No Huddle – New York Jets Continue To Drift With No Direction

TJ Rosenthal on the New York Jets continuing to drift on with no direction


It is late January and the Jets are lost in a fog with no direction in place for 2013 yet. Don’t fret folks we have been here plenty of times before. Let’s allow it to all play out, or at least wait for the ink on Rex Ryan’s other arm to dry first. Ryan’s next tattoo that includes a franchise player’s number, is where the ultimate answer lies. We all know that.

So make it a good choice this time Rex. A twenty-sack guy, or the next Adrian Peterson.

The Jets are a Jodie Foster Speech

The Jets are as we speak, both as well intended and discombobulated as a Jodie Foster Golden Globes speech. There is still no GM in sight but offensive coordinators are being interviewed. Despite there being no idea regarding who the eventual GM wants to keep around. Huh?

Like Foster, the Jets have given us years of chills and thrills, but at this very moment are all over the place. We say that with the utmost respect for all parties concerned. While maintaining the glass half full belief, that somehow some way, everything with Jodie and the Jets will soon make sense. Which will most likely be when Woody hires her to be the next GM.

Broncos Get Tebowed In Denver

Karma works in mysterious ways. The Jets somehow ruined Tim Tebow’s NFL career this past season. By signing with Gang Green, he may have even done it to himself.

How ironic though, was it to witness the Broncos and 18 million dollar man Peyton Manning closing the final chapter on Tebow’s wild ride from upset playoff winner to punt protector by blowing a penthouse and roof top swimming pool set up? Handoffs and taking knees was the way to win LAST YEAR John Fox. Not with Peyton Manning.

The great regular season in Denver will now be forgotten because the number one seeded Broncos got Tebowed by their conservative ways and the never say die Ravens on Saturday. Facts are facts. It cost John Elway a lot less money to end up in the same place last year. Dollars and sense.

As Herm Edwards once said you “play to win the game” with hall of fame quarterbacks. The Broncos didn’t. Hoping and praying and divine intervention only works when you have Tim Tebow on your side, remember?

Former Jets Flashbacks During Divisional Round

We couldn’t help but remember Pete Carroll’s choke sign to Pete Stoyanovich years and years ago as Bruce Coslet’s DC while he guessed wrong yesterday on which kick Matt Bryant would miss. We liked his team this year however, and were actually sad that the ‘Hawks lost.

John Abraham walked off that same Atlanta field on Sunday a winner, but all we could wonder was “could he have played and been the difference in Pittsburgh?” Back when Doug Brien left the Jets who appeared to be headed for the AFC Championship, grounded at Heinz Field.

Fresh legged Lamont Jordan…One more carry from him might have made Brien’s first attempt to win it closer. Instead it was “give it to sure handed hall of gamer Curtis Martin and safely inch closer off tackle.”

Nowadays head coaches trust rookies as much as vets. The game has changed vastly in so many ways over the past ten years. Last but not least, poor Jim Leonhard. He almost knocked away a big fourth quarter third down throw by Joe Flacco to who else, a tight end on Saturday. Jets safeties and tight ends pre Landry and Bell: Not a happy flashback.

What can we say, there is always a special place in our hearts for ex-Jets who are coming close to obtaining the ultimate football glory. We wish them all success, in most cases. Danny Woodhead being the current exception, for obvious reasons.

After all, his boss resigned as “HC” of the Jets in 2000, after ten seconds on the job. Only to draft Tom Brady and move years and years of brilliance up north, in what arguably could have been ours Jets nation.

All ours.