New York Jets Offense – A Failure From Top To Bottom

The New York Jets offense is abject failure from top to bottom

The New York Jets offense has sank to 30th in the NFL. We are now talking Blaine Gabbert bad. When you are this incompetent, it is a failure of their entire unit and really of the entire organization. Consider this reality: through nine games there is ONE player on the entire Jets offensive roster who has exceeded expectations this year – Jeremy Kerley. Everybody else has performed below any type of realistic expectations for them individually this season and that includes the coaching staff and front office.

As always let’s start at the top. Woody Johnson forced Tim Tebow on to this roster despite his coaching staff having no grasp on how to use him. The Jets wasted cap space on an unproductive (in their system) distraction. Mike Tannenbaum (culprit #1 for the Jets failures as an organization right now) didn’t improve the running back position despite lacking a lead back and depth. He also ignored the evident shortcomings at right tackle and guard. Finally, he failed add necessary veteran depth at both tight end and wide receiver. This team needed a capable veteran at both positions…not Jeff Cumberland and Chaz Schilens.

Next on the list is Mark Sanchez who is trending away from “maddeningly inconsistent” into “simply awful.” Sanchez has completed less than 50% of his passes in 5 of the Jets 9 games this year. He has thrown an interception in every single game except for two of them. His record as a starting quarterback in his previous 12 games is 3-9, with only 1 road victory. The Jets have failed to develop him properly by giving him a below average quarterback coach, switching his top three wide receivers ever year, letting the running back depth deplete, the offensive line talent decline and of course the Tebow circus but that doesn’t give him a pass for this level of play. There is excusably average because of a lack of talent around you and then there is the interception he threw in the red-zone yesterday (in case you forgot, he ignored Stephen Hill on the backline and threw it 3 seconds to late towards Dustin Keller).

The supporting cast around Sanchez is the worst in the NFL right now. Austin Howard is not a starting NFL right tackle. Matt Slauson is not a starting NFL guard. Brandon Moore is at the end of career and is a shell of the player he was in 2009 and 2010. Even Nick Mangold and D’Brickashaw Ferguson have been good but not at the level of play we’ve seen them reach before. Jason Smtih plays 15 reps per game on this team, at tight end! Think about that. Shonn Greene is a backup running back masquerading as a starter. Go take away the stat line from the Colts game and then look at his stat line this year (122 carries, 406 yards, 3.3 YPC and 2 TDs). Not good enough. Stephen Hill isn’t ready to be a starting NFL wide receiver yet but the Jets don’t have a capable veteran to split his reps. Dustin Keller is inconsistent at tight end. Did I miss anything?

This unit needs to be gutted. Tony Sparano gone. Matt Cavanaugh gone. Shonn Greene, Dustin Keller, Matt Slauson, Austin Howard…let them walk in free agency. Mark Sanchez is probably coming back because of his contract and because what is the other option? They aren’t taking a quarterback in the first round. You want to go sign Michael Vick? What are the other options? Take your free cap space, take your draft picks and find yourself a new starting running back, two new starting offensive lineman and a new tight end. If you can find a taker for Santonio Holmes contract (they won’t) then trade him. Start from scratch and hope Stephen Hill develops in year two the way Jeremy Kerley did.

The Jets have officially regressed to the end of the 2005 season when they were starting Brooks Bollinger, Cedric Houston, Justin McCariens and Doug Jolley. The good news? They made playoffs in 2006. We needed something optimistic in this article, right?

Author: Joe Caporoso

Joe Caporoso is the Owner and EIC of Turn On The Jets. His writing has been featured in the New York Times, Huffington Post, MMQB and AdWeek. Caporoso played football his entire life, including four years at Muhlenberg as a wide receiver, where he was arguably the slowest receiver to ever start in school history. He is the VP of Social Media at Whistle Sports

  • I whole heartedly disagree with this assesment! The Jets have a top 10 defense even with Sanchez leaving them on the field for 45 minutes per game! Keller had a bad game and so did Kerley, but their talent is undeniable. The left and right tackles are terrible, But so is the offensive line for the Eagles, Packers, Bears, Pats, Cardinals, and yet they all have QBs with better records or stats than Sanchez. The jets MUST draft a QB in the first round… they would be CRAZY to fix all these holes only to have Sanchez chuck another 3 ints like he did against Miami last years finale. EJ Manual is 100 times the player that Sanchez is and if he were our starting QB we would be leading our division!

  • Jay

    What is sad is that this is Sanchez after 2 weeks of prep time/practice! I almost expect a delay of game penalty coming off a timeout! If this is the best we can do – and Rex said that we had really good practices, then maybe Inverson was right when he said sarcastically “practice, you asking me about practice…”

    Tony’s innovation coming off two weeks of prep is have Tebow throw the same pass 3 times and try it a fourth before he takes off and runs. It is almost as if they wanted him to throw a pick six to make Mark look better.

