New York Jets – Living With Frustrating Realities

The New York Jets and their fans need to accept a few frustrating realities about next year


New York Jets fans, like fans of any team, gain attachments to certain players and ideas about their team. Unfortunately that could lead to irrational thoughts and hopes for the off-season, particularly an off-season that is going to be step one in a rebuilding process. The Jets have no shortage of these. Before Twitter is flooded with “FIRE IDZIK” “IDIOT IDZIK” type commentary, prepare yourself for the following –

Mark Sanchez is most likely going to be the starting quarterback next year

Yes – He is going to come back because no team in the NFL will be interested in trading for him and because he isn’t going to re-negotiate his contract to take less guaranteed money. Sanchez will be on this roster and be a prime competitor for the starting job, along with a veteran and probably a mid-level draft pick. Considering he will be the opening day starter in training camp and has experience with the roster, he is the prohibitive favorite to win the job.

If Sanchez is comparable to the other options throughout the summer, he is going to get the starting nod. Why? The Jets have way more invested in him. If he puts together a competent 2013, there will be some type of trade market established for him and he remains a veteran option to compete with a rookie added in the 2014 Draft. Don’t think for a second if somebody like Tavaris Jackson or Matt Moore is signed and they play about the same as Sanchez in August, they are going to get the go-ahead to start. Will Sanchez have a much quicker hook this year? Absolutely. But if you were betting today on who will start the most games for the Jets at quarterback next year, the safest bet is Sanchez.

What is frustrating (outside of Sanchez’s horrific regression in 2012) is the personal hatred of Sanchez has reached such a high level among some fans that it seems they will openly root against him having any success next year, which of course makes no sense. It is only better for the Jets if he plays competently. For people who say that is abjectly hopeless, Sanchez’s career shows he is just as likely to have a 17 touchdown, 13 interception or 26 touchdown, 18 interception season as he is to bomb out the way he did last year. Sanchez isn’t a good quarterback but take away the Tim Tebow Wildcat Shuffle Circus, give him a somewhat threatening running game and upgrade above Mardy Gilyard, Clyde Gates and Chaz Schilens at wide receiver and the possibility exists for a 56 completion percentage, 18 touchdowns and 14 interceptions…AKA competent game-managing at quarterback.

When people say there are higher odds of Greg McElroy being an effective quarterback in Marty Mornhinweg’s offense, what are they substantiating that claim with? We’ve seen Mark Sanchez have a QB Rating above 100 in 15 NFL games that he started, including three playoff games. We’ve never seen Greg McElroy do that, we’ve just seen him be completely overwhelmed in his only NFL start. At least Sanchez has the skill set and knowledge he has done it before.

Only one of the following will be back next year: LaRon Landry, Antonio Cromartie and Darrelle Revis

The odds of every single one of these three players being on the Jets roster next year is just about zero. The odds of two of the three of them being on the roster is fairly low as well. Successful teams are not built by dumping a third of the salary cap into your secondary while the rest of the roster crumbles around it. If Landry is requesting 7 million per year, the Jets are going to let him walk. You can’t pay that type of money for a safety who is average in pass coverage. When it comes to Revis and Cromartie, you can’t pay both long term. Trade one, get draft picks back and reallocate the money to the offense and the painfully awful group of linebackers.

The Jets have the most overpaid wide receiver, linebacker and quarterback in football

Santonio Holmes is going to be a 12.5 million dollar cap hit next year, second highest among wide receivers. David Harris is going to be a 13 million dollar cap hit next year, second highest among linebackers. Mark Sanchez is a 12.8 million dollar cap hit next year. None of these players are even top 25 in the league at their respective positions. That is what we call a financial disaster, my fellow Jets fans.

When you say things like, how can you pay Mark Sanchez but let LaRon Landry go?!? It all sounds well and good but that ship has sailed. The Jets made their bed with Sanchez and now they have to lay in it. Get ready for the reality of unpopular players like Sanchez and Dustin Keller (with a franchise tag) being back while guys like Landry and Cromartie OR Revis leave town. These are financial decisions. This team needs to be rebuilt with a more equitable distribution of the wealth so talent can be replenished on offense and linebacker. This team needs draft picks so they can establish depth and don’t have people like Jeff Cumberland, Garret McIntyre, and Chaz Schilens starting games.

