zev Sibony’s Mock Draft 1.0



Turn On The Jets draft writer Zev Sibony submits his first mock draft of 2013. Check out Chris Gross Mock Draft from last week as well – 

1. Kansas City Chiefs – Geno Smith, Quarterback, West Virginia – Kansas City needs a lot of things. But I think they go with Smith here to fix their QB issue. He can work with Jamaal Charles and they can resign Dwayne Bowe. I think he fits with what Andy Reid wants to do and possibly see him as Donnovan McNabb 2.0, maybe better.

2. Jacksonville Jaguars – Damontre Moore, Defensive End, Texas A&M – Another team that has a lot of holes. I don’t think the defensive minded Gus Bradley takes an offensive player here. Moore fits their 4-3 defense perfectly and is a great talent. Seems like a logical pick by Jacksonville.

3. Oakland Raiders – Sylvester Williams, Defensive Tackle, University of North Carolina – Sometimes Oakland makes picks that make you scratch your head. I don’t think this is one of those times. Sly Williams has been shooting up draft boards recently. His play in the Senior Bowl this past weekend was crazy. He was moving people around easily and lived in the backfield. You might think “But Star Lotulelei is still on the board” well Sly is a better fit in the 4-3 scheme they play.

4. Philadelphia Eagles – Star Lotulelei- Defensive Tackle, Utah – Obvious pick for a team moving to a 3-4 defense. I know they have Fletcher Cox and Cullen Jenkins, but neither are big enough to be a 3-4 Nose Tackle. Star Lotulelei is a force and a HUGE guy. Perfect fit for the 3-4 Nose Tackle.

5. Detroit Lions – Bjoern Werner – Defensive End, Florida State – Cliff Avril is a free agent and Kyle Van Den Bosch just isn’t what he used to be. KVDB is still under contract for another year or two, bringing in Bjoern Werner to take Avril’s spot fits their biggest need right away.

6. Cleveland Browns – Barkevious Mingo, Defensive End, LSU – With Ray Horton coming in, one has to think they’re moving from a 4-3 to a 3-4 scheme. With big Phil Taylor at the nose, they have capable 3-4 DEs, but with Kiki Mingo on the board, it makes sense they’ll want to draft an excellent OLB prospect. Mingo has boom or bust potential, but I think that he will be a boom pick and Cleveland takes a chance on him.

7. Arizona Cardinals – Mike Glennon, Quarterback, NC State – One of the only teams that had a worse QB situation than the Jets. Mike Glennon has been doing better and better with his latest showing in the Senior Bowl practices and game. One team will take a chance on him, but I don’t think he will ever be a “franchise” QB type guy.

8. Buffalo Bills – Ryan Nassib, Quarterback, Syracuse – Nassib will get drafted by his former coach at Syracuse. He was as average as it gets at ‘Cuse, but showed progress from time to time. I think Marrone reaches and brings him in. Kind of like a Rex and Sanchez type deal. New coach, riding with his guy. I’m not 100% sold on Nassib though.

9. New York Jets – Chance Warmack, Guard, Alabama – Well ladies and gentlemen, here it is. This is the best guard in the draft and it is the best move for the Jets to make. Some may cringe at taking a lineman in the top 10, but I don’t care. He is worth it. Best Guard in the country on the best line in the country in the best conference in the country. Yes please.

10. Tennessee Titans – Kenny Vaccaro, Safety, Texas – This is one of those picks that is need based as opposed to talent based. But Vaccaro is the best safety in the draft and the Titans need one real bad. Then again, they need a lot of things since they’re selecting in the top 10, but this is the proper pick for them.

11. San Diego Chargers – Luke Joeckel, Tackle, Texas A&M – Joeckel is the best Tackle in the draft. SD needs a lot help along the O-Line. This is a good start. Nail meet head.

12. Miami Dolphins – Eric Fisher, Tackle, Central Michigan – The 2nd best Tackle in the draft. He has been coming on strong as of late and improving his stock by the day. It’ll be tough, but he may overtake Joeckel for the #1 Tackle in the draft. Either way, Jake Long is a Free Agent and he wants $10 million per year according to ESPN. I don’t see Miami putting that money into resigning him because they need their cap space for other pieces.

13. Tampa Bay Buccaneers – Dee Milliner, Cornerback, Alabama – After trading away Aqib Talib, they have no viable Cornerbacks. Also, Milliner played with their recent #1 pick, Mark Barron, at Alabama. Milliner also has the skill to play a little Safety too.

14. Carolina Panthers – Johnathan Hankins, Defensive Tackle, OSU – Would replace Sione Fua at DT. Hankins is excellent against the run, has great size, hands and feet quickness and great durability. Fits schematically with Carolina as well. Drop him in, let him play.

