Scouting Alabama’s Top NFL Draft Prospects In 2013



A big welcome to Zev Sibony who is going to assist Chris Gross and Frank Giasone with the Turn On The Jets NFL Draft Coverage. In the aftermath of the National Championship Game, Zev takes a look at Alabama’s top NFL prospects, while Frank looked at Notre Dame’s. Both will also take into consideration if any of the prospects could be a good fit for the New York Jets – 

After watching The BCS national title game it’s clear to see that Alabama has a lot of NFL talent. I know I was saying to myself “Dang, how many of these players can the Jets really use?” Well the answer is a lot. Sadly not all of them are declaring for the draft this year or aren’t eligible. Of the ones that are eligible, the Jets could use most of them. But not all. Here are the top 6 players the Jets should go after in this year’s draft.

Chance Warmack 6’3” 320 lbs – OG – Chance is the best Guard in the draft. As a senior he led the offensive line in its dominance over the SEC and the rest of the country. Not only being the physical leader, he was the emotional leader for a group that had a lot of pressure riding on them. Everyone knows that Alabama, at the beginning of the season, their question was “Can you make it back to the National Title game?” Well their run started with the O-Line and finished that way. Chance has great feet and hands and is excellent in pass and run blocking. There is a reason he is ranked the #1 O-Lineman in the draft.

Eddie Lacy 6’1” 220 lbs.- RB – It is clear that the Jets need a workhorse running back for the future that they can rely on. Shonn Greene isn’t that. Bilal Powell MIGHT be that, but he hasnt gotten enough carries. And finally I dont think Joe McKnight can be that either. In a draft that isn’t deep in Running backs, Lacy and UNC back Giovanni Bernard are 1 and 2. Lacy had 1,322 yards with 17 TDs while averaging 6.48 yards per carry. The Jets should sign up for that immediately. Granted he was playing behind the best offensive line in the country it is about what he did after getting through the hole. He has a great first instinct and vision to get through the hole and knows what he is doing when he is through. He plays very shifty and can also make people miss. In addition to that, Lacy has above average top end speed and will lower his shoulder and truck somebody. To me, this seems like a defacto 2nd round pick for us, if he makes it there. He is sure to see his draft stock go up after the game.

Barrett Jones 6’4” 312 lbs.- C/G/T– Barrett Jones is a tough son of a gun. In 3 national championship games, he started and played 3 different positions. For a team that is rebuilding their offensive line, he should be on their list. He can play backup to Nick Mangold, take Austin Howard’s spot or take Matt Slauson’s spot. He can also be the the Right Guard in waiting because Brandon Moore doesn’t have much left. I think the Jets should look at him because he provides great value for where he will get drafted. According to he is projected to go in the 1st or 2nd round. It would be a great move if the Jets could trade into the 2nd round, get another pick, and pick him up. Plus, he mentioned he was playing with a Lisfranc injury that needs surgery. So that is a testament to his toughness.

D.J. Fluker 6’6” 335 lbs.- OT– Mainly a RT- Fluker excels in run blocking while having average pass protection abilities. He is a massive RT that is maturing and works hard. He reportedly had weight issues but has worked hard to lose his excess weight and stay fit. That would be something to look at. If he stays in good shape I think he can be a great addition but once again, it’s a matter of if he stays in shape. Fluker is also pretty underrated as it is. It is hard to measure up to guys like Barrett Jones and Chance Warmack, but he has held his own. Against Texas A&M he held his own against Demontre Moore, who is projected to be in the top 10.

Michael Williams 6’6” 269 lbs.- TE – Mike Williams is more of a blocking Tight End, but the Jets have really been lacking in that with Dustin Keller. Williams, has said he wants to be more involved in the pass game in the next step of his career, so we can watch where that goes. As a late round pick, he could be considered to bring help in for the Tight End position.

C.J. Mosley 6’2” 232 lbs- OLB – To be honest I didn’t know much about him before last night. After watching the game, I did some research and Mosley had 107 tackles from the OLB spot. The Jets need help at the Outside Linebacker position. This seems like a fit.

Some may say, “Why didn’t I add DeMarcus Milliner or Player X to this list?” Well the answer for Milliner is because he will be drafted early, and the Jets currently have two guys named Darrelle Revis and Antonio Cromartie. As for Player X, Y, and Z, The players listed above will be of the most help to the Jets as early as next season.

Editor’s Note – TOJ also thinks Katherine Webb could be a good fit