Author: Joe Caporoso

Joe Caporoso is the Owner and EIC of Turn On The Jets. His writing has been featured in the New York Times, Huffington Post, MMQB and AdWeek. Caporoso played football his entire life, including four years at Muhlenberg as a wide receiver, where he was arguably the slowest receiver to ever start in school history. He is the VP of Social Media at Whistle Sports

  • Jay

    Perfectly said. Agree 100%.

    I think one of the biggest question marks left is the possibility of renegotiating contracts to lessen the cap hit, hopefully starting with Harris. Tannenbaum alluded to the existence of a plan in place to alleviate the cap situation, and I’m sure renegotiating contracts is a large part of this.

    Of course, this may not be a good idea if it pushes additional commitments down the road. In fact, I think 2013 should be a “rebuilding” year, where we take our medicine with our bad contracts, and focus on starting a large number of rookies hopefully acquired through the draft.

  • Mark Phelan

    Let’s take our medicine now. 2013 can’t be that much harder to watch than 2012 was.

  • You STILL think the Jets will start Sanchez? NOT IN A MILLION YEARS! Lets face it… The Jets have one of the toughest schedules in the NFL next year! No matter who we start we are looking at a 500 season at best!

    Why would the JETS give Mark Sanchez the starting nod and alienate their fan base when many will blame him for loosing Reivs for not restructuring his contract? Sanchez is the most hated jet on the team and the fans wont allow him to hurt the team any more than he already has. No matter who you bring in… as long as they are not named Tebow they should easily outplay Sanchez in a fair test.

    Vince young is BETTER. Jason Campbell is BETTER, Matt Moore is BETTER, EJ Manuel, Tyler Wilson, Geno Smith, are ALL better because they have intangibles that Mark lacks…

  • James

    Sanchez should start. The Jets front office need to put the pieces around him. NO QB in the league can take the Jets to the playoffs with this roster…. Why can’t anybody else see that? Sanchez is not an awesOme QB but he can get you far if you put peices around him. Point and simple.

  • Marco

    Its funny how easy we forget how far the Jets got with Mark Sanchez in 09 and 10. Didnt we make it to back to back Championship games. The Jets had a superb team back them. They had the right pieces around Sanchez. We had good wide receivers, we had a running game and we had a good OL that would protect Sanchez. And now the Jets team does not compare at all to what we had just two years ago. NOT EVEN TOM BRADY COULD TAKE HIS CURRENT JETS TEAM ROSTER TO THE PLAYOFFS. So stop blaming Sanchez for everything. Yes he has regressed but I mean for crying out loud who the HELL would hire Sparano. The guy was garbage with the Dolphins. Did we really think he would help Mark Sanchez develop???? We would have been better off sticking with Schottenheimer. The Jets need a good QB coach who can develop Sanchez. Yes he lacks mechanics in different areas, but lets face it when he is on his A game he can be a big threat. We need a good core of WRs and one or two good Running backs, who can take the pressure of the pass game also. Lets look back at all the catchable passes our WRs dropped last season???

  • This article hit me like a cold pork-chop served in a dirty ashtray – fighting back the urge to puke on the keyboard as I pound out this hasty response.
    Jet Nation will put Sanchez in a can and shoot the thing into SPACE first! – He’s a little crystal angel ornament you bought for grandma.. SHATTERED into 10k pieces. I’m praying Idzik is slightly more resourceful and creative than Joe Cap.
    I’m thinking Idzik will have us loaded with 10 draft picks this season and 8 more in 2014 with half of those starting. We’ll need a program at games but, the team will be younger, faster and exciting to watch.


    keep revis and cro. give me a guard and a tackle in the draft. and let our young def.line mature and we have a chance at 500.keep edwards at a good deal for sanchez.if possible,trade holmes to keep landry.