15. New Orleans Saints – Jarvis Jones, Outside Linebacker, Georgia – The best 3-4 OLB in the draft. People might make a big deal about the spinal stenosis that was recently found. I don’t think it’ll make a difference. N.O. needs a rush OLB, especially if Eric Mangini is going to be the D-Coordinator, which are the rumors right now. Jones will be a great piece because with Mangini, they’ll likely switch from a 4-3 to a 3-4.

16. St. Louis Rams – Lane Johnson, Tackle, Oklahoma – St. Louis needs someone to protect Sam Bradford. Lane Johnson is an excellent Tackle that can be a part of the Offensive line for the future.

17. Pittsburgh Steelers – Ezekiel Ansah, Defensive End, BYU- Lamarr Woodley is getting up there in age and in the Senior Bowl Ansah shocked the hell out of me. I think he can make the switch to 3-4 OLB and even though he is still raw, being with the Steeler defense is the right place for him to cut his teeth and become a better player.

18. Dallas Cowboys – Jonathan Cooper, Guard, University of North Carolina-  Oh the Cowboys. They need help mostly on the interior of their line. Cooper is the best guard who isn’t name Chance Warmack. This is a good start to fixing their needs.

19. New York Giants – Manti Te’o, Inside Linebacker, Notre Dame –  The GMen need a lot of help in the inside of their defense. Blackburn and Rivers didn’t play that great this year, and they need help. Their O-Line wasn’t very good either but look for them to retool that in Free Agency.

20. Chicago Bears – Larry Warford, Guard, Kentucky – So an O-Line worse than the Cowboys’ is Chicago’s. They have been bad for a few years now. Warford was crazy impressive in the Senior Bowl and the first 1st round prospect that Kentucky has had in years. Taking Warford here would be a good start to rebuilding their line.

21. Cincinnati Bengals – Alec Ogletree, Inside Linebacker, Georgia – While not the BEST fit for a 4-3 ILB, he is good enough to play one of the OLB spots for Cincinnati. Either way. Rey Maualuga is extremely slow and gets beat all over the field. Ogletree will make plays for someone in the league. The Bengals should try and cut bait with Rey and get a faster and better linebacker in Ogletree.

22. St. Louis Rams – Tyler Eifert, Tight End, Notre Dame–  Since they addressed part of their O line issue earlier in the 1st, their next issue is Tight End. They don’t have one. Tight Ends are supposed to be security blankets for young QBs and Bradford never had one. Eifert is a phenomenal receiving Tight End. Only a decent blocker though.

23. Minnesota Vikings – Keenan Allen, Wide Receiver, Cal – They had one of the best OLs in the league. The best RB in the league. Percy Harvin is excellent when healthy, but they need someone else for Ponder to throw the ball to. Keenan Allen is a great WR and Michael Jenkins and Jerome Simpson just aren’t enough. Allen will get the job done on the next level. He has great ball and separation skills. He also has great size and route running ability.

24. Indianapolis Colts- DJ Fluker, Tackle, Alabama – The Colts need help with the Right side of their line. Insert DJ Fluker, who got overlooked a lot because of the rest of the OL. The entire unit is going pro. But Fluker has incredible skills. His pass pro can use a little bit of work, but excels in the run game better. He’s getting drafted, and early. Just a matter of when.

25. Seattle Seahawks – Sheldon Richardson, Defensive Tackle, Mizzou – Sheldon Richardson was another really impressive player in the Senior Bowl. He fits perfectly in Seattles 4-3 and they can use help at the Defensive Tackle spot. Neither Branch, nor Mebane were overly impressive this year. Richardson can and will help if drafted.

26. Green Bay Packers- Travis Frederick, Center, Wisconsin – Green Bay needs help in the interior of their OLine. Dietrich-Smith is not a good center at all. Travis Frederick is the best Center in the draft. He started at the Wisconsin powerhouse since his freshman year.

27. Houston Texans – Cordarelle Patterson, Wide Receiver, Tennessee – They have nobody playing across from Andre Johnson. Drafting Patterson will shore up their receiving corps for Matt Schaub.

28. Denver Broncos – John Jenkins, Defensive Tackle, Georgia – He is a big boy that can play interior line right next to Derek Wolfe in their 4-3 defense. The fit is there and for a team that was one fluke play from the AFC championship game they don’t have many holes to fill.

29. New England Patriots – DeAndre Hopkins, Wide Receiver, Clemson – As a Jets fan, I hate this pick. Nuke Hopkins had a great year and if they get a deal done with Welker, and Edelman comes back from injury next year. It can be scary to think what Hopkins can do with Tom Brady throwing the ball around.

30. Atlanta Falcons – Sam Montgomery, Defensive End, LSU – John Abraham is in his contract year, If he doesn’t want to resign for a fair price, they’ll have a spot to fill. Montgomery is a 4-3 end and had 8 sacks last year for LSU. He can bring a youthful burst of energy to Atlanta’s D-Line.

