Revis Is Worth More Than A First Round Pick

TJ Rosenthal on the value of Darrelle Revis


SI’s Peter King reports today that the Jets asking price for Darrelle Revis will be a first round pick, but it’s not enough to warrant getting rid of the game’s best cover corner. As long as the Revis legal team can somehow avoid a third contractual confrontation with Woody Johnson, we see no reason why new GM John Idzik should send Revis packing for the potential of some unknown commodity. No matter how highly touted the pick is.

Revis makes top flight wideouts invisible. Antonio Cromartie, coming off of an outstanding year, is as good of a second tier top CB as one could ask for, but he’s no Revis. Together, the two form the best tandem in football at a time when quality passing teams have become harder to slow down. The Jets held together defensively without Revis, but it would be hard to argue that they won’t be a better secondary with him once again.

An expiring contract in 2013 and his recent ACL tear make the chances of obtaining a treasure chest full of players and picks in return for Revis lower than they would have been, had he finished 2012 healthy. If the rebuilding Jets are truly shopping Revis, then it’s time to ask for a king’s ransom regardless. Gang Green has to make others figure out a reworked long term deal for the rehabbing star before 2014 and risk doing so at a high cost, as opposed to watching Revis thrive elsewhere for less than top level compensation. In other words, keep him, or find a way to obtain enough talent for him, that the trade helps to rebuild the roster all by itself. One or the other.

Perhaps the unconfirmed reports that Woody and Co. are dangling Revis to prospective buyers isn’t quite true. That the chatter was instead a purposeful and indirect warning shot from the Johnson bunker. One whose intended message is meant for Revis implying that “there will be no contract drama this time around. Any extraneous noise will lead to a new address Darrelle, so forget playing hardball. Come ready to make a deal this time.”

If the reports are in fact true, then Idzik and the Jets can talk and listen when it comes to Revis all they want. As long as they set an asking price for Revis that resembles the level of Revis himself. One that goes way beyond one unproven first rounder in April. No matter how much immediate help the 6-10 club needs.

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  • Greg

    Joel Corry at National Football Post thinks Revis coming off an MCL tear would give most teams pause. He sets the trade compensation as a 2 and a 5 ; essentially what the Redskins paid for DeAngelo Hall three years ago. That seems low. Hall is nowhere near as good a player as Revis. If healthy, Revis is easily worth a high 1 , a 3 and a 5.

    Personally, I’d keep him, especially if the Jets can’t get a one for him. If Revis returns to form , then Woody has to pay him. He may not like it, but players with Revis’ ability are rare. Now if Revis starts hard lining the team this year coming off the injury ( threatening a holdout ) , then explore the trade.

    The Jets cap problems stem from giving gobs of money to players who don’t deserve it ( Sanchez, Holmes. ), not from a player who does.

  • Greg

    I could see the Falcons making a play for him. They’re very close to a championship and might think Darelle will put them over the top.

  • paul

    Revis needs to prove himself first before Jets do anything drastic wait and see if he starts acting like a fool with a hold out, see you later. I for one am tired of the contract BS. Jets need a star player that exonerates class and integrity. There is not one on the roster showing these qualities with the exception of Tebow but unfortunately he doesn’t count. I like Revis on the field but the contract thing whoever is at fault is getting old you don’t see this in other teams. A corner back is not going to bring the Jets a SB a QB could. Right now is a rebuilding year period!

  • Mark Phelan

    At best Revis has one more good year with the Jets. After 2013 he walks; let’s face it. At worst, Revis will not be Revis this year after surgery.

    Between the best and the worst is this nether land the Jets have found themselves in: allocating such a large percent of their salary to the CB position.

    Trading Revis for pick(s) should provide multi-year contributions, rather than just one more from Revis, should provide it areas where we need it more than CB, and at lower cost thus freeing up $’s for Free Agents.

    Either Revis or Cromartie must go.

  • jdon

    They absolutely have to get more than a 1. And I think they will. Too much $ on the CB position and a lack of talent through the lineup. And remember, two teams proved this year that you do not need a DR to get to a SB.