The Sky Is Falling! Mark Sanchez Named Starting Quarterback

Mark Sanchez will remain the Jets starting quarterback

The New York Jets are staying with Mark Sanchez as their starting quarterback this Sunday against the Jacksonville Jaguars. While this has come as a shock to many, we detailed here yesterday how there was a reasonable argument for this to happen. Not surprisingly many Jets fans are acting like the sky is falling right now…threatening to abandon the team…cursing out Rex…cursing out Sanchez etc…

Here is the simple reality – Mark Sanchez is getting paid 8.3 million dollars from the Jets next year regardless of whether he is on their team, another NFL team or laying on a beach in California. The Jets are finishing up a playoff-less season against four mediocre football teams. The hope is that he plays well in these games, builds some measure of confidence back up and becomes a reasonable option to start in 2013 (he should still be forced to compete with a veteran next summer).

Believe it or not, this team is going to give every chance possible to a former first round pick who has won more playoff games than any other quarterback in franchise history. Is it worth the risk of playing him the last four games when you are 5-7 and nearly half your team won’t be back next year? Yes…it probably is.

If you want to get mad at somebody, get mad at “cap expert” Mike Tannenbaum for how he structured Sanchez’s contract. Get mad at him for the contradicting actions of doubling down on Sanchez in 2013 and then supporting him by bringing in a PR circus as a backup quarterback and not upgrading running back, wide receiver or offensive line this off-season. Sanchez already took a step back last year but the Jets front office greased the skids on his regression this season by having an awful off-season.

Sanchez has been generally terrible this season but the Greg McElroy infatuation only comes from his last name not being “Sanchez.” Ask yourself this, if McElroy’s fourth quarter interception stood (like it should have) and the Jets lost 9-7, is this debate so heated right now? If McElroy is the savior that many are exaggerating to call him and Sanchez is truly that awful. Guess what? Sanchez will be benched at some point in the next four gams and McElroy will get his chance.

As for the ongoing pity party Jets fans are throwing for themselves. Get a grip on reality. Look around the NFL. Since 1997 the Jets have 12 seasons at .500 or better, 7 playoff wins, 3 AFC Championship Game appearances and yes despite it being over 40 years ago…the Jets have won a Super Bowl. How do you think Bills fans have enjoyed the last 15 years? Lions fans? Eagles fans? Chiefs fans? Browns fans?! The list goes on.

Mark Sanchez starting a week 14 game in a 5-7 year is the straw that broke the camel’s back in your support of this team? Really? Not letting the roster go to crap after  back to back AFC Championship Game appearances? Not the PR-stunt Tebow trade? This is the decision? And people wonder why the general perception of Jets fans is so negative.

There is no reason to be overly optimistic that Sanchez is going to turn it around and have a brilliant final four games but that doesn’t mean there wasn’t logic behind this decision. It also means the most logical thing for any Jets fans to do is root for Sanchez to succeed…otherwise go become a Bills fan.

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Author: Joe Caporoso

Joe Caporoso is the Owner and EIC of Turn On The Jets. His writing has been featured in the New York Times, Huffington Post, MMQB and AdWeek. Caporoso played football his entire life, including four years at Muhlenberg as a wide receiver, where he was arguably the slowest receiver to ever start in school history. He is the VP of Social Media at Whistle Sports

  • Give him weapons next season and lets see what happens. Yes Sanchez struggles with accuracy but look at 2010. He had plenty of weapons and put up good numbers and if it wasn’t for the defense not playing 2 halfs in the afc title game we go to superbowl. Compare his offense this year and 2010 it’s drastically different. With the exception of kerley he’s throwing to other teams 4th and 5th wide outs. Don’t run him out of town just yet cause watch another team get him and put a team around him nd watch him do good somewhere else while were out looking for a new qb.

  • Rui Geraldes

    Problem is not the QB, its a front office without a plan and consistency. The kid proved he can play, he just can’t do it without help. The team is a joke. Now we are discussing McElroy? Really?
    This team is a circus, and the biggest clowns are the ones running it, not Sanchez.