31. San Francisco 49ers- Matt Elam, Safety, Florida – Some might think that it is a reach to take Elam this high, but he has  had a good career at Florida and SF might have a safety spot to fill if Goldson leaves in free agency.

32. Baltimore Ravens – Sharrif Floyd, Defensive Tackle, Florida – For Florida he played Defensive End AND Defensive Tackle in their 4-3. He had 2 sacks in the Sugar bowl against Teddy Bridgewater, but I think he can play Defensive End in the Ravens’ 3-4 schemes.

  • Giovanni Mancini

    You are a fool if you think Luke Joeckel will fall that far.

  • Zev Sibony

    People disagreeing with me having Luke Joeckel “fall” to #11. I REALLY didnt think it would happen either because he is so good. But it just happened like that based on team needs and players available.

  • Zev Sibony

    Lastly, if I saw him at the Shrine game or Senior Bowl Joeckel wouldve been higher. I know he couldnt play in those bc he is a Junior. But remember people, this is my 1.0 mock. More coming

  • Giovanni Mancini

    What?! Just because you didn’t see him play in the Senior Bowl justifies you allowing him to fall to 11? The jets would be fools to take Warmack over Joeckel as you have it.

  • Joe Caporoso

    Not sure about Joeckel falling to 11 – But Jets wouldn’t be fools to pass him for Warmack. The Jets have zero guards under contract for next year, unless you plan on starting Vlad Ducasse. They have Ferguson and Howard under contract to play tackle.

  • Zev Sibony

    Was just going to say that. Their Guard problem is much much worse than their tackle situation. So Guard > Tackle in terms of importance.

  • Sean

    If you were able to have trades in your mock, does KC trade down to get Smith at a better value? Or is his stock and the need for a franchise QB high enough that he needs to go first overall?

  • Sean

    Also, other writers on here have repeatedly said that a legitimate pass rush from OLB will really open up Wilkerson and Coples and turn them into an elite defensive front.

    Considering that, and the Jets lack of a pass rush for years, do you really think they take Warmack with Jarvis Jones on the board? If they re-sign 1 of Slauson or Moore before the draft, what do you think then?

  • Zev Sibony

    Sean, I think trades happen. A lot of them. Also have to think about what Andy does before then draft. If they make a play for a QB in FA before the draft then I think they go with Joeckel or another OL. Earlier today I bread something that said it is very unlikely for them to choose a QB. So patience is necessary. This is the first round of our mock drafts. Things change. And secondly, you’re right about the OLB thing. I want then jets to get a second 1st round pick and take an OLB that can be the great pass rusher we need. If not, this draft is deep from top to bottom in defense. If they stockpile enough picks, they can get enough guys to make a difference.

  • Anthony

    There has never been an offense that was ever great or even slightly consistent without a rock solid or dare I say dominant offensive line. Average teams can become great a solid supporting cast and a great offensive line. Everyone suggesting QB or WR is delusional because the fact is we’ve made our offensive investments, and the best way that we can expect a return on those investments, however marginal we believe they may be, is to create an environment conducive to success. That means a successful and effective gameplan, playcalling, and an offensive line that knocks the snot out of the defense. QB, WR, RB will all of themselves from that point on.

  • floppy

    There is no way a QB will be taken first overall in this draft. If KC wants a QB they will definitely trade down

  • karl pacelli

    If the Jets can get Eric Fisher at #9 and then put him at RT and move AH to guard wouldn’t they be upgrading two positions with one draft choice?

  • Zev Sibony

    Karl, That is a really good point, and its something I honestly havent thought of. But then you have to think of how Austin Howard would deal with moving to Guard. Secondly, he wasnt really that bad, he was a really good run blocker and an average pass protector. He has room for improvement too. What Ive noticed is that he fell victim to having Sanchez hold onto the ball a bit too long. Its just dealing with unknowns. We have a O-lineman draft roundtable coming up later today. Check it out


    Yeah I’m not a fan of this Warmack obsession…he just doesn’t seem like the type of guard that would be in Morhninweg’s system and I feel like spending a top 10 pick on one for his system is a waste…plenty of depth @ OG in rounds 2-4 I’d take a pass rusher or Vaccaro @ 9 in that mock over Warmack

    Also mocking Nassib to the Bills just seems lazy, I know they have the Cuse HC & OC but idk…guess it’s possible though, I could see Tyler Wilson going there instead

  • Zev Sibony

    Warmack will be a Pro Bowl caliber Guard in any system on any team. So buy it or not, he will be an All-Pro for someone. Id prefer it were the Jets.

    Im not mocking Nassib to the Bills. It wasnt lazy actually. I did a bunch of research and the Bills and Marron are already really high on Nassib. So if he performs well at his pro day and the combine, it would be a surprise for the Bills to take him.