Only Rex Can Lead Jets Out Of Circus Tent

TJ Rosenthal on Rex Ryan being the only person who could stop the Jets circus

After a week filled with ridiculous circus-like sideshow drama, the Jets bizarre traveling show lands in St Louis for another must win Sunday. As the 3-6 Jets look to avoid another nail in the coffin in a season currently on life support, only Rex Ryan can reel in a team that is now being portrayed as jugglers, tricksters, and liars again. To do so, he must forget relying on a pre game speech, and go dominate offensive coordinator and current Rams OC, Brian Schottenheimer instead.

Since the Jets last left us on an actual playing field in Seattle, Jets fans have been privy to yet another uncanny weekday soap opera. One that has included, unnamed sources bashing Tim Tebow, one former Jet (Ladainian Tomlinson, now of the NFL Network) guessing aloud who the anonymous quotes belonged to (Antonio Cromartie and Bart Scott, both who deny the charge from their former teammate) an owner calling for a press conference to justify the signing of Tebow as a football decision (not one to sell jerseys, a theory most Jets fans have especially when considering how little Tebow has been implemented despite the shroud of secrecy his Wildcat package was treated with during the summer), a running back (Shonn Greene) backtracking hours after his own statement that a QB change might be a good thing, and a team that now believes the original “sources” were contrived by the Daily News simply for a story.

Those Gang Green sideshows are growing again. So are the shadowy voices. Both of whom combined to bring the Jets unity down in 2011. In a year that Ryan admitted after the final game, was one where he lost a feel for the locker room.

With self implosion staring the undermanned (and you can blame that on injuries, Mike Tannenbaum, the coaching staff’s inability to develop talent, or all of the above) Jets in the face, it is down to one man now. Rex Ryan. A coach with Jet bloodlines (father Buddy was architect of the Jets Super Bowl III defense) who upon taking over the team with the shattered psyche, one that starved for acceptance and an identity, single handedly changed the attitude of a franchise wallowing in self pity, from top to bottom in his first two seasons at the helm.

Ryan can continue to search for a leader to join him in Florham Park, but he will have a hard time finding it these days. Especially in QB Mark Sanchez, who is often times too busy moping on a sideline bench, daydreaming of a whole new WR corps, or a run game that can mask his spotty mechanics and decision making. Ryan can also rule out the recently emerging locker room force Cromartie (the defacto leader of the defense with Darrelle Revis out), now that “Cro” is embroiled in “Terrible Tim Gate.”

GM Mike Tannenbaum? After refusing to add veteran depth at receiver or RB, the strategy for Tanny lately has been “Hide, Deny, and Deflect.” Forget him for the time being too, Rex. Woody Johnson is tied up too we’re afraid. Fresh off of dropping millions of dollars and countless time spent on the unsuccessful Mitt Romney Presidential campaign, the Jets owner is too busy calling for press conferences that insure the signing of Tebow was done solely to improve the team. An ironic notion when you consider that Tebow, the only possible leader of men Ryan COULD call upon right now, barely plays at all.

Ryan has to simply look in the mirror. The only leader this team has, will be staring right back at him. Rex should kick things off in this final attempt to salvage the team by guiding it, through showing that the decision to show Brian Schottenheimer the door, was the right one. Not an easy trick to pull when you yourself (Jets) are the 30th ranked offense in football. Schottenheimer has taken a Rams offense that averaged 12 points a game an has helped to increase it to 18. However, this scoring “surge” hardly leaves St Loo in any “high powered”category.

The Jets defense showed last weekend, even in defeat (28-7 to the Seahawks), that it can slow down a great running back (Marshawn Lynch) and shake down a non elite quarterback (Russell Wilson). Ryan, a defensive genius in the eyes of many around the league,  has to take the Rams Sam Bradford and Steven Jackson Daryl Roichardson RB tandem by the horns in the same way as Lynch and Wilson were treated for much of last week’s game.. Anything less, may shine an even greater circus spotlight on the current Jets mess and the notion that OC Tony Sparano was a better fit for the job.