  • Angel

    Awesome article Joe.

    Yours is a lone but necessary and sobering voice in the NY media.

  • mike

    i’ll root for him of course. but i really think he’s in over his head this year. his habit of turning the ball over makes the rest of the offense feel discouraged, and rightfully so. they’ve treated sanchez like a savior since he was drafted but he plays like one of the worst quarterbacks in the league, and giving him a pass sets a bad tone.
    he’s played well at times this year. he can have efficient and productive games and might put a few together against some terrible defenses coming up. but i know what i need to know about his ability to handle adversity, and i think he should be on a damn short leash.

  • Joe

    Sanchez you suck!!!!1 screw you!!!! get off the team you dont deserve another NFL start for the rest of your miserable life. bring in McElroy a guy with a little passion. a guy with an actual brain in his scull. a guy with two eyeballs that actually work in his head. REX if you let sanchez start than u deserve to be fired along with sanchez not just from the JETS but from the entire organization. NOBODY wants sanchez to start. nobody thinks he can win in this league. wat the hell makes you think he can? because u suck on his toes at night and he pays you half his salary for it thats why. Sanchez go jump off a freakin cliff and Rex, if you start sanchez, than go jump off that same cliff we dont need you either.

  • Joe, were u saying all this after he beat Tom Brady and Peyton manning on the road in 2010?

  • justmike

    The only reason that Sanchez is a train wreck is due to Woody Johnson and Rex Ryan, the Jets dont have the weapons they had 2 years ago and since they the team has become nothing but a laughing stock. Starting Sanchez on Sunday the Jets just cost themselves any shot at the playoffs now-if they let McElroy start maybe they could have ran the table but not likely-Sanchez should have been pulled weeks back, but Rex decided to wait to game 13. The Jets need sundays game badly one more loss and thats it. If the Jets dont make the playoffs then the GM is likely going to be made the scapegoat. In this case the Jets should seriouly clean house. And Rex did a royal number in shooting himself in the Foot last year claiming that the jets could go all the way how did that work?

  • R.O.G.

    Good write up. Remainder of the season should be gameplanned for 40+ rushes and about 20 passes (short passes, I don’t trust these WRs to catch anything deep). The defense is clicking right now and the other teams the Jets face will shoot themselves in the foot. Play conservative and all four games should be won. Of course all this just sets up the Bills to play spoiler in week 17, if you’re a Jet fan you know it’s coming lol.

  • Edward Sherlock

    Seas rising, Obama spending, financial collapse imminent and we worry about Markie Poo? Markie has no offensive weapons this year and his best defensive player is out. Yes he stunk last year and this year he had help. All this is true. I also know that the team has made a fool of a good man in the person of Tim Tebow who causes no problems and gets tons of press abuse and team abuse for doing nothing more than being a loyal Jet. It is more important to leave Tim be than worry about Mark. Mark is going to be the QB because that is what the Jets paid him to be. And who cares.

  • Greg

    Mark is a serviceable QB if he has a running game. He works well off play fakes. He hides the ball well, which freezes the LBs and safeties. He then can locate the open receiver– usually his primary read–quickly. They should design more rollouts for him since he has limber feet. If the running game doesn’t work however, we see Mark’s limitations. He’s slow to make his reads, he doesn’t look off the safeties and if his primary look is covered, he panics and becomes susceptible to turnovers. And I don’t like him in shot gun. It takes away one of his best attributes which is hiding the ball.

    If the team wants to make it work with him, the running game is a priority for next year. That means a back who can threaten the edges of the defense, a blocking TE, and upgrades along the OL.

  • Greg – Sanchez goes into a full blown cardiac arrest when the pocket breaks down – it’s a mystery to me why teams don’t blitz EVERY down,it’s a pick six or scoop/score most times. Imagine if Rex had insisted that Tanny draft at least one real O-line player (NOT Vlad) every year since 2009? By now our line could have been top 5 instead of bottom third.