New York Jets – Rex and Sanchez Try To Save Each Other

TJ Rosenthal on Rex Ryan and Mark Sanchez trying to save each other

As the Jets offense continues to struggle while the losses pile up, we wonder about what this will mean at seasons end for both Rex Ryan and Mark Sanchez. The Jets starting QB is once again demonstrating poor body language and self admittedly has become affected by the Tebow substitutions, leading to making too many poor decisions at crucial times.

Ryan meanwhile, is defiantly sticking by him. Despite the calls for a change in energy on offense, to the emotionally fiery, miracle working Tim Tebow. Rex tells us that Sanchez still gives the Jets ‘the best chance to win’ and he could be right. If the losses keep coming though, and the idea of starting Tebow is never approached, will that give Woody Johnson more to think about in the offseason than simply who the Jets starting QB will be next season?

We hope that Ryan is making a clear headed football decision over his QB situation. Not one rooted in some personal battle with Woody Johnson. Whose acquiring of Tebow in March seems more like a publicity stunt with each passing day. Especially as the notion of Tebow taking over gets passed on so quickly by the HC these days. While Sanchez stumbles so miserably.

We like Rex and don’t want a season that bottoms out costing him his job. Ryan however, is entering dangerous territory now. The fourth year head coach is risking himself in sticking up for Sanchez every Monday after baffling offense performances. Sanchez has to dig deeper in support of perhaps the only Jet left aside from Antonio Cromartie, who continues to have blind faith in him. Ryan.

Even if others on the offense aren’t doing their jobs well either, Sanchez is the quarterback. The face and symbol of the struggles, deservedly or not. He also may be the one guy who can steer Ryan away from his own job danger if the marriage between the two remains cemented the rest of the way.

  • Mark Phelan

    TJ –

    When Rex defended his attitude toward Sanchez he said: “I know it in my Heart”.

    You hope that his decision is “Clear Headed”.

    One thing for sure. Rex is no Parcell when it comes to having a ‘clear head.’ He thinks that FEELING something somehow is more correct than a conclusion based on observation and knowledge.

    Rex is immature. He has all the habits of an addict, making destructive
    decisions in total denial of past outcomes and present responsibilities.

  • R.O.G.

    I totally agree. Rex is not a good coach and all the “self-inflicted wounds” can be traced back to him boasting about talent that simply is not there. He put a GIANT target on this team when he could have just done his job and coached the team. When you call yourself a great defensive mind make sure you have the horses to back that claim up. Any Jet fan who watches games knows this defense is built on Revis being a GOAT and yes Cro is a stud, but other then that the team is filled with average-at-best players. David Harris is a laughable LB at this point (which should be the peak of his career).