Turn On The Jets On Boomer and Carton


A little love for Turn On The Jets this morning on our favorite AM radio talk show, Boomer and Carton on WFAN. Thanks to the caller Kunal for reading and thanks to Carton for assuming we are an official New York Jets website. Considering the amount of negative press we have given their recent personnel decisions, we think they would have dropped us off the payroll a long time ago if we were. Regardless, we are now waiting for the call from Al Dukes to come in the studio and talk Jets. 

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  • Hi TOTJ,

    I am the caller that was on Boomer and Carton on Friday. If you have the time, I would appreciate the opportunity to talk to you, specifically about my opinions on the Jets and Knicks. I just released my first post about the Knicks on my blog, mentioned above. I have also provided my email above.

    Please give me a shout if/when you get the chance.

    Kunal Mehta