12 Pack Of New York Jets Off-Season Thoughts – All Revis Edition

An all Darrelle Revis 12 Pack of off-season thoughts from Turn On The Jets


We briefly touched on the Darrelle Revis trade rumors earlier in the week but with this report about a “Revis Gold Rush” forming and the ensuing insanity on Twitter, it seemed appropriate to put together an All Revis 12 pack…

1. Let’s start here – Darrelle Revis is an unique talent. He is the best cornerback in football when healthy by a wide margin. He is on pace to be a Hall of Fame player and his 2009 was the best individual season any New York Jet has ever put together. Revis has represented the team well off the field and is a homegrown best player on the roster. There is nothing easy about a decision to trade him and there is a credible argument for keeping him, regardless of the financial constraints.

2. However, the prospect of giving him a 15-16 million per year contract heading into this season has potentially dangerous long term ramifications for a needed rebuilding process. It is an exorbitant amount of money to sink into a position that isn’t quarterback, particularly when you have so many other holes in your current roster.

3. Do not kid yourself into thinking the New York Jets are not full of holes and do not need a complete roster makeover. This cannot be stressed enough. This team needs a starting quarterback. The top running back under contract is Bilal Powell. The top tight end under contract is Jeff Cumberland. The only guard under contract is Vladimir Ducasse. The only linebacker returning with starting experience is David Harris. The only two safeties under contract are Antonio Allen and Josh Bush. This is a team that currently has a CFL caliber roster. Do you want Revis at 16 million per year or four capable starters at 4 million per year, so you can field an offense that can score more than 6 points per game?

4. Revis is also coming off ACL surgery. Yes, with modern medicine that is not as daunting as it once was. Look at Adrian Peterson and Jamaal Charles. However, there is always an enormous risk in sinking that much money into a player coming off that type of injury.

5. If you don’t trade Revis now and he comes back healthy with a strong year in 2013, what if he walks away in free agency before the 2014 season? The Jets have a poor relationship with his agents (as evidenced by his previous two holdouts) and even with Mike Tannenbaum gone, they could still be difficult to deal with and bitter Revis wasn’t take care of before his walk year. It would be a crippling blow to lose a player of Revis’ caliber with zero compensation.

6. Cornerbacks are not that valuable. The San Francisco 49ers and Baltimore Ravens do not have an All-Pro corner between them. The Ravens lost their top corner, Lardarius Webb, back in week 6 and have been fine. The Chicago Bears had two All-Pro corners, Charles Tillman and Tim Jennings, and didn’t make the playoffs this year. The Jets finished second in the NFL this past season in passing yards allowed per game and Darrelle Revis played in 7 quarters.

7. Potential Trade Partner #1 – The Denver Broncos – They have done business with the Jets recently. They have a small window to win a championship with Peyton Manning. Their secondary was torched by the Baltimore Ravens in their divisional round loss. They have a low first round pick they wouldn’t be hesitant to part with and extra mid-round picks to spare. They also have a competent cornerback to spare (Chris Harris) and a running back who’d be a nice fit in the West Coast Offense (Ronnie Hillman). How about Revis for a 2013 first rounder, 2013 third rounder and Chris Harris? The Jets will have five picks in the first three rounds, which allows them to address their many needs and have flexibility if they want to move up for somebody.

8. Potential Trade Partner #2 – The Seattle Seahawks – (Pushed by our good friend Jeff Capellini) – They have a very good corner to offer back in Brandon Browner, along with a quarterback the Jets could have interest in with Matt Flynn. Seattle also had 10 draft picks this year and oh by the way…new GM John Idzik worked there last year.

9. Potential Trade Partner #3 – The Washington Redskins – Always willing to make a splash and badly need to improve their defense. They need a cornerback to deal with Dez Bryant, Victor Cruz and Chip Kelly’s new offense in Philadelphia. They have a few intriguing running backs on their roster in Evan Royster and Roy Helu that could be thrown in to sweeten a package of draft picks.

9. Yes, you could trade Antonio Cromartie instead but you will get less value back and less long term financial help, along with still facing the reality of paying a defensive player who isn’t a pass rusher 16 million per year.

