Initial Reaction – New York Jets Pop Warner Offense Gets Blown Out

The New York Jets offense no showed in a 28-7 blowout loss to Seattle

The New York Jets defense came to play today. This isn’t the most talented unit and they are lacking in many key areas. Regardless, they put forth a respectable effort and gave their team every chance to be competitive and win.

The offense? Putrid. Embarrassing. Pop Warner quality. The Jets had two weeks to prepare and their major revelation was bringing Tim Tebow in the game to throw a swing pass to Jeremy Kerley. The Jets actually ran it four separate times. There was mass confusion. Poor play calling. Terrible blitz pick up. Wide receivers who couldn’t get open. Dustin Keller false starting and dropping passes all over the field. And of course awful quarterbacking.

This game turned on a brutal red-zone interception from Mark Sanchez. Just an inexcusably terrible pass. And how many times have I written that sentence this season? Everything around Sanchez on offense is not good enough. Austin Howard and Matt Slauson aren’t capable starting NFL lineman. They are average at running back. They are below average at wide receiver (outside of Jeremy Kerley). However, Sanchez doesn’t get a pass for playing this mediocre. He is showing no signs of progressing and continually makes way too many mistaks. Simply put, he isn’t playing well enough to keep his job.

If the Jets had any other backup quarterback, the change would have been made by now. Clearly Rex Ryan and the rest of the staff has no faith in Tim Tebow to run their offense and they know once they switch with him, they are stuck with him for the rest of the year. Regardless to keep credibility in the locker room at this point Rex needs to make the switch. You can’t keep trotting Sanchez out there and scoring zero points every single week. Tebow isn’t the long term answer but at this point how much worse could the Jets offense get?

What we are watching now is unacceptable. Tony Sparano should be fired. Mike Tannenbaum should be fired. Fire everybody on the damn offense outside of Mangold, Ferguson and Kerley. Firesale time for the Jets.

Author: Joe Caporoso

Joe Caporoso is the Owner and EIC of Turn On The Jets. His writing has been featured in the New York Times, Huffington Post, MMQB and AdWeek. Caporoso played football his entire life, including four years at Muhlenberg as a wide receiver, where he was arguably the slowest receiver to ever start in school history. He is the VP of Social Media at Whistle Sports

  • Anthony

    This is a bad team running a bad offense and an under-talented defense. I think you are being harsh about the offensive line, its not good, but they are being exposed by extraordinary defenses, the niners and the seahawks being much better built teams, made us look miserable.

    Make no mistake, this team is bad, but they compound it with playcalling and inept personnel decisions. 9 games into the year, we still run up the middle for 2 yards.

    Sanchez is a joke. That pick in the red zone was a rookie mistake. He is obviously not getting better. While this offense does him no favors, it goes without saying his decision making is extraordinarily poor and he still seems to have absolutely no pocket presence. There is nothing about this team on that side of the ball I like.

    I like the defensive line. With Sione and ellis back, coples and wilkerson looked fantastic. Davis played well, and even scott and harris played well.

    I am on the “Kyle Wilson Blows” bandwagon now btw.

  • Jay

    9-of-22 for 124yds – even his completions are off the mark. Jets have the worst yards after catch (what few there are) because the throws are never in stride. I cannot blame the WRs as I would hate to have to catch for Sanchez…he will shorten your career. As for Rex, he is a terrible talent evaluator. When Rex got here, I liked his openness with the fans and the media. However, after getting rid of the locker room leaders for loud mouths, allowing players to talk the talk without walking the walk, and for his constant over-inflating the ability of his players before they ever perform on the field is tiresome.
    It costs me $600 to take my three boys to a Jet game. Bradway/Tannebaum must go – they are the Omar Minaya/Isiah Thomas of NY Football. Hill would have been a steal in the fourth round – a good upside in the third round – but a bust in the high second round. Still looking for the terminator to come out and hit…but he is another Rex-touted draft pick who is no longer with the team.
    Rex could deserve another year, but he has to put the team and the fans before his loyalty to an incomplete QB. The Jets are afraid to let Tebow complete the long pass (the only type he can throw) because of the blow to the ego of Sanchez. If this continues, then Rex will have to go also.

  • Willie

    The offense on this team is putrid. We have one pretty good player (mangold), two average players (brick and kerley as a slot wr) and rest of the team ranges from slightly below avg (keller) to not deserving of being on an nfl rost (howard and slauson). I know the QB play has been bad but the talent on that side of the ball does him no favors. Also the Tebow experiment is not working. Whatever rhytm we have gets destroyed everytime he comes in. We will need to draft and/or replace 4-6 players just to be NFL avg next year. I do think Hill can develop into a solid # 2 WR.

    On defense the situation is not as bad. Mo and Coples are really showing a lot of promise. We desperately need players who can play and rush from the edge. But if we can draft or sign one or two such players to go along with Mo and Coples our front four can be very good. I like what i see in Davis. he can be a solid LB. I am not sure what happened to Harris. But we will need to do something with his contract next year to reflect his level of play. If Revis comes back with Cro we should have a good secondary. I would move Wilson to FS, I think he plays better coming forward.

    To summerize, we are very close being a top 10 de again. But our O needs so much work its embarrasing. The question is do Rex and Tanny get one more year or will this be the end for them?

  • Mark Phelan

    Is it me, or has Mo gained about 30 lbs?

  • Samson

    Rex Ryan is another of a long line of good D and O coordinators who make lousy HC’s. Mike Tannebaum has made awful decisions as a talent evaluator and so we have sub par talent being poorly coached. Is it any wonder that the Jets are 3-6 on their way to 5-11 ( wins at Jax and Buff maybe). I won’t be shocked if it’s 3-13 bc Ryan is on the verge of losing the locker room again. Trust me Mike T doesn’t have Woody convinced of anything when things are this bad. Good Teams win without star players, bad teams get worse. Woody is shopping right now for Tannenbaums replacement and that means Rex and staff go too.

  • mike

    benching sanchez is obviously the only option. it doesn’t matter who your number 2 is.

  • Angel

    Sanchez’ play is obviously regressing over the last 2 years. Why? Is it the talent level around him? Is it the coaching – specifically the QB coach? Were his first 2 years a fluke and he really had no talent from the beginning?

    One of Sanchez’ strengths, right off the bat his first 2 years, was his pocket awareness… now he looks like Kellen Clemens. What’s going on?

    What hope do the Jets have of running the table and making a run at the playoffs?

  • I read a couple articles on where the author speculates (accurately imho) as to why Tebow’s snaps are limited, the weird rotation on the O line (Slauson-Ducasse) and the overall salary cap tsunami in 2013 that T-Bomb has engineered. RE:Tebow – briefly, it’s all about a 10 mill. bonus that kicks in if Tim hits a specific number of snaps, Jets are in the clear after game 10 so… plan to see more Tebow on thanksgiving and thereafter.