Initial Reaction – New York Jets Give Us Thanksgiving Turd

The New York Jets bottomed out on national television tonight

That has to be as bad as it gets, right? You couldn’t write a script for a more embarrassing performance on national television. Tonight was a large exclamation point on how far the New York Jets have fallen since their appearance in the AFC Championship Game only two seasons ago. Tonight was a large exclamation point on the overwhelming lack of talent on this football team.

There is no mystery. There is no in-season solution. The Jets are a bad football team who lacks talent at every single position. The failure is widespread and starts at the top. In a perfect world this will lead to Woody Johnson taking a hard look at his personnel department, deciding to gut it by starting with the firing of GM Mike Tannenbaum and then go from there. Unfortunately in the Jets world, they will finish 7-9 and use the injury excuses for Revis and Holmes instead of making any major changes.

That would be a shame. This team lined up for their first play tonight with Clyde Gates, Chaz Schilens, Jeff Cumberland, Lex Hilliard, Austin Howard and Matt Slauson on the field. They had Jason Smith ready to play major reps off the bench. Their play calling was ludicrously unimaginative and predictable. On defense, their lack of speed at linebacker is at comic proportions. They had Ellis Lankster trying to cover Wes Welker! Ellis Lankster!

Sloppy. Poorly prepared. Mentally weak. Embarrassing. Untalented. Those are your 2012 New York Jets. Mark Sanchez sliding into Brandon Moore and losing a fumble was a perfect microcosm of this team’s season. They deserve the ridicule. They deserve the GIF images of that fumble on every site. They deserve the butt of every joke this year. They are the Chiefs. They are the Browns. They are the Jaguars.

Destroy and Rebuild it. Any trace of those 2009 and 2010 teams are gone. There is no Ground and Pound. There is a mediocre offensive line blocking for mediocre backs with a mediocre quarterback throwing to mediocre receivers. There is a slow defense who can’t stop the run or sack the quarterback.

Author: Joe Caporoso

Joe Caporoso is the Owner and EIC of Turn On The Jets. His writing has been featured in the New York Times, Huffington Post, MMQB and AdWeek. Caporoso played football his entire life, including four years at Muhlenberg as a wide receiver, where he was arguably the slowest receiver to ever start in school history. He is the VP of Social Media at Whistle Sports

  • Jay

    Sloppy. Poorly prepared. Mentally weak.  Embarrassing. Untalented. You forgot undisciplined…I have 28 years in the military and know the importance of discipline and its positive affect in combat. Unfortunately, a lack of discipline is a major trait of a Ryan team Just as bloated contract is a trait of Mr T’s roster. Mr T had some good picks over the years, but he has more bad contracts (Holmes, Harris, Pace, Sanchez) than any other team. His mid-to-late round selections are non-starters. How bad are the players you ask: they can make a special teams coached by one of the best ST coaches in the NFL mistake ridden, slow, and unorganized! Yes, the status of our STs, with one of the Best ST coaches in football, is a true indication of how poorly we have drafted!

    I love my Jets and know that I cannot get excited until I see 3 good solid games in a row! I was happy last Sunday but knew! We are stuck with Rex and Marc. We will release Tebow and he will be picked up by NE and Bill will use him well just to embarrass us!

    On the plus side, the Jets will entertain us the next few weeks with some wins and false hope. Just enough to keep us Fans happy and Rex talking…

  • Marc L

    I remained I loyal fan since weeb. I stayed thru, kottite. But this is almost too much.
    No heart. No desire. NOTHING here folks.

  • Rob

    First of all, from an Aussie fan of the American game, love the site.

    It was only a couple of seasons ago that I settled on the Jets as “my team”. Big, brash Rex, a high powered D, a young and seemingly always-improving QB, a solid running game and a talented bunch of receivers. No superstars (other than Revis) – just a bunch of guys who talked tough and then backed it up, who played for each other and had every opponent worried.

    When I made it to New York last year, I made sure to catch a game. These were after all “my guys”, and I wore my Jets T around the Big Apple with pride.

    You guys have diagnosed the problems with this team well. Unlike the mainstream media who seems to lay it all at the feet of Sanchez (and for some inexplicable reason, coz he doesn’t play more than a handful of snaps, Tebow).

    Just don’t understand how they could let that team I started to follow degenerate into the shambles it is today.