    As it is now, Sanchez ranked fourth in efficiency behind Wilson, Tebow, and Tate. Well, at least we have 6 full days to fix the offense, maybe we can try and throw another screen pass…

  • MikeZ

    I am sick and tired of hearing the same BS from Jets coaches and front office that they will stand by their man, (Sanchez), even as their record plumets beyond repair. I would rather see McElroy start the remainder of the games, (really), to see what they have rather than have Sanchez take another snap. They know Tebow was a mistake and he wont be here next year. Sanchez may develop into a starting calibre QB in the NFL but it has been evident for weeks that he has been playing at a Pop warner level. Just how many red zone incerceptions do we have to watch? how many throws into the arms of defensive lineman? how many fumbles? The fact is the Defense has come on in the last several games and played very well… until they are so rundown because the offense cannot sustain any drives that they finally collapse. Rex grow a set and sit Sanchez. Your team is an embarrassment and you are making a fool of yourself. And while you are at it, if you are going to start a journeyman fullback to pick up blitzes and he misses 3 of them, it may be time to sit him too. Make some changes. See what you have on the roster. Give fans reason to be optimistic about next year. And Tannenbaum, if you are lucky enough to get another year, after two years of going into this season with weaknesses at Right Tackle and Guard, Running Back Depth, (boy, Michael Bush would have been a nice pick up instead of Tebow), Tight End and on and on. Stop speaking to Fans like we are idiots. Especially those idiots like me who have spent enourmous amounts for PSL’s and season tickets. Show your fan base you see what we see and you are willing to see what talent you have on the roster. I suggest we as fans begin a Mcelroy for QB campaign. Remember Ray Lucas coming in mid year and winning games with heart. Come on guys, show us you care about winning football games and not coddling a 1 year starter from USC that does not deserve to be on the field right now.

  • Casino

    Draft a QB in the first round? So you have Sanchez and his monster contract hold a clipboard?

    This is exactly why this situation is so brutal for us. As bad as Sanchez is, there is no other option. We are bound to him for 2013 as well. Same goes for Santonio, btw. Bad, bad contracts. And Harris is headed that way with the way is playing, too.

    So I say rebuild the offense next year EXCEPT QB (RT, RB, TE) and put the pieces in place for somebody else in 2014.

  • Paul

    Great read and as a fan and someone who is about to stop all watching of Jets shows from SNY… Jeanne Coakly is the WORST and most negative homer reporter i have ever heard and try asking different questions instead of the same one to every player…get a life

  • Greg

    This season is a lost cause. At 3-6, they have to go 6-1 to have a shot at the playoffs. Ain’t happening. Honestly, I would give Gregg McElroy a shot. See what the kid can do real time. Tim Tebow is a distraction, and the organization should deal him in the off season. If he doesn’t factor into their long term plans, there’s no reason to play him. Sanchez can’t win unless he has a lot of talent around him, and Mike T has failed to replenish the O Line and RB losses in either the draft or free agency. Stephen Hill has talent, but he’ll need about two- three seasons to fully form as a player. I like Dustin Keller. He’s a real threat in the passing game, but he is more of an H Back than a true TE.

    There will be significant roster turnover next season. They’re stuck with Mark and Santonio Holmes. I’d bring back Keller. They need to emphasize O Line in the draft. If an elite RB is available, take him. The defense has holes too, but not as many. Rex and Mike Pettine can coach up the defense, but the offense needs a serious injection of talent.

  • mike

    anyone remember what harbaugh did in his first draft as 49ers HC? he took two offensive linemen in the first round when playable QBs were available, both to bolster the running game (now one of the best in the league) and to let alex smith know that he had the organization’s support.

    rex ryan’s primary focus is on putting a top 5 defense out on the field. given that that will still be a priority, the only thing worth doing in terms of an offensive shuffle is to build a dominant run game. take the ball out of sanchez’s hands (he’s never lost a game when throwing fewer than 20 passes), and get back to picking up 5 yards per carry as a team. protect the defense, play for field position, and abandon any thoughts that sanchez running a pass-first offense is a viable option.

    i want big offensive lineman and a speedy rb out of the draft (deanthony thomas out of oregon should be seriously considered). also look to pick up a lead blocker who can actually block. focus on the run game and the defense. move forward as if you have the worst quarterback in the nfl locked up for another few years, because that’s exactly where we’re at.

  • James Pederson

    We all know it’s Tebow time. But it won’t happen and it’s a disgrace to the sport and disservice to the fans who pay their hard earned money to see teams make legitimate efforts to compete against each other. The problem with Tim Tebow has nothing to do with his practice performance, throwing style, etc. The problem is he’s a winner. Elway cringed in disgust everytime he won for Denver because each win meant he was further from getting the No. 1 pick for Andrew Luck. Elway made the mistake of thinking Tebow would lose all the games he would start but instead he got in the playoffs and even won a game. Tebow’s having the same problem with the Jets. Starting him now would likely mean the Jets would win at least 5 of the remaining 7 games but would still likely not get into the playoffs, however, continuing to start Sanchez likely means they will lose all their remaining games and in turn get the No.1 or 2 draft pick. It’ a sickening situation. Ryan has good reason to cry. So has the fans.

  • Jason

    I agree with Mike