No Huddle – Jets Still Alive Edition

TJ Rosenthal goes No Huddle on the New York Jets ugly win and them still being alive in the AFC Playoff race

Are the Jets 6-7 and still alive in the AFC Wildcard race? Yes, if you can believe it. Rex Ryan pulled out some late 2009 magic dust and sprinkled it on Pittsburgh and Cincinnati, after yet another must win over the Jags and an exhausting week playing “Who Is My Quarterback?” The fact that this current roster is in the postseason hunt with three games left is a testimony to someone. Or something. We just can’t pinpoint what. Logic has never been a strong suit for this franchise.

A Win Is A Win

You are what your record says you are. Right? Well the Jets are 6-7. Okay, we know they’ve had a bit of a JV schedule lately. However, you can only play the next team up on the docket. Yesterday’s 17-10 win over a depleted 2-11 Jacksonville club will not be passed around on DVD as a “How To Play Offense” guide for the youth of America. Winning ugly is part of the Ryan philosophy though. 166 yards were gained by Shonn Greene and Bilal Powell, who ran downhill for the entire fourth quarter. Take this win and run right Rex? Literally.

Sanchez Is Back, As The Handoff Machine

When the Jets trailed 3-0 at halftime, many wondered “how long does Mark Sanchez have” until Tim “Cracked Ribs” Tebow gets a shot at achieving successive first downs. After all, the inactive third stringer Greg McElory came off the pine last week to life the Jets to a 7-3 comeback win over a Cards team (that lost 58-0 yesterday to Seattle). Surely Tebow in the city that loves him was poised to take the reigns. It seemed so scripted. Of course the Jets don’t follow scripts. They light them on fire.

To start the third, Rex Ryan did decide to make a switch. Turning Sanchez into a handoff machine. The move worked to perfection. As it did when the “Sanchise” threw for less than 125 yards in eight wins during his rookie season. A victory strategy that was employed two other times already this year as well.

Sanchez threw two passes in the fourth quarter. Two. He totaled 111 yards on the day. Against the 31st pass defense in the NFL. In the end, the Jets came out on top and Sanchez avoided a season ending mistake. How long this 100 yard business can last all depends on whether the defense can average giving up 6.5 points per game like it has averaged over the past two weeks. In other words, there will be a shelf life to this madness folks.

Hilliard, Reuland, and Gilyard

Lex Hilliard, Konrad Reuland and Mardy Gilyard were three consecutive targets during one three and out series on Sunday. A point worth adding into the equation when pondering over the question of how a quarterback in 2012 can only amass 100 yards in a 60 minute game.

Wilkerson and Coples Shine

The Jets defensive line is finally making an impact. Mo Wilkerson is playing like an All Pro. Rookie Quinton Coples is making his presence felt now too. When the big boys up front make plays, life is easier for the entire defense. This duo can carry the Jets down the stretch in their attempt to run the table and hope that out of town help arrives.

Stranger things have happened. Remember Curtis Painter?

The QB Carousel Has Been A Dizzying Ride

How did Greg McElroy go from relief pitching hero to a guy in a running suit in the final moments before kickoff? Explain to us how Tim Tebow didn’t see the field for one play in his hometown even as the Jets were being shutout for thirty minutes. Did Mark Sanchez show any signs that he is worthy of long term security in New York?

The answers are: we have no idea, we have no idea, and no.

Now it’s time to pop some advils. What a dizzying ride it’s been on the QB Carousel these past seven days. Ryan got lucky, again, that QB1 stayed healthy because once if Tebow was not 100 percent like he was while sititng a hearbeat away against New England weeks back, the move would have instantly replaced last week’s “Three Ring QB Circus” as controversy for the week.

Faster than Tebow gets tackled on a Wildcat dive up the middle.

The Jets Return To National TV

The last time the Jets played in front of the entire nation, they gave up three touchdowns in 52 seconds and helped add the “Butt Fumble,” to future NFL Films blooper reels. The Titans and Jets meet next Monday night for no apparent reason, but the Jets can use the undeserved opportunity erase the taste of their last moment under the big lights.

The “hide our quarterback” gameplan with the ground and pound and defense will be in full swing on December 17th in Nashville. Should Sunday’s games open the door to January, Gang Green will look to achieve those dastardly archaic designs with more than just pride or job saving goals on their minds.

One can only imagine what developing story out of Florham Park will hit us next. As we get set for what may actually be a big game, since the Jets to their credit, refused to quit, and are now in business.

Despite the fact their two best players have been out all year. That their special teams unit is a ticking time bomb. That eternally emerging tight end is constantly hurt, and there are no receivers, or top notch running backs. While the starting quarterback has the entire coaching staff and fan base scared to death when he drops back to throw.

  • R.O.G.

    Obviously the running game has to work with this group of WRs. Thought you should know the statement “As it did when the “Sanchise” threw for less than 125 yards in eight wins during his rookie season.” is completely false. Sanchez threw for less than 125 yds in three Jet victories in 2009. Against Cincy, Indy and the second game against Buffalo.

  • Angel

    For all those anti-Sanchez geniuses out there: Who is he throwing to? Holmes, Hill, and Keller have all been hurt throughout the year.

    Do you think Gilyard and Shilens are consistently in the right place at the right time on their routes?

    Sanchez has played crappy for most of the season… but the number of drops from the entire WR corps has been unacceptable! This has taken a toll on a QB who’s had confidence problems from the beginning.

    Anyway, Sanchez had a crappy game this week in my opinion and it’s about he “nuts up.” A Primetime Monday night game would be perfect.

  • joeydefiant

    Tannebaum should be thanking god, the stars, and wizards everywhere that the dumbest fan base in the NFL has decided this mess is Sanchez’s fault. Who the hell is Mardy Gillyard and where did he come from? Watching these receivers run routes is comical. Sparano should be fired for the simple fact that he continuues to call timing and option routes with recievers who have no clue. Keep it simple, stupid.

  • Jay

    This was not a “hide our QB” game plan but a “hide the GM and don’t trust your QB” and game.

    4-13 on 3rd downs against the worst passing D in the league! Quit and simply hand off the ball on several 3rd and 8. A true statement of how bad we are is that Sanchez is considered to have had a ‘decent game!’ Why, because he only turned the ball over once. Because the coaches didn’t trust him enough to throw a pass with the game on the line. Yes, there was a nice completion to Cumberland that the staff will lay their hats on. But guess what, QBs are suppose to do that. They are suppose to have completions and have the confidence in their QB to throw a pass on a third down!

    A win is a win! No, a win is a win when you are a contender which the Jets are not! For the Jets, a win is a worse draft pick and another year of denial! Another year of Mr T’s bad signing, Rex’s feel good inconsistency, and Sanchez falling further due to a bad supporting cast and no sense of personal accountability

  • Mark Phelan

    If this team makes the playoffs there needs to be an investigation.

  • twoshady

    Sanchez was drafted to be a game manager backed by a run heavy offense and a dominating defense. Now that things are falling apart, everyone is coming down on Sanchez because he can’t carry the entire team. How does that make sense? Maybe he would do better on another team where the understand his abilities and limitations. Jets need a superhero QB right now and it just isn’t going to happen.

  • joeydefiant

    show me a qb who doesnt turn the ball over once a game. drew brees has 7 ints in the last two games. where are the calls for his head?

  • Steven

    Sanchez also threw for only 100 in the playoff win in San Diego.