Initial Reaction – Jets End Playoff Hopes In Appropriate Fashion

Initial reaction to the New York Jets season ender in Tennessee


Tonight was another embarrassing primetime loss for the New York Jets, which formally ended their post-season hopes. They lost by 4 points despite 4 interceptions from Mark Sanchez and a botched snap. They were given opportunity after opportunity to win the game and refused to take it. The loss might be painful now but in the long run, it will be a positive thing.

This season has gone poorly enough (particularly in the national spotlight) that Woody Johnson’s personal relationship with Mike Tannenbaum won’t prevent him from firing him, like he deserves to be. Mark Sanchez, despite his guaranteed contract, has now probably played his last snap in New York. At this point, eating the money is a wiser decision than keeping him around. Tony Sparano has to be fired. Basically everything will be thoroughly re-examined from top to bottom. Let the rebuilding begin.

This team dressed six wide receivers tonight. They were consistently confused on offense and looked like a JV team in high school trying to stay organized. The defense has their shortcomings in some areas but they compete, have a sense of organization and strategy while the offense wallows in complete incompetence.

The Jets are so bad on offense right now, they are beyond rational explanation or understanding. It exists beyond the bounds of logic. Every player or coach associated with the unit (outside of a very small handful) needs to be unemployed by this team in 2013.

No playoffs for the Jets for two straight years. Changes are on the way and that is a good thing.

Author: Joe Caporoso

Joe Caporoso is the Owner and EIC of Turn On The Jets. His writing has been featured in the New York Times, Huffington Post, MMQB and AdWeek. Caporoso played football his entire life, including four years at Muhlenberg as a wide receiver, where he was arguably the slowest receiver to ever start in school history. He is the VP of Social Media at Whistle Sports

  • Alex L
  • Boomer

    Sparano should of never been hired and Tebow never should of been traded for, but this happens when you consistently make bad decisions and try winning the back page.

  • Rob

    It was an(other) embarassing performance for sure. But dunno man, the second paragraph of your post still seems overly optimistic to me, as to what should and what will happen. Woody doesn’t seem to be the kinda guy with the cojones to make the wholesale changes that are necessary. Oh, no doubt he’ll come out and talk all tough. But he ain’t gonna deliver.

  • Jay

    Well, on the plus side, the Jets’ coaching staff finally developed Tebow and made him a true 2012 Jet QB. He looked confused, predictable, and unsure!!!

  • Rambler


  • Big Al

    sadly, i dont think ANYTHING of what you posted will happen, now open your eyes, and say,, theres no place like home,,, theres no place like home

  • Mark Phelan

    Passing game was worse than terrible the past 3 weeks. It comes down to Sanchez – who has no composure and questionable smarts, and Sporano who could not coordinate a 3 piece marching band.

    How could Rex watch Sanchez for 4 years and think it was promising?

    I saw that the retired coach who free-lanced for the Jets last year to help with Red Zone offense is now looking for a full time job as an OC.

  • Jay

    Cut Sanchez. Let Tebow, Greene, Keller, Pace, Scott, and the no-name receivers walk. Re-sign Braylon to veteran minimum and bring back Landry. Trade Revis to make cap room for these moves and to get picks to fix up some holes. Maybe draft one of the QBs available mid first round and also try to get Alex Smith??

    Oh yeah, and fire Tannenbaum.

  • I’ve always been a Rex Ryan fan. But come on!! How could you possibly still have Sanchez’s back! I saw a stat he has 51 turnovers in his last 30 games!! 51 in the last 30!!!! No offense can succeed when you turn the ball over like we do. I’m not saying that Greg is our future and poised to take us to the promise land, but when he played the team responded to him!! They clearly don’t respond to Mark! Rex and Tanne gotta go!!!! Mark Sanchez’s contract must be eaten and let the man walk. I blame Rex as much as I do Sanchez for the season offense, and as all whom commented on your post have agreed, clean house!!!!!!

  • Mike T

    The two playoff teams were initially ruined by the courtship of Asomugha. Add bad drafts and Tebow and it gets you the team we’ve been watching for the last two years – Tannebaum’s legacy.

    Will Rex’s downfall be the same as his dad’s? Stubborn to a fault and to the detriment of the team: McElroy inactive, drive killing change-ups, Sanchez gives us the best chance to win…

  • Jay2

    First, I changed my sign in to Jay2 to allow more Jays to come on board and vent. Next, the locker room is toxic, we have no leaders, and poor coaching. Rex has some ability but little common sense! Mr T – why can the Redskins draft two starting caliber QB’s and a RB this year alone…Coples looks good but what else? Tony, you are amazing, you are the first OC that can make an offense look both Predictable and Confused AT THE SAME TIME!

    Lastly, a little walk down memory lane brought to you by Bruce Coslet: “Look, you know my quarterback sucks, I know my quarterback sucks, everyone knows my quarterback sucks.’’

  • Coach

    You had to know you were going to hear from me today. I actually watched the entire game, yes stayed up to watch your team suffer through what was one of the most embarrassing losses I have ever seen (including LL vs. Clifford Scott 2001). I honestly hope the don’t fire Old Rexy because that will ensure their continued demise. He thought he was a genius and not lucky those first two years and perhaps most importantly he thought it would be like that EVERY YEAR! No league, Pop Warner to the NFL, is every year a guarantee. The fact that he hired an underachieving head coach as his OC was his biggest crime. Last night was a joke. By the way before we heap all sorts of praise on the defense lets not forget who they played the last three weeks and the next two. The Titans were playing with an entire 2nd string OL by the second quarter and a QB with 9 starts, who by the way could not find his second option on one route the whole night. Finally, they will win the last two, be 8-8 and all JETS fans will say “It wasn’t that bad of a season, with a few breaks….” The schedule the JETS had this year could not have been easier. Good luck this off season maybe they will entertain the thought of bringing in …….dare I say “Favre” LOL