Talk is cheap. You’d figure that the Jets would have learned that by now. Yet just last weeek Cromartie called the club a playoff team. Ryan later echoed his cornerback’s statement. Ryan will of course roll out the “us against the media” rallying speech before the game but in truth, the real statement must start on the field. Led by Ryan in out foxing Schotty, Jets Nation’s old friend and nemesis. Who while in New York,  often times called plays that many diehards saw as more detrimental to the Jets than purposeful.

Leadership starts with action. Ryan’s is the final card in the deck the Jets can play before the house of cards crumbles, and he knows it.

  • Felix

    Rex Rex Rex He scapegoated Scott and now there is no one to scapegoat ooch it hurts who is he going to throw under the “bus this time” Rex the con has been exposed give it up baby NO one is drinking your coolaid any more !!!!!

  • R.O.G.

    So wait. The guy that led them into the tent is going to lead them out of it?
    Sounds great, I’d love to see it.

  • The Jet Report

    Valid points. Rex has been part of leading them into the tent w his blind faith and schematic choices offensively. Also believing in certain guys to be more than role players.. It’s also debatable whether his message is getting through right now. If it is, they will play hard Sunday for 60 minutes. If not they will be flat and easy to beat, a clear indication that the Jets are again out of control. Our point of the piece was, all of that aside, he runs the defense and can at least do his part out witting Schotty to create some opportunities. That doing so weighs alot more than some us v them speech.. Rex has to have his D show up. There is no other hope for leadership to emerge given the present lineup

  • joeydefiant

    Rex Ryan is such a horrible head coach. In 3 1/2 years he is 31-26. That .544 winning percentage puts him at 61st ALL-TIME for Head Coaches with 3 or more years as a Head Coach. Which incidently is higher that John Gruden (who everyone wants to replace him with) and Weeb Ewbank. He is also 4-2 in the postseason in 3 years. That’s six postseason games in 3 years. That number is better than any Jets coach in history in a 3 year span. His W-L percentage in the postseason is .667 which is tied for 12th ALL-TIME. That’s the 12th best W-L percentage in the post-season ALL-TIME! And who would you replace this horrible coach with?

  • The Jet Report

    Rex Ryan has been more than a head coach. He has been one of the few to positively affect a Jets culture that has in the past, felt sorry for itself. His drawback, and every coach has one, is that he is so confident in his ability to install his belief in a player into the player performing at the level Rysn envisions, that he mistakenly misfires w certain players. He doesn’t need to be replaced. He’s shown he can salvage teams on the brink and win on the road in the playoffs too.

    What he needs to do this week, is beat Schotty in their head on matchup. Others will have to do their job but this week, this game, the jets need a leader desperately and we don’t see anyone but Rex who can affect over 50 plays directly that warrant that trust.

    Has he contributed to the tent? Every Jet has. He’s the HC so more falls on him. However, he’s boasted less, tried to infuse confidence n no quit attitude as he always does. It’s on him this week to silence the Rams D w shrewd planning.

    A win could settle things down at 4-6 given the AFCs odd collective year.

  • joeydefiant

    The players on defense love Rex. I see them showing up big time on Sunday against Schotty who was “reportedly” feuding with Rex at the end of last year. Cro, Harris, Mo, Ellis, Pace and company are going to show up big time in this game and put it all on the line. If the offense can manage to score more than 10 points the Jets will win. If I had to guess the Jets win 16-9. The Rams offense won’t score a single TD in this game. 3-4 field goals. Only way the Jets lose this is if the offense gives the rams D 2 or 3 TD’s which is not that far fetched the way they have been playing. Hopefully Sanchez has some heart left inside and comes ready to fight for the only guy in the NFL who still has faith in him. I still like the kid (Sanchez) but if you can’t put together a good game for the guy who is putting his job and reputation on the line for you against the guy he fired mostly because he believed in you and thought that guy was holding you back I have nothing good to say about you.