10. The difficulty of this situation comes from so much guaranteed money being locked up for Mark Sanchez, David Harris and Santonio Holmes which cripples the Jets flexibility and makes embracing a rebuild a necessary evil. Thanks Mike Tannenbaum!

11. A reminder of the point differential in all the Jets losses last year in case you think they are a player or two away from being a contender – 17, 34, 6, 3, 21, 21, 30, 4, 10, 19. That is an average margin of defeat of 16.5 points. They won 6 games, 4 against teams drafting in the top 12 this April and 1 against a team with a winning record.

12. Usually where there this is smoke, there is fire with these things…Jets fans should prepare for the reality of Revis being traded.

Author: Joe Caporoso

Joe Caporoso is the Owner and EIC of Turn On The Jets. His writing has been featured in the New York Times, Huffington Post, MMQB and AdWeek. Caporoso played football his entire life, including four years at Muhlenberg as a wide receiver, where he was arguably the slowest receiver to ever start in school history. He is the VP of Social Media at Whistle Sports

  • Will vM

    Let’s be honest, the Jets (and many teams for that matter) are only one piece away from being a contender. Unfortunately, that piece is quarterback.

  • twoshady

    Revis will require too much money and the Jets can’t afford it right now. trading him is the right move. the secondary was fine without him last year. trade him now and get a decent price or wait and get nothing. seems like a no-brainer to me.

  • Scott

    I feel like the Jets played such a soft schedule last season, and that’s why they were ranked #2 pass defense… besides the Patriots, they didn’t really play any of the teams with elite passing offenses. Without Revis, this team would get lit up on defense against the elite offenses in the NFL.

  • Jay2

    Love Revis but we cannot afford him if he is asking. Trade him for draft picks, sign Talib to keep him off the Patriots, and get a pass rusher in the draft who can minimize the time our DBs have to remain in coverage. We are going nowhere until we get our QB situation figured out anyway.

  • Mark Phelan

    If I am a GM am I really going to give up much for a CB coming off surgery?

  • The Jets are NOT a QB from the playoffs WILL… Not by a longshot! The Jets need RB, BACK UP QB, TE, 2 LINEBACKERS AND A SAFETY IF THEY SIGN BELL. And thats just for starters. They should take the Seattle trade for their corner and Flynn with a 2 and 3 this year and if Revis comes back they can throw in a 2 next year. It sounds steep but three picks for the greatest corner ever in a weak draft is not terrible.

  • mike

    heynow everybody, let’s all calm down. if revis thinks he’s getting $16 mil per a few months after we all saw his knee collapse on a non-contact injury, he’s out of his mind. if any other team in the league thinks they can snag a player of his caliber for a low-first round pick, they’re out of their minds. if ESPN thinks they can stir up a sh!tstorm by anonymously sourcing a report about hearsay regarding woody johnson’s supposed willingness to trade the team’s best player should the right offer surface –well, ESPN appears to be right about that.

    revis is coming back because rex ryan understands what he’s worth, and won’t let his secondary take such a huge step back in tom brady’s division.

    jets fans panties are in a twist about how terrible the entire roster is, but we all seem to forget how differently things would go if our qb wasn’t turning the ball over 2 or 3 times every game. sparano’s offense was a joke, and winning with it was a pipe dream.

    if revis comes back, it’s a top 5 defense (even with the gaping holes at linebacker). an offense that doesn’t give games away is enough to make the jets competitive again.

  • Reasonable Jet Fan

    As much as I love Revis(only jets jersey i have, best cb in league, helps in madden, cuts half the field in half), if the Jets can get a decent corner in return and 2 to 3 picks in draft I’d do it. However if 24 signs for under 10 mil a year keep him.

  • Greg

    Strategically, trading Revis makes sense. If the Jets were Super Bowl contenders in 2013, you keep your best player and take a shot at the ring. The Jets are so undermanned that even with a good offseason and a healthy Revis, i doubt they make it to 8-8.

    That said, the trade consideration has to be right. There’s no way you deal him for a 2 and a 5, as Joel Corry intimated in his NFP article. You have to get fair value even if it means getting a conditional pick next year. Maybe take a 2 and a 5 as a down payment, and see how Revis does in 2013. Draft pick can escalate to a 1 in 2014 if he is the Revis pre-injury.