New York Jets – No Half Measures

The New York Jets can’t take any “half measures” when it comes to rebuilding this off-season


Jason La Confora is reporting the New York Jets are starting the process of acquiring a new General Manager. Good news, right? Wrong. Woody Johnson apparently wants the new GM to work with Mike Tannenbaum who will be demoted to a salary cap management type position. Not surprisingly, no credible candidates are interested in such a foolish arrangement.

I love writing and sometimes that leads me to carry on when writing about this team but let’s keep this succinct today, since it is the holidays and this situation is so idiotic it doesn’t deserve that many words.

Making Mike Tannenbaum strictly a salary cap specialist is like making Mark Sanchez a quarterback coach. He has destroyed our salary cap by giving Sanchez arguably the worst contract in sports right now. He has no merit for this position.

No GM that you want running your football team, like Houston’s Director of College Scouting Mike Maccagnan, who has been approached is going to have any interest in this type of power sharing arrangement. As our source has stated all season, Woody and Tannenbaum have a close working relationship and no GM who will want Tannnbaum looking over his shoulder on every move.

Why can’t this organization just flat out fire anybody? Former GM Terry Bradway was just demoted into scouting after an awful tenure, where he could continue to hurt the Jets with his poor personnel decisions. Former Defensive Coordinator Bob Sutton, who was awful at his job was only demoted to linebackers coach. Current quarterback coach Matt Cavanaugh stil hasn’t been fired for some ungodly reason. You need to fire ineffective people. Get them completely out of the building.

The Jets are a disaster right now. Woody Johnson can’t be that blind not to see that. The solution is simple. Fire Mike Tannenbaum. Fire Terry Bradway. Fire Tony Sparano. Fire Matt Cavanaugh. Allow the newly hired GM to make the decision on Rex Ryan and go from there.

Happy Holidays everybody!

Author: Joe Caporoso

Joe Caporoso is the Owner and EIC of Turn On The Jets. His writing has been featured in the New York Times, Huffington Post, MMQB and AdWeek. Caporoso played football his entire life, including four years at Muhlenberg as a wide receiver, where he was arguably the slowest receiver to ever start in school history. He is the VP of Social Media at Whistle Sports

  • Jay2

    Just once I would like to hear an interviewer ask Rex “Can you name one QB that Cavenaweful developed into a starting QB?One Rex, just give us one…” Sanchez regressed, Tebow stagnated, G-Mac was unprepared. Reid had Foley ready to go! SF and Washington also had two 2 QBs developed, prepared, and winning! Rex has to go as he places loyalty and comfort above performance and professionalism.

    BTW, great line on Mr T as a “cap guru!

  • Mike

    I agree 100%. Woody has got to be decisive as soon as season ends and bring in someone to run football ops and have complete power. Fire Tanny, all personnel staff and all Offensive coaches and allow new hire to decide on Rex and D staff. No other way to do it.

    Happy Holiday’s Joe….this is the best Jets site on web.

  • Greg

    I expect Tannenbaum, for better or worse, to remain in the organization. Mr. Johnson won’t fire him. He’ll be given a shiny new title, but he’ll lose final decision-making authority and all control over personnel. My question is : Will a qualified GM candidate take the job knowing CapMan is looking over his shoulder?

  • Boomer

    Woody grow a set and fire Tannenbaum its time to fire mike and get someone in here that can turn this team around. I cant see one person that would take this job and not have full control. to bad we didn’t have owner like Mark Cuban who wants to win and make the team good, instead we got stuck with a owner who is more worried about winning back pages and jersey sales.

  • Mark

    Joe, you are right. But, we both know Rex will be back next year. Sanchez will be back next year. Holmes will be back too, and probably either Pace or Scott. There will be a change in RB and that’s about it for the offense. An OG or OT…maybe, but another project because let’s face it, the Jets scouting staff is not up to the task.