  • paul

    pathetic worst than the 45-3 rout in 2009 I refuse to waste any more time watching this team until the organization is completely dismantled and put together again starting with the owner down. Jets are so screwed I cant see any future potential what so ever unless this team moves to LA with a new owner I truly believe no owner in NY will invest in this team to be competitive they are only interested in selling tickets for a stadium they share. That very fact is what makes the Jets a doomed franchise that stadium is the Giants and has always been. The Giants have proven themselves worthy of representing NY.The Giants are shrewd and let the Jets hang around helping pay half the cost. This organization is sad and I can no longer support this team until the Jets get a new owner and their own stadium the Jets will NEVER even get to a SB in my life time. Good bye Jets and good riddance.

  • Casino

    5 more games of this????

  • Willie

    I agree that the Jets are a disaster right now. Its upsetting because it didn’t have to be this way. I really don’t want to get rid of Rex cause I feel like he can develop into a good HC. But I think we need a new GM and to be fair the new GM has to have the right to hire his own coach.

    With that being said, I feel like this bad season is masking a couple of things that are better then they appear. I think the drafts from 2011 and 2012 are a big step up from the 2008-2010 drafts. In 2011, Wilkerson is a big time player, Powell looks like he can contribute as a part of a tandem running game, Kerley looks like a long term slot WR. If Ellis develops into a space eating DT this draft can be very good. In 2012, we still need to see more development, but I feel like Coples, Hill, & Davis can all develop into starters and if one of the safeties turns into a contributor this dart would be very good as well.

    Now the bad and how you fix:

    1) The OL and LB are disasters. Unfortunately this can’t be rebuilt in one off season. I think we need to draft an OL and LB in the first two rounds. If our cap situation allows us just one decent-good free agent next year it needs to be in one of these areas.

    2) Skill positions- We need to rebuild this quickly. I would let Keller and Greene go. Neither is anything more than a JAG. I think Holmes is extermely over rated and a cancer. I would cut Holmes and take the hit this year as I don’t think he has any trade value. Like I said early I like Kerley and think Hill will improve but to me they are #2 and #3 Wr types. We need a #1 WR. We need two TE’s, as I would Keller go and none of our TE’s are anything better then #3 TE on the roster. We need a back to pair up with Powell. After going OL and LB in round 1 and 2. I would look to focus on skill positions the rest of draft and hope to find the other RB and a TE or two.

    QB- We have no choice but to ride Sanchez for at least one more year. I think the idea for this team should be focus on the rest of the roster. A better roster will make Sanchez a better QB. But he is what he is. He is a lower tier QB, with a best case scenario of middle of the road. If we could get Cousins or Flynn for a conditional 2014 pick I would consider it if we could fit it into cap.

  • Greg

    Here’s what I’ll GUESS will happen, Joe. New special teams coach, new QB coach for certain. Rex stays, so there won’t be any major changes to the defensive staff. Offensive staff is up in the air. They might pursue Norv Turner since he won’t survive in San Diego. I’ll bet Mike T gets reassigned in the organization. He’ll be made executive VP in charge of player contracts, or something like that. They’ll bring in/promote a football personnel guy to run the draft and free agency and make trades.

  • Jay

    I agree that on some aspects of the draft as Mr T can make some good choices. However, when we cut 60% of our draft, then it is Special Teams and practices that suffer. When we cut the majority of our draft, it shows an inability to evaluate the 2nd tier players. These are the players who push the first team in practice. Makes the first tier players disciplined to play harder because the next guy is hungry and wants your job. These are the players that make everyone better individually and as a team. These are the players Mr T fails at getting.

    If Mr T is drafting them, then our coaches all have to go as they cannot develop them properly. It is either Mr T or everyone else.

  • Greg

    Good analysis, Willie. Here’s my take: Sanchez stays for next year. Tebow gets traded for a 6th or 7th round pick. I like him, but he won’t succeed here. A deal for Kirk Cousins is interesting….but the Redskins probably won’t deal him for less than a 3rd round pick. Say goodbye to Shonn Greene. They’ ll draft an elite back or a middle round back to pair with Bilal Powell. Holmes stays because Woody won’t eat the contract and he’s not tradeable. Keller is probably gone…he’s more of an H-Back than a true TE, so he needs to go a team that will use him accordingly. Draft 2 OLs and possibly a TE. Defense needs new LBs. Bryan Thomas will probably retire, Bart Scott is gone, and Calvin Pace is probably gone unless he returns on a short cap-friendly contract. Keep LaRon Landry. Sign him before he hits the market.

  • willie

    To keep with the rebuilding theme:

    1). I think tebow will be traded for a 6th.

    2) i would moved Kyle wilson to fs, resign bell to a one year deal, cut eric smith and let bush and allen back up. I think wilson is a better zone player and safety will suit his skills better.

    3) resign folk and malone.