No Huddle – New York Jets Brutal Loss (Again) Edition

TJ Rosenthal goes No Huddle after another brutal loss by the New York Jets

Another brutal loss in what was a winnable game against the Seahawks. Now the once desperate Jets are on life support. Here are a few parting thoughts before the club flies home back East, while leaving hope in Seattle.

1 – The Game And Season Most Likely Ended Here

When Dustin Keller false started in a 7-7 game on the goal line in Tebow time, the Jets were cheated out of more than a big one score lead in a defensive battle. They lost a chance to see if Tebowing might have provided a unique spark. Perhaps even more plays for the odd but energy based playmaker.

The Jets needed to win in any way possible. The following play, a Mark Sanchez end zone INT, sent #6 into his too familiar mental hole, and left the Jets again wondering who, if anyone, was piloting the plane.

2 – Post Game Quotes From Cro and Sanchez: Baffling and Telling

Antonio Cromartie telling those in favor of a QB change to “kiss my ass” after the loss was a loyal and noble act. It also is a decision that will be out of his hands After all, there are tickets to sell at Met Life and curiosities for many of us to pursue. Can Tebow lift another team in miraculous fashion? We all wonder.

Mark Sanchez alluding to being affected by the constant shifting in and out in his post game presser may explain part of his skittish play this season. We know he has few weapons. Something else is bothering him though. It’s not physical either. His body language shows uncertainty even before kickoff. Maybe Tebow’s shadow is part of it.

3 – Welcome Back Defense

Finally, in week 10, we saw a Jets defense that attacked a QB, slowed down a top notch RB, hit hard and plaued confidently all day. Kyle Wilson got beat early and the unit sagged due to fatigue late, but overall the effort was what many expected the Jets defense to put forth all year. Better late than never. Nice work fellas.

4 – Now, We Enter Uncharted Airspace

The Jets are 3-6. They have few dependable weapons on offense and a QB controversy on top of a QB consistency problem. This season has the potential to fly itself into Rich Kotite era territory if the locker room begins to divide in any way. Could that happen? Recent history will tell you, its possible.

The offense, again for the second straight year, can’t help the team. The special teams unit is now a mess. The two best players Darrelle Revis and Santonio Holmes are out for the season. If Rex Ryan loses the players, whose jobs remain safe and secure? Anyone?

We wonder whose names are written in stone on the untouchable list. This is not your run of the mill 3-6 team. This is one with an inability to score and an uncanny ability to create unwanted drama for itself during the week. A dangerous combination for a team whose collective flight is losing altitude at an alarming rate.

Let the blame games and the unnamed source hunting begin. Only Rex Ryan can prevent disarray and anonymous voices who may try to save their own jobs. Rex could be the last line of defense before 2012 makes it’s way down towards the landing strip of an ugly ending.

  • mike

    yesterday’s loss falls clearly on sanchez. i’ve seen him play like this a few times this year: so shell-shocked and jittery that a 7-point defecit in the second quarter feels insurmountable. yes, the “weapons” around him aren’t up to par for the nfl, but the numbers in this case don’t lie, and sanchez is playing like the worst quarterback in the nfl.

    in nine games, he’s completed less than half his passes five times. he has more than one touchdown pass in a game only twice this year. he’s turned the ball over two or more times in 7 of 9 games (and that’s with tebow taking five snaps a game). at this point in the season, his QBR is 28.7.

    thing is, most of those numbers are in line with his career averages. he’s always been careless with the ball, always struggled to reach a respectable completion percentage. after that goal line pick yesterday, i knew the jets were done if he stayed in there. sanchez has proven himself incapable of righting the ship, of course-correcting during a game when things don’t start off well for him.

    imagine how fun it must be to gameplan a defense against the jets. when greene is in, they run between the tackles. when tebow is in, they run between the tackles. then on third and long you get to watch sanchez throw the ball into the ground. after a few 3 and outs and a turnover, the offense is in full debacle mode, and the game is as good as over.

    the defense is playing much better lately and should be able to eek out a top 10 finish. but more often than not, this offense gives the jets zero chance to win. i just don’t understand why benching the starting quarterback is seen as such a controversial decision. under the circumstances, it’s freakin obvious.

  • Mark Phelan

    The superstar salary allocations with the Jets has bit, not kissed, them on the ass this year. Rather than have a higher level of talent through the roster MT has lavished millions on the like of Revis, Cromartie, that WR discontent, glacier Harris and even extended the barrel bottom QB.

    Please, let’s not chase Revis.