No Sympathy Among New York Jets Fans For Local Media

The New York media is finding no sympathy among fans for the Jets delaying their year end press conference


The New York media is angry. How dare the New York Jets not send Rex Ryan to them in a timely manner that suits their needs at the end of the season. The snarky Tweets and bitter character assassination pieces are already swirling. Mike Francesa’s head almost exploded yesterday. Manish Mehta is digging back for old quotes from whispers in the wind that can conveniently fit a headline and get him another interview with Mike Florio so they could have a chuckle about dumb old Rex. They are demanding answers and in the most comical way possible – by saying the fans deserve to know…it is the fans who need answers and the beat writers are ready to inform and educate the public!

Of course, anybody with a shred of common sense who has been following this team all year is laughing at the local media and gladly siding with a team they have plenty of reasons to hate right now. The Jets have been a mess…on the field and off the field. Their approach to PR and media needs to be completely revamped, which is why every fan is happy to see them keeping their mouths shut right now while they get their house in order.

Why send Rex Ryan out there when he has no answers? He might not even be the team’s coach by this time next week. He doesn’t know who is coming back on his staff. He doesn’t know what is happening with Mark Sanchez. The Jets are waiting to get an idea of who their GM will be and where their approach will head so a unified, sensible voice can finally be projected from the organization. They are supposed to rush Rex out their prematurely so satisfy this media after this year?

How can somebody on The Daily News staff talk about ethics and professional behavior after their conduct this year? Anybody who took an intro level communications class in high school knows how low they sunk with their standards this year. Anonymous quotes. Selective use of outdated quotes and information. Blurring the line between on the record and off the record, as it suits the punchy headline’s need. Nevermind Manish Mehta claiming Rex Ryan asked out of his job with shaky sourcing and then not even showing up at his press conference the next day when Rex addressed the article. Hopefully the Jets are taking this time to research how much they can limit that publication’s credentialed access this season.

Beat writers demanding answers for fans is such a joke because we have been watching and listening this year. The media embarrassed themselves in the daily press conferences. We heard more about Tim Tebow shirtless than any action on the actual field. No questions about upcoming games…just questions about an irrelevant backup quarterback who made no impact this year. Nothing on Muhammad Wilkerson turning into a All-Pro caliber player. Nothing on Quinton Coples exceeding everybody’s low expectations in his rookie year. Not a peep on questioning why younger players didn’t get more reps down the stretch. No exploration into if Nick Mangold was more hurt than he was letting on, leading to a declined level of play. You know…football coverage, not TMZ TEEE-BOWWW coverage!

In some of their shocked and angry responses to fan’s backlash today, the media showed how out of touch they really are. This is 2013. We can all watch Rex Ryan’s press conference stream live online. We don’t need you reporting what happens there. Fans would be content if the Jets streamed Rex live to an empty room over the Internet this Tuesday. We can get injury updates and practice reports from the team in training camp or just go watch ourselves or read what other fans are Tweeting out about it.

There is endless in-depth actual football coverage of the team going on outside of the “credentialed” press. I want film breakdowns or roster analysis, I have a great staff here. I want informed commentary on all the day’s issues with the team I read The Jets Blog. I need to understand the salary cap situation and want more roster analysis, I read NY Jets Cap. I want to hear player interviews and fan interaction, I listen to Flight 5 Live. Social media trends? I got Jets Twit. Feature length commentary? Green Lantern and The Jet Report. This list of quality content goes on – The Jet Press. Jet Nation. Nevermind the endless amount of feedback and discussion that can be had on Twitter with other followers of the team.

There are writers on the Jets beat who do good work on a daily basis but how can they not understand where the Jets and their fans are coming from right now? The lack of professionalism from primarily The Daily News has merited this while the team works to get their house in order. Fans care about that…not about hearing Rex torn to shreds this Thursday instead of next Tuesday.

Author: Joe Caporoso

Joe Caporoso is the Owner and EIC of Turn On The Jets. His writing has been featured in the New York Times, Huffington Post, MMQB and AdWeek. Caporoso played football his entire life, including four years at Muhlenberg as a wide receiver, where he was arguably the slowest receiver to ever start in school history. He is the VP of Social Media at Whistle Sports

  • Jake

    The Jets have always been roasted by the media and have been a frequent target no matter who is in charge by the likes of Florio, Francessca, and Cimini. But the depths that the media has sunk to in the last year (even since last year’s season finale) has been unprofessional to say the least. It’s getting to the point where I’m not sure it’s even worth reading or following ANY of the beat writers anymore.

  • keator

    Great wire reference!!! Props

  • joc

    Because sanchez is horrible and so was his extension. Rex doesn’t want to admit he made a mistake and signed a bust and then gave the bust more money. The Jets can’t even afford a decent qb now because the bust got all the money. Why would Ryan want to speak and admit his horrible mistake sticking with buttfumble?

  • I and most Jets fans disagree with this article entirely… Just look at the Giants response to the media and compare that to the Jets. The Bottom lone is that the Jets are a CLASSLESS organization with a classless coach, owner, players, and even the fan base is one of the worse in sports. Just look at the evidence. Jets fans force women to expose themselves…Jets players Bash Tebow to the media… Holmes walks out on the team and is returned. Bart Scott fights the media and is not punished for constantly starting media trouble. Rex claims he is better than this coach or that coach and promises superbowls every year. The Owner watches a playoff game a day after his daughter commits suicide, Then claims Romney more important than “Jets” Sanchez stinks and is not benched. The media is merely doing its job by exposing the “dysfunctional” jets instead of kissing ass for access. Thats what the media is SUPPOSED to do. Now the Jets are complaining when they are starving for media attention and when they finally get it they complain? BOO HOO!

  • Jets are a CLASSLESS organization with a classless coach, owner, players, and even the fan base is one of the worse in sports. Just look at the evidence.

  • twoshady

    @ Jets Ville and @Deepak…. there’s plenty of Pats blogs out there. You don’t need to be here. We won’t miss you.

  • Dave2220

    Agree with Twoshady… been a Jet fan a long time. Francessa has been ragging on the Jets since Parcells left. Rest of the media has piled on this year. Perhaps Mangini had it right. cut them all out of the picture. make them stand on the other side of the rope. Jet Fans will applaud. I already can’t / won’t listen to MF or read the negative comments in the papers. If the Daily News thinks that going to get jet fans to read the paper… think again.