No Huddle – New York Jets Monday Night Preview Edition

TJ Rosenthal goes No Huddle to preview the New York Jets Monday Night game against the Tennessee Titans

It’s No Huddle time but before we go into “Jets vs Titans,” please kindly allow us to leave a thought on the Newtown tragedy. 

The Newtown Tragedy Must Help Propel Change

Nothing better be the same in this country again. Ever. A massacre that involves a gun once again, this time with innocent six year olds as the victims, has to be the final straw.

The right to go kindergarten, and the right for parents to feel safe about sending their kids to school, has to trump any laws designed to insure our “freedom.”

Our thoughts, prayers and tears will all be wasted if this country doesn’t use this disgusting and embarrassing moment in our history to change its ways. It’s time as Martin Luther King once said, to “be what we say we are.” It’s time to wake up America, and deal with both the Second Amendment and issues of mental health more aggressively. Now. No more waiting. No more finger pointing. No more excuses.

Now all of us at Turn On The Jets, move our attention for the time being towards Monday Night. With heavy hearts. Ready for some football and a much needed mental break from this madness.

Rex’s Magic Dust Is Working Again but…

The Steelers could have easily won Sunday and didn’t. The Colts were fighting back too. Remember the crazy finish Rex’s Jets had in 2009, when they needed Peyton Manning to sit for an entire half, and hope the following week that the Bengals would have nothing to play for? They got both, then got hot in January.

At 4-7, Gang Green needed a few collapses and a win streak just weeks ago. Right now, competitiors are teeetering on the brink of destruction as wins and beatable opponents keep coming for the Jets. The magic dust is working again but only has power going forward with a win tonight. There should be no signs of a flat Jets team in Nashville tonight.

Ground and Pound and the Defensive “The Boys Up Front.”

For the Jets to run the table, the “Ground and Pound” has to keep churning out yardage, while Mo Wilkerson rises. If Quinton Coples can add to the equation, then what the Jets will have is, the opportunity to force three and outs with the ability to keep the ball and move downfield in low-risk fashion.

A Winning Formula For This Roster

If the Jets fail to limit opposing Chris Johnson tonight, and apply modest pressure on Jake Locker, or struggle to run the ball themselves, then look out. Rex and Co. will be forced into the type of game they don’t play very well.

The Braylon Effect

Can Braylon Edwards spark the passing game and provide some calm to skittish Mark Sanchez? Let’s hope so. San Diego and Buffalo, the Jets final two opponents, appear to be defeated and ready to pack up and call it a season. Assuming that the Jets will run the ball well through December, an engine boost to third down conversions may be all that is needed to win out. A confidence boost for Sanchez is needed more than anything having to do with the Jets.